Zuckerberg suddenly loses his face, but the domestic meta-universe is getting cold

Zuckerberg was completely crazy.

On October 29, Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced that the company had changed its name to “Meta” (meaning Yuan of Meta Universe) and changed the company’s stock trading code to “MVRS”. The thumb background board in front of the company headquarters was torn off and replaced with an “infinite” symbol. “From now on, we will put the meta universe first, not Facebook first.” Xiaozha said in the open letter.

Every action of Zuckerberg will cause a lot of ridicule and ridicule on the Internet. This time some people said that Xiaozha should not “Face”, and some people said that the new logo is very similar to the WeChat video account logo. It seems that it just adjusted the angle. .

However, among the Internet giants, Zuckerberg is the most radical toward the metaverse. He defined Facebook as a meta-universe company a long time ago, and advocated meta-universe on various occasions. This new concept that integrates artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of Things technology has become a new thing that is madly sought after. Everyone is afraid of missing out, afraid of being abandoned by the times.

However, although there are US listed companies that are sought after by capital, and some Internet giants are actively endorsing them, this new concept has not even reached a unified concept, and everything seems to be very rudimentary.

This big pie of Yuan Universe is prone to indigestion if it is not careful.

An old vocabulary


The concept of meta universe suddenly became popular , and it was related to a game company called Roblox .

In March of this year, Roblox went public in the United States. It created the most exciting story in the capital market. The stock price rose by 50% on the day of listing. In the following trading days, the market value once exceeded US$50 billion, and it was called “Meta Universe’s first share.” “. The meta-universe world described in Roblox’s prospectus seems to have instantly touched the keen nerves of investors and entrepreneurs, and realized that the new world is already beckoning.

This is a multiplayer creative game for teenagers. It makes people feel very naive to play. Rather than being a game, it provides a platform for creating games. Everyone has their own digital identity to socialize, and even the Robux currency obtained on the platform can be converted with real currency. In addition, Roblox also supports VR devices to enhance user immersion. These elements are considered to coincide with the concept of meta-universe. The pursuit of capital makes people see the birth of a tuyere.

In April, AR/VR game developer Epic Games completed a $1 billion financing. And Bytedance invested in the code Qiankun of the meta universe concept company, which has a youth-creating social platform “Restart the World” similar to Roblox’s philosophy. In August, ByteDance acquired Pico, a VR hardware manufacturer, at a price of 9 billion yuan.

Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for the metaverse is also indispensable. Facebook, as the most fanatical Internet giant on Metaverse, in July this year, Zuckerberg announced that it would build a Metaverse company within five years. In September, Facebook promised to invest 50 million US dollars to build Meta Universe, and at the same time announced that the person in charge of the AR/VR business was promoted to the company’s chief technology officer. In October, Facebook stated that it plans to hire 10,000 employees in the European Union in the next five years to promote the establishment of meta-universe.

This is considered to be the next change in the way of connection and interaction. Now we are connected through the Internet, but the way of connecting in the future will be the meta-universe. It is very easy to use: it is like a basket in which AR/VR, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, which were very popular in the past few years, can be packed into it.

When the general public is very unfamiliar with this concept, the people inside are describing a future that you cannot miss. Everyone tells you that this is equivalent to the Internet in the 1990s. In Zuckerberg’s words, “This is an Internet that you are in, not just watching and using.”

But in fact, “meta universe” is not a new concept. It is derived from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” published by the American writer in 1992, which constructs a shared virtual world in which real people can live, socialize, and parallel the real world.

In addition to this meta-universe bible, the most frequently mentioned by entrepreneurs is the movie “Number One Player” released in 2018. Director Spielberg described a very sci-fi oasis world: After wearing VR devices, people can go where they want to go, through labor and competition can make money (economic system), which gradually allows people living in the oasis Formed a unique set of values ​​and cultural characteristics (civilization).

This concept finally became an outlet under the preach of capital. However, it is difficult for people to accurately describe it in words.

Who is hyping the meta universe?


On the black screen, a large whiteboard PPT keeps turning pages, and each page of PPT has only one line of Song typeface, and sometimes a page of PPT even has only one word. Behind the screen is a crisp and indisputable voice, using the most refined language, trying to describe a “beautiful new world” to all online listeners.

“Is there anything more important than making money?”

“My friends, of course there are, ideals.”

“Is that more important than ideal?”

“Of course there is, that is to make a lot of money while realizing your ideals. Wow, it’s great, it’s perfect!”

Speaking of this, the voice behind the screen also began to excite, “What kind of world is Metaverse? It is a world and a future where you can realize your ideals while making a lot of money. It’s so beautiful!”

This is the evening of May 10 this year. Tao Rongqi, the 38-year-old founder of Meta Universe Capital, opened a 30-minute special session of Meta Universe through an online live broadcast. A month ago, he also set up Meta Universe Capital in Nanjing to fully transform the Meta Universe track.

In various conferences and forums, people inquired about each other and exchanged the latest understanding of the metaverse. Tao Rongqi became impatient after being frequently asked about Metaverse. He will arbitrarily persuade the other party based on their age and hobbies: “Post-70s? Too outdated”, “Do you often play games? Don’t play? That’s fine.”

Everyone is afraid of being abandoned by the times. Liu Huaiyang is immersed in the daily overload of work. He once established an artificial intelligence company with virtual and real interaction in 2017. Recently, because of Metaverse, business has increased, and 10 will be waiting for him a day. In addition to regular business cooperation and exchanges, he also includes many investors who have targeted him. And various associations and alliances.

“Most of the people who come here are FOMO mentality (Fear Of Missing Out). They don’t know what they want, but they are afraid of being abandoned by the times.” Although Liu Huaiyang is ushering in the explosive period of the industry, he also I have experienced the trough, so I can understand it very well.

After the concept became popular, forums and summits related to Metaverse blossomed all over the country, and many sessions were full. At this time, it becomes very easy to hype the concept, as long as you want, you can advertise yourself as a meta universe company, and then attract capital and eyeballs.

In September of this year, investor Wang Mingchuan participated in a roadshow for the Meta universe project with more than 40 people. One of his impressed guest speakers was a founder of communication chips, and he showed everyone a video, which was more than 300,000 high-definition photos taken by them on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in 5 years.

“If people want to see this kind of pictures in the future, they can only be satisfied in the meta-universe.” The founder said that this is a romantic thing, and romance is one of the elements of the meta-universe.

But after listening, Wang Mingchuan shook his head frequently, “I haven’t even figured out what the meta universe is.” Romance has become the element of the meta universe. Understanding the meta universe in this way is basically everything. After listening to the three-hour roadshow, he marked out 10 of the 11 items listed in the activity agenda on the A4 paper on the desktop.

“Even people who are traditional robots have been taken to the meetings of the Metaverse, but in fact, this is not at all involved.” Wang Mingchuan found that everyone not only had a deviation in the understanding of the Metaverse, but even started to pull projects to make up the numbers.

The financing scale of Yuan Universe related projects is increasing substantially. According to statistics from VRPinea, the VR/AR/AI field has completed nearly 8 billion yuan of financing in the global VR/AR/AI field in April alone, which is almost 4 times that of the previous month. Since 2021, first-tier funds including Matrix Partners China, Zhen Fund, Wuyuan Capital, and Fosun Capital have all entered the market. And bytedance, Tencent , Alibaba and other Internet companies have all moved.

Su Bo, the founder of 0glass, discovered that some companies that used to do VR conferences now simply package their old products and start to say that they are doing Metaverse.

Zhou Hao also discovered that some people around him who were doing VR hardware were motivated and continued to look for investment with the original BP, “Look, I used the original BP again.”

What Su Bo doesn’t understand most is those companies that do traditional IT, games, and social interactions. At the beginning of September, A-share listed company Zhongqingbao planned to launch a meta-universe brewing game “Brewmaster”. The game has not yet been released. The stock price has been speculated and has risen by 1.34 times in 10 days. Another Tom Cat, which frequently changes its business, announced the layout of Meta Universe and VR, and its stock price has also risen for many consecutive days.

The domestic social software Soul simply changed slogan to the social meta universe. The meta-universe it promotes is nothing more than replacing real-life photos with social virtual avatars, and at the same time, adding some gamification based on AR technology.

Obviously, the currency circle, which has always been keen on hype, will not let go of such a hot concept. Meta universe not only needs social networking and games, but also decentralized currency, which coincides with the logic of the currency circle.

Zhou Hao, who has been following the currency circle, clearly felt the recent turmoil in the currency circle over the concept of meta universe. In an overseas currency speculation community where Zhou Hao is located, there are dozens of automatic meta-universe project games sent every day, inviting to buy coins. He clicked on the link and found that the UI design of some project web pages was very rudimentary, and the people discussed in the community were also very similar.

People in the currency circle around Zhou Hao also stared at social platforms, searched for “meta universe games” to see whose projects could impress them, and then bought coins boldly. They hope to find the next “hundred-fold coin” in this wave, so that the principal can play 100 times the value. Whichever concept is popular, which project has a celebrity endorsement, will become the object of their pursuit.

In a tea restaurant in Sanlitun, Xu Jizhe, a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who rushed to the AI ​​Finance and Economics Agency, demonstrated what NFT assets (non-homogeneous assets) in the meta universe are. The report of Meta Universe was first published as an NFT and sold in the virtual world. “This will be the first news report to generate NFT, which is very epoch-making.”

The future is still far away

Compared with the frenzy of April-June this year, Tao Rongqi has calmed down. He felt that since July, the market and cognitive system of the entire Metaverse has no longer been able to update. In chatting with his colleagues, there is no new content in Metaverse beyond his cognition.

“This is a disturbing signal, which means that we have to slow down and be cautious.” Tao Rongqi told AI Finance and Economics that their company’s official website stopped updating relevant content because “there is nothing to say.”

Zhan Ran, a partner of Fupu Investment who pays attention to Metaverse-related projects, also adjusted the rhythm. After looking at it for a few months, I found that the project is still in the early stages of development, and it is far from the stage of grabbing the project. It’s relatively large.” Zhan Ran told AI Finance and Economics Agency.

The enthusiasm of capital is transmitted to the entrepreneurs, and the heat is even worse. In the past six months, Su Bo has received at least five or six investors who have come here because of Yuan Universe’s admiration, but these people have not really made a move, just in a wait-and-see state, “People nowadays want to know more. When the understanding is over, Yuan Universe The concept has entered a cooling-off period.”

In the past few years, similar situations have been played out one after another, and the brief enthusiasm quickly calmed down. For example, the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, which has been developing for a long time, was once considered to set off a new wave of technology, and the “AI four dragons” represented by Shangtang, Yuncong, Megvii, and Yitu appeared, and the financing was also considerable. smoothly.

However, the vision is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. After the AI ​​four dragons experienced highlights in 2018, they are now stuck in the bottleneck of business development. AI technology does not have too many landing scenarios and practical needs. So far, none of these four companies has successfully listed.

The ideal state of the meta universe is also very far away from reality. In Liu Huaiyang’s view, the true meta-universe in the future cannot be completed by a single technology giant. It is completed by multiple teams, multiple companies, and even with the public. It is a decentralized organization.

“Meta Universe is the future trend, but this future is not 3-5 years, but 20 years later.” Su Bo bluntly told AI Finance and Economics that this is still a very distant concept, just like the local area network in the early development of the Internet.

Zuckerberg himself admitted: “Metrouniverse’s investment does not immediately bring profits, and it is expected that by the end of this decade, it may be more like a real business story.”

This is not modest and polite. Most of the technologies in the meta-universe panorama are still immature. Take Zuckerberg’s own product as an example. Although its VR hardware Oculus has been doing it for many years, it is also the best VR hardware device in the industry. But even so, compared to mobile computers, Oculus is still not a mainstream hardware device, and the user experience is still very rudimentary.

In contrast, Apple CEO Cook, who has extensive experience in hardware products, sees it more rationally. He said he would stay away from these popular vocabulary, and he prefers to call the “meta universe” AR (augmented reality).

But Zuckerberg may have his own difficulties in investing and propagating so aggressively.

In fact, Facebook’s own business has also encountered numerous challenges in recent years. In addition to antitrust, privacy and other regulatory lawsuits, Facebook’s young users are also losing a lot, the growth of new users has slowed down significantly, and users’ dissatisfaction with this company is increasing day by day.

According to US media reports, the time spent by American teenagers on Facebook fell by 16% year-on-year in the third quarter of this year, and the growth in the number of global daily active users has also slowed sharply. On the other hand, Tik Tok is still growing at a crazy rate, and the global download volume has surpassed Facebook, which eclipses the former social overlord.

For Zuckerberg, whether he is really optimistic about the future of Metaverse, or in order to shift the current growing contradictions and regulatory pressures, he needs a better story and concept.

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