ZKSwap Releases Ethernet’s First Layer2 NFT Protocol, Single User Can Create 65536 NFTs for Free

The ZKSwap team has completed the design of the Layer 2 network-based NFT protocol and started to deploy it on top of the Ethernet test network.

ZKSwap Releases Ethernet's First Layer2 NFT Protocol, Single User Can Create 65536 NFTs for Free

With the development of the blockchain industry and the prosperity of digital assets, the NFT field has also made great development in 2021, and various NFT platforms have been established one after another, but most of the NFT platforms are still based on the Ethernet network, but due to the expensive Gas cost and limited processing capacity of the Ethernet network, the creation of a single NFT requires tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars of Gas at every turn. This has greatly restricted the development of the NFT field. As a pioneer in Layer2, ZKSwap has launched the first NFT protocol for Ethernet Layer 2 network, which supports users to create and transfer NFTs on Ethernet Layer 2 network for free, and to withdraw NFTs to Ethernet Layer 1 network.

According to the current design specification, the layer2 protocol supports access to other NFT platforms and supports users to issue and transfer NFTs on ZKSwap’s layer2 network, as well as purchase NFTs on the layer2 network, and support Users can withdraw NFTs to the Layer 1 network of Ethernet to ensure the consistency of Layer2 NFTs and Layer1 NFTs.

With the release of ZKSwap V2 in June, the V2 version will support users to upload unlimited coins on layer2 on their own, and will support all ERC20 free real-time transfers and exchanges. The ZKSwap team expects to officially launch the NFT protocol of this layer 2 network on the main ethereum network in July, when ZKSwap will support the DEX function of AMM and the NFT issue transfer transaction function based on atomic operation, and both the DEX function and the NFT function are 0 Gas fee, and all NFT transfers are also 0 Gas and real-time. The Layer2 protocol is an open protocol, and other NFT platforms already online can access the Layer2 protocol at any time, so that their users can create and publish NFTs at 0 cost, without being limited by Ether’s Gas and capacity restrictions. The details of the protocol are as follows.

● Users can create and issue NFTs on ZKSwap L2, with a cap of 65,536 NFTs per L2 account.

● NFTs can be interoperable between L1 and L2, and users can top up NFTs from L1 to L2 and withdraw them from L2 to L1.

● Users can make transfers to NFTs on ZKSwap L2.

● users can purchase NFTs on ZKSwap L2 (NFT Token + Token transfer, atomic operation)

● NFT on ZKSwap platform will co-exist with AMM functionality.

● Support other Ethernet-based NFT platforms to access this Layer2 protocol.

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