Zuckerberg: Metaverse will change Facebook and even the entire Internet

In the future, we are like living in the Facebook version of “Trumen’s World”.

“Metaverse” may sound like some clichés in William Gibson’s novel, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg solemnly stated on July 26 that the term has Possibly change Facebook, as well as change the Internet itself.

After Facebook released the second-quarter earnings report, Zuckerberg said in an analyst call: “I want to discuss the topic of Metaverse now so that you can see the future we are working on and some of our company’s How will major initiatives achieve this goal step by step.” “What is meta-universe? This is a virtual environment, where you can be with people in the digital space, and you can imagine it as an Internet where you are in it. , Not just looking at it outside.”

Facebook is not alone. Technology companies are paying more and more attention to the importance of establishing a “meta universe” as a technological bridge from smartphones and mobile devices to the virtual world. In the virtual world, a large number of people can gather together to play, work and socialize. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella mentioned the concept of “enterprise meta-universe” in the company’s previous earnings conference call.

Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel “Snow Crash” describes the three modes of physical reality, augmented reality and virtual reality in a state of fusion in a shared cyberspace. Venture capitalist Matthew Ball further advanced this view in an influential article published in 2000. He believes that the physical world and the virtual world are intertwined to form a mature, unprecedented Mature economies with interoperability are inevitable.

All this sounds quite futuristic and utopian, but Zuckerberg’s vision of building Facebook as a meta-universe company is also a clever corporate strategy to avoid Apple’s heavy charges to app developers. Commission.

Benjamin Bertram Goldman, head of the film department of the design company InVision, said that Facebook and other app developers such as Epic Games and Roblox (RBLX) see Metaverse as a strategic lever— -It can bypass Apple store fees and exaggerate an atmosphere of “survival threat” for the company. (Goldman runs a documentary department, exploring the future of design and technology.)

Goldman told MarketWatch: “Metacosm has pushed some unrealistic business practices of Apple into the spotlight.” “The birth of the virtual shopping world suddenly made this company that charges 30% commissions considered absurd. It’s ultimately The status is not compatible with Apple.”

Earlier this year, Epic Games and Apple launched a historic antitrust war in court. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) cited the concept of “meta universe” in Stephenson’s novels. . He explained in his testimony: “Metacosm is a real-time, computer-driven 3D entertainment and social media, in which people in the real world can enter 3D simulations together and have a variety of experiences. In his testimony, Sweeney deliberately chose “Meta Universe” as a metaphor for his company’s game “Fortnite” (Fortnite), a multiplayer game that was banned by Apple from running on its iOS App Store last year.

Zuckerberg made no secret of his desire to develop more e-commerce-related businesses in the Facebook application. He doesn’t want to pay as much as 30% commission for transactions within his app to help Apple, its privacy enemy.

Before Apple shows off its long-term ambitions in the field of augmented reality, Metaverse can also allow other technology companies to use their augmented reality and virtual reality assets.

Daniel Newman, chief analyst at Futurum, told MarketWatch: “For Facebook, make meaningful investments in technology, deepen user connections, and create more ubiquitous spaces between the real world and the digital world. , Is a logical development path.” “For example, although virtual reality technology has made progress, due to equipment and cost constraints, coupled with software intensiveness, it has not yet been able to fully integrate into us.”

Newman believes that Facebook and Microsoft have accumulated a large number of augmented reality and virtual reality assets. The two companies have acquired assets such as Oculus and AltspaceVR, respectively, and developed mixed reality smart glasses internally to establish a virtual platform. Microsoft is also aggressively entering the field of cloud gaming. However, so far, despite billions of dollars of investment and a lot of publicity, they are still niche businesses.

Newman said that more importantly, the establishment of Facebook or Microsoft’s virtual platform provides an opportunity to bypass Apple’s charges.

“Data is still king, and Facebook has a good grasp of this, but if your users are not on their phones, how can you get more data?” he added.

Whether Facebook can integrate different businesses through the meta-universe and become a “Frankenstein” in the meta-universe field is far from certain. The US government is trying to separate Instagram and WhatsApp from Facebook and restrict the company’s ability to make future acquisitions or provide services related to its hardware products.

Newman said: “The higher the degree of integration between our offline world and the online world, the more Facebook can understand its users. This creates a promising revenue story for Facebook-in the future, we are like Live in the Facebook version of “The Truman Show.”

This article was originally published on MarketWatch


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