Zhongke Shenzhi” completed B round of financing, using AI image data-driven technology to create a meta-universe content production center

Beijing Zhongke Shenzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongke Shenzhi”) recently announced that it has completed the B round of tens of millions of US dollars financing led by Morning Hill Capital, and the old shareholder MYEG Capital of Malaysia continues to follow suit. Zhaoyu Capital continued to act as the exclusive financial advisor for this round. Cheng Weizhong, founder and CEO of Zhongke Shenzhi, said that this round of financing funds will be used for core technology iteration, product development and 3D asset library construction.

Founded in April 2016, Zhongke Shenzhi is a technology-based company with AI+XR image content production technology as its core. The founder of the company, Cheng Weizhong, studied at the University of Science and Technology of China and Fudan University successively. He is a serial entrepreneur. Has extensive management experience. At present, Zhongke Shenzhi has completed the multi-modal motion drive engine, including motion capture sensor drive, AI script drive, voice drive, camera drive, etc., and is advancing the construction of the real-time animation image of the meta universe to provide customers with more comprehensive Virtual reality interactive capabilities.

Industries such as virtual idols, virtual anchors, and animation IP incubation have achieved rapid development in recent years. They can generate huge commercial value through the form of goods and virtual concerts. At the same time, the warming up of the meta-universe concept has also caused the virtual digital human market to continue to receive attention.

The second quarterly report of Station B shows that virtual anchors have become the fastest growing category of live broadcasts at Station B. At the same time, the data platform “vtbs.moe” estimates that the subscription and rewards of virtual idols on station B increased by 350% year-on-year last year.

Cheng Weizhong believes that the rise of virtual idols and virtual anchors is only part of the commercialization of virtual digital people. With the development of infrastructure and technical engines, virtual digital people will usher in more abundant application scenarios. Zhongke Shenzhi is using AI technology, motion capture algorithm and real-time rendering engine to build a real-time animation image center “MotionVerse” covering the form of pan-content, and create a content production system for a variety of business scenarios.

Zhongke Shenzhi has completed the application of standardized products in the field of e-commerce virtual anchors, and the focus of its business layout will be upgraded to the “customized solution + standard product” SAAS model provided by the real-time animation image center, which mainly includes four aspects.

Fast animation production. Zhongke Shenzhi believes that in addition to “big productions” such as animated films, the animation production process of subways, elevator advertisements, and promotional films requires creators to quickly turn ideas into films, especially using data-driven and real-time animation technology to make the entire production process Digitization and automation require brand-new content production process software. For fast animation content production, Zhongke Shenzhi provides users with fast animation full-process applications, and provides a large number of original copyright materials. In this business area, Zhongke Shenzhi has reached cooperation with Internet giants such as Tencent .

Motion capture and mixed reality imaging. Zhongke Shenzhi’s “Chuangmengda”, “Chuangmeng Plus” and “DeepArt” products can solve single-person multi-purpose and multi-person large space real-time animation and LED screen mixed shooting, mainly for customers with certain professional requirements.

“Chuang Mengda” and “Chuang Mengjia” adopt scanning optical motion capture technology and IK motion capture algorithm, which have higher motion capture accuracy than camera motion capture, and there is no fixed optical motion capture system that is too complicated for positioning components , Can achieve high-quality real-time interactive effects between virtual humans and the scene. It has been widely used in live e-sports, CJ, cultural and entertainment exhibitions and other on-site activities; and “DeepArt” is a new generation of LED screen hybrid shooting and real-time animation technology. The virtual production system is mainly for small and medium-sized image studios. It is used to shoot more realistic mixed reality effects, and is suitable for online conferences, virtual live broadcast rooms and film and television shooting.

Virtual live broadcast. Live streaming is a hot field in the virtual human market in recent years. In the last year, Zhongke Shenzhi successively launched products such as “Chuangmengyi Autobroadcast” and “Yunxiaoqi”, which can realize all-day AI live broadcast on multiple e-commerce platforms.

Large space positioning system. In September of this year, Zhongke Shenzhi and HTC VIVE launched a multi-locator large-space positioning system LightingVerse. LightingVerse is an independent, LightHouse-based indoor large-space optical positioning system, which can provide a cost-effective large-space positioning tracking system for VR simulation training and VR entertainment experience. Based on this system, a motion capture system can be developed, which can be real-time for digital people. The drive provides precise and stable motion capture.

Zhongke Shenzhi" completed B round of financing, using AI image data-driven technology to create a meta-universe content production center

LightingVerse spatial positioning system

Cheng Weizhong said that the LightingVerse system is directly related to the meta universe. Teams engaged in offline XR technology often face the problem of accumulated errors in large-space positioning, and this error and decrease in accuracy will become more serious as the number of objects to be located increases and the time the system is used increases. The LightingVerse system can support multiple base station networking solutions while ensuring sub-millimeter-level high-precision positioning, with a positioning area of ​​up to 1,000 square meters.

At present, there are many companies engaged in live production of virtual humans in China. From the perspective of market conditions, most virtual human production companies still regard live production of goods as their main business direction. At the same time, most virtual animation production companies have a relatively simple technical structure, and generally only use camera motion capture technology, so they can only open the live streaming market at a cost-effective price.

Zhongke Shenzhi believes that it is more important to provide real-time animated images to the market to meet the needs of users at different levels. Through multi-modal data-driven technical architecture, motion capture hardware equipment, algorithms and application software, Zhongke Shenzhi real-time animation image center can complete different types of data processing, image content generation, and present the final results on different output terminals. Virtual image.

Cheng Weizhong said that whether it is camera motion capture, AI voice, and script-driven, they can only be applied to a certain scenario. It is less difficult to choose a single field to develop products, but it cannot adapt to the future development of virtual humans and the meta-universe content industry.

Zhongke Shenzhi mainly relies on real-time animation system sales expenses and annual product usage fees to make profits. At present, it has served more than 2,000 corporate customers with an annual profit scale of tens of millions of yuan. In terms of personnel, Zhongke Shenzhi currently has more than 120 employees and is still expanding rapidly.

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