Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don’t play

Only the big injustice Xiaolan drank this jar of bitter wine

In last week’s Wonderful Metaverse Awards, Xiaolan slightly complained about the just-launched Metaverse mobile game “The Brewmaster”, but after that, I couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Because Xiao Lan didn’t experience it in person at that time, it always felt a little sloppy to one-sidedly criticize the game based on some screenshots.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ The photos are for reference only, please refer to the actual product © official website

So under the urging of inner morality, Xiao Lan decided to summon the courage to download the official version of “The Brewmaster”. After some experience, I decided to apologize for my recklessness:

I shouldn’t have downloaded this game on impulse.

Messy gaming experience

A good experience starts with downloading the installation package: this game successfully aroused my interest with an installation package of more than 300M. After all, compared with the installation package of about 500M in Baidu Xirong, this is not small.

By analogy, “The Brewmaster” should also be able to achieve 60% of Xiyang’s experience – this is actually not an excessive requirement, otherwise why would you be embarrassed to say that you are a Metaverse?

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ Deformed opening image © screenshot

But at the moment of opening the game interface, Xiaolan vaguely felt uneasy: this opening picture obviously did not adapt to different mobile phone screen sizes, and the deformed appearance looked like the world seen after drinking fake wine.

Although I don’t know why this company is eager to collect personal information before logging in, Xiaolan still fills in it out of trust in A-share listed companies.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ Xiaolan’s personal information was sold like this © screenshot

After that, there is the QQ show clothing matching link that everyone loves to see, but the matching provided at present is too boring, and the mere selection of clothes seems to warn me: just make a wine, and the whole thing is bells and whistles.

But how could the rebellious little blue compromise easily? I just want to be the most beautiful boy in the entire winery.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ Brewing stage, come if you have feet © screenshot

But obviously the system doesn’t want me to create a new era of fashion, and the whole set of carefully matched outfits can’t be saved. When returning to the previous interface, it will always return to the default look-this is also the first obvious thing that Xiaolan encountered. bug. After ignoring this innocuous bug, we come to the part of choosing a position. The different brewing positions provided by the game have their own bonuses.

As a lover of sauerkraut in the old altar, Xiaolan chose to be a big man who stepped on the song without hesitation.

After laying the groundwork for so long, Xiaolan who entered the main interface finally felt the Metaverse atmosphere of this game, and an unprecedented sense of openness came to his face.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ Can you give me this 300M installation package? © screenshot

The colorful buttons are all over the screen, but there is no guidance. Facing the map that cannot be rotated and can only be drawn horizontally, Xiaolan has no idea where to start. There is only one question in his mind: I am a brewer, where do I come from? What to do?

So Xiaolan can only click the above icons one by one to explore openly, but the winery’s network is not very good, and this prompt always pops up:

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ Xiaolan means emotional stability © screenshot

The funniest thing is that it doesn’t matter if the network is disconnected frequently, what does it mean for me to log in again after each disconnection? Xiaolan posted the received verification code text message, so that everyone can appreciate the frequency of flashbacks.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ Doesn’t this delay me from get off work? © screenshot

At this point, Xiaolan has almost lost the desire to continue exploring: not to mention the rough pages of a small workshop to make money, this game even has poor basic optimization, and it can be said that there is no game experience.

After re-login again and again, Xiaolan’s low blood pressure for many years was successfully cured.

It’s just that Xiaolan is not reconciled, and is unwilling to easily believe that this game, which began to warm up in September last year, once made Zhongqingbao ‘s stock price soar by 120% in 5 days, is actually a piece of shit.

If you don’t love, you won’t be hurt

With a responsible attitude towards readers, Xiao Lan, who wanted to struggle to the death, decided to finally try to find clues about the Metaverse in “The Brewmaster”.

After carefully clicking the “Rare Yuan” button in the upper left corner with a Metaverse style, Xiao Lan came to the digital collection interface: as expected, there are surprises waiting for me.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️© screenshot

If many digital collections still know how to re-create the items a little, then the digital collection space of “The Brewmaster” really doesn’t have a face: just paste the photo of the wine bottle and call it a digital collection, and the price is 99. Xiaolan Really can’t think of any big injustice to buy.

However, the slap in the face always came too fast, and Xiaolan found that there were several models that were still sold. It is reasonable to suspect that the internal staff accidentally shook their hands or the system background modified the data to save their respect.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ How dare you buy 9999 copies? © screenshot

Of course, the real purpose of setting up such a pitted digital collection may be to let everyone buy physical wine: the game has set up a store page for everyone to buy physical wine, and rounding it up is the Metaverse empowering the real economy.

Having said that, the ultimate goal of various tasks and operations in this game is to save enough points to exchange physical wine, but it will take a long time to achieve this under the current game mechanism.

To put it simply, if you follow the default speed of the game to upgrade the task, you will not be able to exchange physical wine in your lifetime. However, you can choose to increase the speed, and the method is very simple – charging money. But thinking about it this way, why not just buy it instead of paying for the task and changing the wine?

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ Appreciate enough 6 yuan, I will recharge, and then I will share wine for everyone © screenshot

If anyone from Zhongqingbao reads this article, they will probably laugh when they see it: Why do you think it is so difficult for me to exchange physical wine?

In the final analysis, this is not a game, and it has nothing to do with the Metaverse. It is just an e-commerce app with a 300M installation package that can only be used to buy wine.

But it is such an e-commerce app that has been hyped up for nearly a year, provoking the nerves of the capital market time and time again. It’s just that the same trick is repeated many times, and it will always lose its effect. The changes in the stock price of Zhongqingbao over the past year have already explained the problem:

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️© screenshot

So, why did Zhongqingbao come up with such a semi-finished e-commerce app with no experience?Xiaolan found some clues from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s statement:

On May 12, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued an inquiry letter to Zhongqingbao, requesting the company to explain in detail the specific content of the wine-extracting function of “Beverage Master”, whether there are restrictions on production capacity or transportation scale, and whether there are violations of relevant laws and regulations, industry policies and regulations. situation.

After all, it has been building momentum for a long time, but the official product has not been launched for a long time, but it is only in small-scale testing. It is difficult not to make people suspect that Zhongqingbao is suspected of hype.

Under the pressure, Zhongqingbao can only hurriedly launch this semi-finished product: I don’t know if the wine is good wine, but this game does seem to be made after drinking fake wine.

Market feedback will not lie

The market is obviously more sensitive and cruel than Xiaolan. On April 29, Zhongqingbao announced its first quarter performance report for 2022. The report shows:

In the first quarter, the company realized an operating income of 69.6056 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12.86%, a net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 4.3437 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 42.06%, and a net profit of 494,200 yuan attributable to shareholders of the listed company after deducting non-recurring gains and losses , down 91.59% year-on-year, and basic earnings per share were 0.02 yuan.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ What a big tone © screenshot

Yes, Zhongqingbao, which considers itself the world’s leading digital entertainment company, only had a net profit of several million in the first quarter, and the profit generated by the main business game was less than 500,000 yuan.

how to say? Xiaolan can only wish Zhongqingbao to lead the world as soon as possible.

But when the concept of the Metaverse was just thrown out at that time, the total market value of Zhongqingbao increased by nearly 9 billion yuan. From September 6 to December 10, 2021, the range of Zhongqingbao’s share price has even increased by nearly 300%.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ The wine in the store is fancy © screenshot

It can be said that Zhongqingbao rubbed a wave of dividends from the concept of the Metaverse at that time, and the three words of the Metaverse have solidly raised the share price of Zhongqingbao.

It’s only been nearly a year that, in the face of this concept that once brought fame and fortune to itself, Zhongqingbao finally threw out “The Brewmaster”, a cyber rubbish that has nothing to do with the Metaverse.

On today’s closing day, the market value of Zhongqingbao has shrunk to 5.615 billion. Xiaolan wanted to know whether the company’s decision-makers still remember the rhetoric in the annual report ten years ago:

The company has an annual revenue of 1 billion yuan, a profit of 1 billion yuan, and a market value of 100 billion yuan.

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ Zhongqingbao’s Metaverse Cake © official website screenshot

With a gorgeous concept, the actual product has constant bugs, until it eventually becomes a laughing stock. This is not only the game of “Brewer Master”, but also a portrayal of such companies.

Xiaolan suddenly recalled the game slogan in the opening screen of “The Brewmaster”: It is not wine that is brewed, but life. This sentence is indeed true. Who will not be fooled by a flower fist and embroidered legs once in their life?

Zhongqingbao Brewmaster, a Metaverse game that dogs don't play

📸️ It’s not wine, it’s water in my brain © Mobile Screenshot

This is not the first game that Xiaolan has experienced with the title of the Metaverse, nor is it the first product that Xiaolan has experienced with the title of the Metaverse, but all the experiences have proved one thing: Xiaolan I’m a born villain.

But it’s not a shame to rub against the concept of the Metaverse, and it’s not just the Zhongqingbao family who rubbed against it – after all, it’s shameful to be ST.

But in the end, Xiao Lan wanted to ask these companies, in their opinion, what is the Metaverse: an immersive virtual world? Is it the next-generation Internet that will change human society?

Maybe not at all, it’s just a traffic password, the three words in the Metaverse are dirty, and the next one is.

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