zkSync ecological project list: infrastructure occupies half of the country

In zkSync 2.0 Adventures: Which Projects Are Worth Trying? “In the article, we shared the zkSync 2.0 experience tutorial. This issue will summarize more than 70 projects that have supported or will support zkSync.

Today, the trend that Layer 2 will become an important infrastructure layer in the blockchain industry has been recognized by the market, and Rollups, which moves computing and state storage off-chain, has great potential to become a key scaling solution for Ethereum.

Vitalik Buterin has stated that in the short term, Optimistic Rollups may win for general-purpose EVM computing, while ZK Rollups may win for simple payments, transactions, and other application-specific use cases, but in the medium and long term, with As ZK-SNARK technology improves, ZK Rollups will win in all use cases.

The zkSync developed by Matter Labs, as an expansion solution based on the ZK Rollups architecture, has been launched on the 1.0 mainnet mainly focusing on payment purposes and the general 2.0 testnet that is fully compatible with EVM. zkRollup and zkPorter with off-chain data availability, and both are composable and interoperable. This month zkSync also upgraded its 2.0 portal to support network fees in any token, greatly improving user flexibility.

The zkSync expansion plan has not only won the favor of a large amount of capital, as of November last year, Matter Labs has raised $58 million from a16z, Union Square Ventures, and Placeholder. Of course, it also attracts other ecological projects or infrastructure.

According to the ecological panorama of the zkSync official website and the previously announced information, the zkSync ecosystem currently has more than 70 projects, of which infrastructure occupies more than half, including 10 wallets, 15 bridge or cross-chain solutions, payment gateways, etc., as well as many transactions So will also support zkSync access. In addition, there are 30 DeFi projects that have or will support zkSync.

However, since zkSync 1.0 is not yet compatible with EVM, there are only about 10 projects that have supported or integrated zkSync, mostly wallet and payment gateway projects, including Argent, ZigZag, Ramp Network, Banxa, Wallet Numio, imToken, Orbiter Finance, MathWallet, payment gateway Sprintcheckout, The Graph. The AMM protocol Mute.io has launched the zkSync 2.0 testnet. In addition, it is currently possible to participate in Gitcoin donation activities through zkSync. It is expected that zkSync 2.0 will not promote ecological development in the field of DeFi and NFT until it is officially launched.

zkSync ecological project list: infrastructure occupies half of the country

The picture shows the ecological picture of zkSync drawn by ZK Daily



zkSync ecological project list: infrastructure occupies half of the country

Argent (online)

Earlier this month, Argent fully opened Layer2 account registration, and now anyone can access its Layer2 wallet on its Ethereum zkSync network.

Numio (live)

Numio is a Layer2 mobile wallet application based on Ethereum and zkSync, which also integrates cryptocurrency purchase and exchange functions According to the roadmap, Numio will later integrate other Layer 2 solutions, as well as integrate NFT and DeFi functions, including mining and lending.

imToken and MathWallet have also integrated zkSync. Zerion, D’CENT Wallet, and ONTO Wallet should be integrated later.

In addition, zkSync also supports logging in to zkSync through Wallet Connect or Ethereum wallets MetaMask, Formatic, Trezor and Ledger on its official wallet page, and then MetaMask, 1inch Wallet and MyKey will also support zkSync.


There are currently 15 cross-chain solutions or bridges that have or will integrate zkSync, among which ZigZag and Orbiter Finance already support cross-chain between zkSync and other blockchains.

zkSync ecological project list: infrastructure occupies half of the country

ZigZag Bridge (online)

ZigZag Exchange is an order book DEX based on ZK Rollup. In addition, the ZigZag bridge function also supports the asset exchange between Ethereum and zkSync, and the cross-chain bridge from zkSync to Polygon is also launched. However, the zkSync-Polygon cross-chain bridge is still in alpha mode and has not been integrated into the UI page. Currently, it can only be manually sent to address.

Orbiter Finance (live)

Orbiter Finance is a cross-rollup bridge that currently supports the transfer of ETH and USDC between Ethereum, zkSync, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, and recently added support for the StarkNet Goerli testnet.

Iron Network

Ferrum Network is a cross-chain blockchain-as-a-service DeFi company. One of its core products is a cross-chain bridge. Ferrum Network is also an investor in Matter Labs’ $50 million Series B round. Earlier this month, Ferrum Network stated that it would integrate its product suite with the zkSync expansion solution, including traditional pledges, VIP pledges, NFT pledges, multi-asset pledges, LP pledges, etc. It will also integrate its cross-chain aggregator InfinitySwap in zkSync.

Via Protocol 

Via Protocol is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol. Currently supported networks include Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Harmony, HECO, Optimism, OEC, Gnosis Chain and Moonriver, and will also support zkSync in the future.

According to the official website, Via.Exchange partners include NEAR, Biconomy, etc., and previously completed a $1.2 million pre-seed round of financing . Investors include Ravikant Capital and Shima Capital.

Other bridge infrastructures that are ready to or are integrating zkSync include Automata Network, Connext, Celer, Composable Finance, Poly Network, Multichain, Nomad (a cross-chain communication solution, Token Bridge is already live on Ethereum and Moonbeam) and deBridge, which will not be discussed here. Further introduction.

In addition, according to zkSync’s update last month, bridges that support zkSync will also include DAI Wormhole (built by Maker and will allow users to transfer DAI between Layer2), Hop Exchange, and LayerZero, among others.

Payment/Gateway/CEX (5)

Banxa, MoonPay, Ramp Network, Simplex, UTORG, which provide fiat-to-crypto gateway solutions, will provide the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies directly on zkSync through various payment methods. Among them, Banxa and Ramp Network have begun to support zkSync.

ZkSync-based Layer2 payment gateway Sprintcheckout has also been launched. Sprintcheckout has launched a payment gateway for merchants that allows merchant customers to pay via ZkSync, accepting payments in ETH or ERC-20 tokens. Customers do not pay a fee for each transaction, and merchants pay a 0.5% Sprintcheckout transaction fee and a ZkSync fee.

In addition, LayerSwap , a project that can transfer cryptocurrencies from CEX to Layer2, also supports the transfer of ETH or USDC from Coinbase, FTX, Binance, OKX, KuCoin and Huobi to zkSync.

Block Explorer (3)

Matter Labs has officially launched the zkSync block browser and analysis platform zkScan. In addition to this, Matter Labs said that it will also ensure that users can access zkSync data through Etherscan and Blockscout.

Other (8)

Blockchain development platform Tenderly will integrate zkSync, allowing developers to monitor and test smart contracts. The Ethereum development tool Hardhat will allow developers to easily compile contracts and run them on the development network.

Both The Graph and Covalent will integrate with zkSync 2.0 to provide an efficient way to query blockchain data.

Chainlink previously stated that developers building on zkSync 2.0 will have access to off-chain data through Chainlink oracles.

Gnosis Safe, a digital asset management tool, will allow users to custody assets and provide multi-signature capabilities.

Among the infrastructure ecosystems listed by zkSync, there are also staking service provider stakefish, decentralized storage project Arweave, etc.


Major exchanges including Crypto.com, Bybit, Huobi, Blockchain.com, OKEx, and Ripio are also building direct deposits and withdrawals using zkSync for their users.

DeFi (30)

Up to now, there are 30 projects in the DeFi ecosystem listed on the zkSync website, some of which are duplicated with the projects listed above. However, only the ZK Rollup-based order book DEX ZigZag and the AMM protocol Mute are currently on the zkSync mainnet. io has launched the zkSync 2.0 Goerli testnet.

Other projects that will be built on zkSync include:

  • Babylon Finance (Asset Management Protocol)
  • Dank Protocol (fixed rate protocol)
  • CVI (Crypto Volatility Index Protocol Built by COTI)
  • Hedgey (DeFi Derivative Protocol)
  • Angle Protocol (stablecoin protocol)
  • Gro Protocol (stablecoin yield aggregator)
  • Increment (perpetual contract protocol based on zkSync and using Curve V2’s AMM to execute transactions, also received an Aave Grant donation in February)
  • Yearn Finance
  • Mute.io (AMM and IDO platform based on ZK-Rollup, has launched zkSync Goerli testnet)
  • Frax (Algorithmic Stablecoin Protocol)
  • WOO Network
  • Taker Protocol (liquidity protocol for NFTs and synthetic assets, etc.)
  • 1inch Network
  • 88mph
  • Tracer DAO (Decentralized Derivatives Protocol)
  • Hashflow
  • Alchemix
  • Vovo Finance (structured product protocol, previously live on Arbitrum)
  • OlympusDAO


Since zkSync 1.0 is not EVM compatible, the only NFT functionality currently available is the built-in wallet minting functionality. Other NFT projects, games or marketplaces exploring building on zkSync 2.0 include:

Mint Square (Layer 2 ZK Rollup-based NFT marketplace, previously supported NFT minting on the StarkNet Goerli testnet, and will support zkSync 2.0 in the future)

tofuNFT (a multi-chain NFT marketplace focused on GameFi and collectibles)

OpenStars (P2E space strategy game)


Other ecological projects exploring building on zkSync include Snapshot, Aragon which allows anyone to create and manage decentralized organizations, Forward Protocol, and clr.fund, among others.

Forward Protocol adopts an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can interact with even without technical knowledge. The modular design of the protocol allows any organization to choose the right module for their platform and modify it to fit their use case.

clr.fund is a Gnosis Chain-based quadratic financing protocol that efficiently allocates matching funds to public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem, combining quadratic financing, zk-SNARKs, Minimized Anti-Collusion Infrastructure (MACI), and Anti-Collusive Infrastructure. Sybil attack, aiming to democratize and fund public goods.


zkSync has previously confirmed the shift to decentralization and publishing. In the latest update, zkSync stated that the current zkSync is completely run by the zkSync team’s server, which is centralized, and is currently close to breaking even, and of course it will be adjusted from time to time according to Gas fees its costs. However, zkSync will move towards decentralization and currency issuance in the future, and the current priority is to solve the scalability of Ethereum.

When zkSync is fully decentralized, an independent consensus mechanism and two different roles will be introduced. Among them, the verifier needs to stake tokens, and another role is Guardian, that is, a large stakeholder who nominates the verifier by staking its token share. part owner.

Risk warning: Most of the native projects based on zkSync are in the testing stage, and the project team and security audit and other information have not been disclosed too much, so users are reminded to identify risks by themselves.

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