Zuckerberg’s autograph letter: renamed “Meta” to help Metaverse become a reality

Zuckerberg said that the decisive quality of the meta-universe will be a sense of presence-like you are with another person or in another place. Feeling truly with another person is the ultimate dream of social technology. This is why we focus on this.

Zuckerberg's autograph letter: renamed "Meta" to help Metaverse become a reality


Tencent Technology News, October 29, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) officially announced at the Facebook Connect Developers Conference held on Wednesday that the company name will be renamed “Meta” to Reflects the company’s growing ambitions to surpass social media. The new name “Meta” comes from the science fiction term Metaverse to describe the vision of the new company to work and play in the virtual world.

Facebook said in its official blog that Meta will integrate the company’s applications and technologies under a new company brand. The focus of Meta is to bring the meta universe to life, to help people establish connections, find communities, and develop businesses.

Facebook said: “Meta-universe will feel like a hybrid of online social experiences today, sometimes expanding into three-dimensional space or projecting onto the physical world. It will allow you to share immersive experiences with others, even if you can’t Together-do things you can’t do in the real world together. This is the next evolution of a long list of social technologies, and it also brings a new chapter for our company.”

Facebook also said that after the name change, although the company’s corporate structure will not change, the way it reports financial status will change. Starting from the release of the fourth quarter of 2021 financial report, the company plans to report on two operating departments: Family of Apps and Reality Labs. The company’s stock code will be changed from “FB” to “MVRS” on December 1.

The following is the full text of Zuckerberg’s “Founder’s Letter” released on Thursday:

We are at the beginning of the next chapter of the Internet, which is also the next chapter of our company.

In recent decades, technology has given people the power to connect and express themselves more naturally. When I started Facebook, we mainly typed text on the website. When we have mobile phones with cameras, the Internet becomes more visible and mobile. As connections become faster, video becomes a richer way to share experiences. We have gone from the desktop to the mobile phone via the Internet, from text to photos to video, but this is not the end.

The next platform will be more immersive-an Internet experience where you are in it, not just watching it. We call it Meta Universe, and it will touch every product we develop.

The decisive quality of the meta-universe will be a sense of presence-like you are with another person or in another place. Feeling truly with another person is the ultimate dream of social technology. This is why we focus on this.

In Metaverse, you can do almost anything you can imagine—getting together with friends and family, working, studying, playing, shopping, creating—and completely new experiences that don’t fit our current view of computers or mobile phones. We made a movie to explore how you will use the meta universe one day.

In this future, you will be able to instantly transfer to the office in the form of a hologram, without commuting; you can join a concert with your friends, or reminisce with your parents in the living room. No matter where you live, this will bring more opportunities. You can devote more time to important things, while reducing commuting time and reducing your carbon footprint.

Think about how many physical things today may be just holograms in the future. Televisions, perfect working devices with multiple displays, board games, etc.-they will be holograms designed by creators around the world, rather than physical objects assembled in factories.

You will get these experiences on different devices-augmented reality glasses can stay in the real world, virtual reality can be fully immersed, mobile phones and computers can jump from existing platforms. This is not about spending more time on the screen; it is about making the time we have spent better.

Our roles and responsibilities

Meta universe will not be created by a single company. It will be built by creators and developers to create new interoperable experiences and digital projects, and open up a creative economy that is larger than the economy constrained by today’s platforms and its policies.

In this journey, our role is to accelerate the development of basic technologies, social platforms and creative tools, make the meta-universe a reality, and weave these technologies through our social media applications. We believe that Metaverse can bring a better social experience than anything today, and we will go all out to help realize its potential.

As I wrote in the original “Founder’s Letter”: “We do not build services to make money; we make money to build better services.”

This method is very useful to us. We have established a business to support very large long-term investments, and users create better services. This is our plan.

The past five years have been humble in many ways for me and our company. One of the main lessons I learned is that it is not enough to make products that people love.

I am more and more aware that the story of the Internet is not simple. Each chapter brings new voices and new ideas, but it also brings new challenges, risks and damage to established interests. We need to work together to bring the best version of this future to life from the beginning.

Privacy and security need to be integrated into the meta universe from day one. The same is true for open standards and interoperability. This not only requires new technical work-such as supporting encrypted digital currencies and NFT projects in the community-but also new forms of governance. The most important thing is that we need to help build an ecosystem so that more people will have a stake in the future, not only as consumers but also as creators.

This period is also shameful, because a company as large as ours has also understood what it is like to build on other platforms. Living under their rules has profoundly affected my view of the technology industry. I began to believe that the lack of choices for consumers and the high fees charged by developers are stifling innovation and hindering the Internet economy.

We tried to take a different approach. We hope that as many people as possible can get our services, which means working hard to reduce costs, not increase costs. Our mobile application is free. Our advertising model is designed to provide companies with the lowest prices. Our commercial tools can be obtained at cost prices or appropriate fees. Therefore, billions of people love our services, and hundreds of millions of companies rely on our tools.

This is the method we want to use to help build the meta-universe. We plan to sell our equipment at cost or subsidized prices so that more people can use it. We will continue to support the side-mounted and streaming of personal computers so that people have choices instead of forcing them to use Quest Store to find apps or reach customers. Our goal is to provide low-cost developer and creator services in as many cases as possible, so that we can maximize the overall creative economy. However, we need to ensure that we do not lose too much along the way.

We hope that in the next ten years, Metaverse will have 1 billion users, hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce, and provide jobs for millions of creators and developers.

who are we

When we opened a new chapter, I thought a lot about what this means for our company and our identity.

We are a company that focuses on interpersonal relationships. Although most technology companies focus on how people interact with technology, we have always focused on building technology so that people can interact.

Today, we are considered a social media company. Facebook is one of the most used technology products in global history. This is an iconic social media brand.

Building social applications has always been very important to us, and there are many things to build. But more and more, this is not all we do. In our genes, we want to build technology to bring people together. Metaverse is the next frontier connecting people, just like we just started using social networks.

Today, our brand is so closely associated with a product that it cannot represent everything we do today, let alone the future. Over time, I hope that we will be regarded as a meta-universe company, and I hope to position our work and identity at the goals we are building.

We just announced that we are making fundamental changes to the company. We now view the business as two different parts and report: one is for our application family, and the other is for our work on the future platform. Our work in the meta universe is not just part of it. The meta universe contains social experience and future technology. When we broaden our horizons, it’s time to adopt a new brand.

To reflect who we are and the future we hope to build, I am proud to tell you that our company has changed its name to Meta.

Our mission remains unchanged-it is still to bring people together. Our apps and their brands have not changed. We are still a company that designs technology around people.

But all our products, including our applications, now have a new vision: to help the meta-universe become a reality. Now we have a name that reflects the breadth of our work.

From now on, we will put the meta universe first, not Facebook. This means that over time, you will no longer need a Facebook account to use our other services. As our new brands begin to appear in products, I hope people all over the world will begin to understand the Meta brand and the future we represent.

I have studied classical literature in the past, and the word “meta” comes from Greek, meaning “beyond”. To me, it symbolizes that there is always more to build, and there is always a story for the next chapter. Our story started in a dormitory and surpassed our imagination: to become an app family, people use it to connect with each other, find their voice, and start to change the world of business, communities and sports.

I am proud of what we have built so far, and I am also excited about everything that follows-when we go beyond what is possible today, beyond the limits of screens, beyond the limits of distance and physics, towards one where everyone can interact with each other To accompany, create new opportunities and experience the future of new things. This is a future beyond any company and will be created by all of us.

We have built something to bring people together in new ways. We have learned from difficult social problems and living in a closed platform. It’s time to take away everything we have learned and help build a new chapter.

I am more committed to this than any other company in the world. If this is the future you want to see, I hope you can join us. The future will be beyond our imagination. (Compiled by Tencent Technology/Wuji)

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