ZORA: NFT Market Protocol

ZORA is a decentralized protocol where anyone can buy and sell NFTs permissionlessly. ZORA has created a series of tools that make it easy for developers to start building. All ZORA repositories are open source, licensed under the MIT license or the GPL-3.0 license.

It is mainly represented by the ZORA stack, including smart contracts, ZDK, API, NFT Hooks, and NFT rendering.

smart combination

ZORA V3 consists of several core contracts and an ever-expanding set of modules. Modules are non-upgradable contracts that add specific functionality to the protocol.

Modules: Contracts with specific functionality that can be added to ZORA V3

Module Manager: Manage which modules users have approved to use the token and which new modules can be added to the protocol

Transfer Assistant: handles ERC-20 and ERC-721 token transfers for modules

Approve tokens to V3

Tokens must first be approved by their respective Transfer Helper contracts before they can be used by ZORA modules. For example, all ERC-721 tokens must be approved through the ERC-721 Transfer Helper. Once done, users need to approve which modules have access to their approved tokens by submitting a transaction to the module manager. This means that users only need to approve ZORA V3’s token contract once, and then approve which ZORA modules have access to their tokens.

Approval Module

Users can approve individual ZORA modules or selectively approve certain modules in bulk. Every time a new module is added to the protocol, users must opt-in and approve the newly added module in order to access their token. Approving a module means that all tokens approved for Transfer Helpers will be able to be accessed by that module.


The ZORA API enables retrieval of NFT metadata and market data on any ERC-721 for monitoring on-chain events, analyzing sales activity, and more.


ZDK is a development kit for interacting with ZORA’s API. The specific categories of its API are as follows:

Aggregate properties

Get statistics about all properties of a collection


Get data for a specific NFT collection by address.


Get data for a collection of NFTs.

Collection Statistics Aggregation

Get statistics for a specific collection, such as total supply, number of owners, and sales.


Get all events associated with a collection, token or owner address, such as Transfers, Mints, Sales, Approvals.

floor price

Get the cheapest NFT data available in all Zora marketplaces.


Get active NFTs on the Zora marketplace, such as buy now, offers, auctions.

casting data

Get historical minting data for any NFT or any group of NFTs.


Get data on the total supply of NFTs in the collection.

owner count

Get the number of unique addresses with NFTs from the collection.

owner count

Get the number of NFTs held by certain owner addresses, such as the top holders of a collection.


Get sales data for any NFT across multiple marketplaces, such as Zora, OpenSea, LooksRare, Foundation, and more.


Get the total sales of the collection across all marketplaces.


Search for NFTs or collections based on string input.


Get the data of a single NFT given the contract address and tokenId, and get the data of a set of tokens according to the query parameters.

NFT Hooks

NFT Hooks are the easiest way to interact with ZORA’s API and consist of a data extraction class and associated hooks for loading NFT data. The API batches and caches requests, which means you can use hooks throughout the page without worrying about significant performance penalties. NFT Hooks default to the Ethereum mainnet, if you want to set the configuration to a specific network, you need to use hooks with the NFTFetchConfiguration component.

NFT rendering:

ZORA provides various tools to easily display NFTs.

Embed any NFT displayed on zora.co into your own website via NFT iframes. All iframes are mobile responsive and compatible with text, images, video and audio. An iframe can be generated by entering the zora.co URL of the NFT to be displayed at embed.zora.co.

React components that render NFT content are also available, this library consists of components that React can use to render ERC-721 NFTs. The library includes default styles and fetch URLs, as well as caching mechanisms and the ability to easily customize strings, render components, and add different styles.

Can be linked directly to the ZORA.co interface, or can be overridden by using the ZDK build function.

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