Zuckerberg’s Metaverse image was ridiculed, is the Metaverse a human daydream?

Can Zuckerberg All-in’s “Metaverse” dream come true?

01 Zuckerberg being ridiculed by the group

Zuckerberg was mocked by the crowd.

On August 16, Zuckerberg uploaded a virtual selfie on Facebook to celebrate the launch of the Metaverse virtual social platform Horizon Worlds in France and Spain, which is also the platform in markets such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Another expansion.

In the photo, Zuckerberg is holding a camera to take a selfie. Behind him are two famous landmarks – the Eiffel Tower in France and the Barcelona Cathedral in Spain. Communicate and create an “immersive” virtual world.

Zuckerberg's Metaverse image was ridiculed, is the Metaverse a human daydream?

But netizens obviously didn’t buy it. Not only did they not send Zuckerberg’s desired blessings, but they also mocked the photo.

After all, in this photo, the characters are shriveled and poorly modeled. Netizens bluntly said that Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is not as good as the animation products of the last century. Some people commented, “Even on the PS1 (the game console released in 1994) The Teletubbies games are better than Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.

Some people compare it with the simulated reality game “Second Life” released in 2007, and the PS games in the 1990s, and there is a clear gap in Zuckerberg’s picture.

Zuckerberg's Metaverse image was ridiculed, is the Metaverse a human daydream?

Changes in the virtual image of “Second Life” in 2007 and 2014 by netizens PO

However, Zuckerberg was not repelled by netizens ridicule. On August 19th and 20th, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) re-uploaded avatar photos on social media Facebook (Facebook) and Instagram respectively, saying that the last photo was “taken at random”, which is considered a Responses to sarcasm from netizens.

Zuckerberg's Metaverse image was ridiculed, is the Metaverse a human daydream?

In the new photos he sent, the avatars have a lot of natural images, with layers of hair and glittering eyes.

Zuckerberg explained in the accompanying post, “I know that the photos I uploaded before are very simple, because they were taken to celebrate the launch of Horizon in France and Spain.” Zuckerberg said that Horizon’s image function is far more than the picture shows. powerful, even in a companion headset. Also, Horizon is improving very quickly.

He also revealed that the Horizon and avatar images will receive a major update, and he will share more details at the upcoming Connect developer conference.

I seriously doubt that Zuckerberg is taking the black and red marketing route. After all, if it weren’t for Zuckerberg’s whole set of operations, many people would never have heard of Horizon Worlds, and also knew that it was originally a virtual social platform owned by Meta. Zuckerberg’s “core to our Metaverse vision”.

The platform has been established for 3 years. Horizon Worlds was in its infancy long before Facebook officially changed its name to Meta and bet on the Metaverse. Formerly known as Facebook Horizon, at the Oculus Connect 6 conference in September 2019, the tech giant said that the platform will become a new social virtual world.

In August 2020, Horizon Worlds entered a beta phase with invitation-only access. In December 2021, the platform will be officially opened to adult users over the age of 18 in the United States and Canada.

Zuckerberg's Metaverse image was ridiculed, is the Metaverse a human daydream?

The three-year-old app has grown into how big it is now? In February of this year, Meta’s chief product officer Chris Cox (Chris Cox) gave the answer: Since Horizon Worlds launched in the United States and Canada, the number of users has increased 10 times every month, and it has reached 300,000 by then.

300,000 people is actually not a considerable number, which shows that Horizon Worlds is still a niche platform and has not broken at all.

In fact, this is the result of Horizon Worlds’ non-stop global expansion. In June of this year, the platform landed in the UK, in July in Ireland and Iceland, and more countries to follow.

If it weren’t for Zuckerberg’s hard-working publicity, this app would have been cool and won’t last until 2022.

02 Zuckerberg’s Metaverse dream, all depends on burning money?

Although Meta has invested heavily in Horizon Worlds, it is difficult for this platform to bring any obvious returns to Meta, just like “A Dou who can’t be helped”. Meta has not disclosed revenue from the platform, nor has it disclosed sales of its companion device, the Quest headset.

Zuckerberg started laying out the Metaverse many years ago.

As early as 2014, before the name change, Facebook spent $2 billion to acquire Oculus VR, a head-mounted display device. Since then, it has also continued to acquire small-scale VR studios under Oculus. Since 2019, there have been 5 acquisitions by VR game developers. .

In October 2021, Zuckerberg published a “Founder’s Letter: 2021” (Founder’s Letter2021), announcing that Facebook changed its name to “Meta”, showing its determination to move towards the Metaverse In the video presentation featuring Kerberg, the word “Metaverse” appeared more than 80 times in nearly 90 minutes, aiming to explain to the audience what the Metaverse really is.

In Zuckerberg’s vision, in that beautiful Metaverse world , people are no longer bound by the physical body, and the limitation of time and space is no longer a problem. Here, users can realize most activities in the real world, using virtual images and Users around the world socialize, visit friends, attend concerts, travel the world, and more.

In short, people can go wherever they want, wear whatever clothes, and whoever they meet, they can choose at will, and live a life that is impossible in reality.

It’s hard to say whether the public is tempted, but Zuckerberg must be tempted anyway. From the research and development expenses, it can be seen that Zuckerberg attaches great importance to this business. However, Meta’s Metaverse business has been in a state of “burning money”.Metaverse division RealityLabs lost nearly $5.8 billion in the first half of 2022 and nearly $10.2 billion for the full year of 2021.

Meta has spent nearly $20 billion on the Metaverse over the past year and a half. John Carmack, the former CTO of Oculus, has publicly questioned many times: Meta invested heavily in the virtual reality laboratory (Reality Labs), and the return rate was much lower than expected.

Although the department continued to lose money, Zuckerberg showed amazing willpower and still expressed his optimism about this track, “focusing on the long-term investment and development of Metaverse-related businesses.”

Zuckerberg's Metaverse image was ridiculed, is the Metaverse a human daydream?

The Metaverse is a “money-burning black hole”, and it is extremely difficult to see significant returns.Some people in the industry say that the amount of graphics computation required to render a virtual space for the human eye is far greater than the 2D screen of a mobile phone.

But Meta previously announced that it plans to invest about $10 billion in research and development of Metaverse-related technologies this year.

Zuckerberg has long since admitted that “building a foundational platform for the Metaverse will be a long road.” Horizon has been in closed beta for two years: “No matter what we call it, in the next 1 to 3 years, it will still be beta version.”

For users, after a few years, the application is still a rudimentary version. Not only that, but many of Meta’s products also have to increase their prices, which has become a fuse to persuade netizens to quit. Not long ago, Meta announced that it will take a commission for each virtual asset transaction on Horizon Worlds, and the commission ratio is as high as 47.5%. This charging plan has been opposed by many developers.

To log in to Horizon Worlds, users need to buy Meta’s Quest headset. However, in July, Meta announced that its Quest 2 headset will start to increase in price in August. The price of the 128GB and 256GB versions will increase by $100 to $399.99. USD and USD 499.99, some foreign netizens complained that the experience was not upgraded, but the price was upgraded first.

03 Metaverse, Just Sounds Beautiful

The concept of a Metaverse first appeared in science fiction.

American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson first coined the term “Metaverse” in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash.

Those who are optimistic about the Metaverse think that the main line of development of the Metaverse is very clear, which is to create high-quality immersive content and bring users an unparalleled experience of time and space expansion.

In recent years, with the popularity of the Metaverse concept, many domestic Internet companies are also entering the game. Luo Yonghao simply did not even do live broadcasts, and devoted himself to the AR business subdivided in the Metaverse.

Last year, Baidu launched the Apple and Android store versions of the Metaverse social app “Xi Rong”, and ByteDance also acquired the VR device Pico. According to data, in the first Spring Festival after being acquired by ByteDance, Pico has an omni-channel The sales volume increased by 32 times year-on-year, and the turnover increased by 29 times compared with last year’s Spring Festival.

However, in terms of experience, VR headsets are still in their infancy.

The first is that the screen experience is not smooth enough . User Xiao Ruan said that he had experienced Xiyang with a Pico device. He found that the actions of the virtual characters in the screen were often delayed, and even the characters were wearing models. If you want to go to other scenes, you need to use the controller yourself. He moved, but when he moved forward, the screen was often stuck, it was difficult to operate with the handle alone, and even the buttons on the handle often failed, Xiao Ruan felt dizzy after staring at the screen for a while, “I don’t usually get dizzy in 3D, But wearing VR equipment just feels disgusting and uncomfortable”, which greatly affects the gaming experience.

Zuckerberg's Metaverse image was ridiculed, is the Metaverse a human daydream?

The second is the lack of content. Jin Zi, a Pico experiencer, said that he “played in the Pico display area of ​​the shopping mall” and bought a Pico device after being attracted. However, he felt a little regretful after buying it, because there are still relatively few games that can be played in Pico, some Large-scale 3D games are easy to dizzy, and only some light puzzle games and healing games are ok.

Of course, Pico still has its bright spots, such as close contact with virtual people, immersion in virtual space, and allowing the wearing of myopia glasses, etc. However, compared with the shortcomings of Pico, it is still not enough to attract the public to spend real money. It is also the reason why Pico has not yet appeared in the circle of topics or hot sales.

As Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu, said, “The infrastructure chain related to the Metaverse is very long.” Now it seems that in the field of the Metaverse, the progress of large and small factories, domestic and foreign, is similar, and the difficulties they face are also Similar, that is, with the current technology and means, human beings are still a little far from the imagined Metaverse.


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