zkTube and ONEUNI Capital set up a multi-million dollar seed fund to help GameFi develop

On August 27, 2021, zkTube Foundation and ONE UNI Capital jointly established a seed incubation fund with more than ten investment institutions, with a scale of tens of millions of dollars. Will be open on September 1 Ethernet Square in Alliance GameFi, NFT, Metaverse the Start-Up application channel, the establishment of the fund is to promote efforts ZK-Rollup zkTube large-scale adoption of the technology. The main goal of the fund is to authorize developers to create and execute GameFi projects, and to establish a strong Defi ecosystem and GameFi channel in PayTube Wallet after the zkTube mainnet is fully open source.


zkTube Foundation: Established in Australia in 2021, it focuses on two aspects. One is to promote the construction of a rich ecosystem after the launch of the zkTube mainnet, and to accelerate PayTube Wallet to become the most suitable channel for Defi and GameFi in Layer 2, thereby enabling PayTube The wallet incorporates more NFT, card, blind box, mining, Dex and other elements. Second, part of the profits of the zkTube Foundation will be used to repurchase tokens periodically to promote the healthy and sound development of the token economy .

Ethernet Square Enterprise Alliance (Enterprise Ethereum Allianc E, referred to as the EEA) was established in February 2017, board member companies include Consensys, Ethernet Square Foundation, JP Morgan, Microsoft and so on. It also brings together Fortune 500 companies, such as Visa, BNY MELLON, Accenture, etc.; in addition, there are a number of high-quality blockchain start-ups, technology service providers, academics and Ethereum subject matter experts dedicated to applying Ethereum technology to enterprises level.

ONEUNI Capital: A blockchain ecological fund founded by entrepreneurs alumni from the University of Waterloo, the University of Toronto, and the University of Western Ontario. It focuses on the construction of the local blockchain ecosystem in Canada, and discovers and empowers early new forces in each vertical track of the blockchain .

The University of Waterloo in Canada is a well-known university in North America. Its teaching and research level in mathematics, computer science and engineering disciplines ranks first in the world. Among them, the superior professional computer science ranks 18th in the 2017 USNEWS World University Rankings.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is also a famous alumnus of the university.


GameFi wave hits, will become investment darling

Axie Infinity’s strong revenue capability has set off a new round of GameFi craze, and it has once again proved that blockchain games have a broad market. According to DappRadar data, there have been more than 271,000 active users on Axie Infinity in the past 30 days. According to data from Token Terminal, the encrypted game platform has generated more than 220 million US dollars in revenue in the past 30 days, which is the highest among all GameFi players.


How the blockchain is applied to people’s lives has always been a topic of discussion, and the majority of game practitioners are the first to smell business opportunities and fully promote the development of the industry. “The reason the game came out.

In the GameFi environment, developers can give full play to their imagination and use code to create a colorful universe. They can also use tokens to motivate players and attract more and more users to join.

zkTube looking for me i unicorns

With GameFi innovation in the entire encryption field, the development is accelerating. The founding team of zkTube believes: “GameFi will become the next major scene in DeFi, NFT and larger encryption technologies, and zkTube will build a GameFi Layer2 ecological environment that can be accessed all over the world.”


zkTube is friendly to developers, with large network throughput, fast transactions and high security, which is very suitable as an infrastructure for the development of the Metaverse project. At the same time, users will also get a good experience because of zkTube’s superior network performance and extremely low transaction costs. zkTube not only provides technical convenience for start-ups, seed funds invest in potential start-ups in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance to help the development of new forces and create unicorns in the vertical field.


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