Yunnan plans to build more than 10 industry-level big data centers

How will our province grasp the development trend of big data centers and support the construction of “digital Yunnan”?

The answer lies in the “Special Plan for the Development of Big Data Centers in Yunnan Province (2021-2025) (Draft for Soliciting Comments)” (hereinafter referred to as “Draft for Soliciting Comments”) recently released by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Yunnan Province.

The “Draft for Comments” proposes that by 2025, an integrated development pattern of big data centers with scientific layout, green and low-carbon, industrial agglomeration, and standardized development will be basically formed, and a cluster of data centers in central Yunnan and more than 10 industry-level big data centers will be built. The carrying capacity of the data center in Yunnan Province has reached more than 100,000 standard racks.

Build a data center cluster in Central Yunnan

The “Draft for Comments” proposes that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, our province will realize the creation of a “green energy brand” through the formation of the overall layout of “gathering in central Yunnan, breakthrough in western Yunnan, and global coordination”, and the application of big data will flourish. Data element dividends are fully released to fully support the construction of “Digital Yunnan” and promote the high-quality economic development of our province.

Focus on “Gathering in Central Yunnan”. To seize the opportunity of “Eastern Data and Western Computing”, focus on undertaking non-real-time computing power demand spillovers such as back-office processing, offline analysis, storage and backup in the eastern region, and localized high-frequency real-time interactive business needs, and support Kunming, Yuxi, Qujing and other prefectures ( City) strive to build a Yunnan-Dianzhong data center cluster with high-speed interconnection, data circulation, and complementary advantages, forming a multi-level layout of “two places and three centers” with Kunming as the core node, Yuxi as the active node, and Baoshan as the remote disaster recovery. Support the deployment of large or very large data centers, intelligent computing centers, blockchain computing power centers and other new data centers that provide high-quality services across the country , and support the industrial upgrading, urban development and technological innovation of the province. Regarding Kunming and Dianzhong New Area as the main battlefields of the province’s information industry, the main layout of the national multilingual technology research and development and industrialization base, focusing on the development of multilingual digital technology, credit industry, semiconductor materials, semiconductor display, blockchain, etc.

Facing the “Breakthrough in Western Yunnan”. Support Dali, Lijiang, Pu’er, Baoshan and other prefectures (cities) to build big data centers with flexible resource allocation, advanced and sufficient computing power, build a breakthrough development zone for big data centers around West Yunnan, actively undertake data center business across the province, and vigorously explore South Asia The export-oriented data center business in Southeast Asia promotes deep integration with the central Yunnan data center cluster, and collaboratively develops flexible, safe and reliable services such as active-active, hot standby, cold standby, and remote disaster recovery. Relying on existing and introduced key industry enterprises, supporting the development of upstream and downstream industries of data centers, focusing on building silicon electronics industry clusters and smart terminal industry clusters.

Focus on “global collaboration”. Combining the actual development of characteristic and advantageous industries and key industries, actively explore the construction of characteristic industry-level big data centers such as tourism, non-ferrous metals, and cross-border, to meet the computing power service needs of key industries, and create a national leading industry-level application benchmark. Promote regional data collection, aggregation, and circulation, deepen the creation of a data supply chain, and create a development system with Yunnan characteristics.

Build an inclusive and happy digital life for residents

The “Draft for Solicitation of Comments” proposes to create characteristic applications for data centers.

In the agricultural field, promote the construction of big data in planting, breeding, circulation, storage, sales and traceability of the entire industry chain.

In the industrial field, the Yunnan Industrial Internet Big Data Center will be built to connect with the National Industrial Internet Big Data Center. Encourage advantageous industries in our province, such as tobacco, non-ferrous metals, and green energy, to strive to build a national industrial Internet big data center industry-level sub-center.

In advancing the service industry, speed up the construction of a data center application support system in the service industry, and strengthen the construction of data centers in the life service industry such as tourism and culture with the empowerment of the world-class “healthy life destination card” as an important application scenario, and strengthen computing power The application of services in the fields of commercial precision marketing, user behavior analysis, industry supervision, etc., feeds back and boosts the development of the industry. To build the Yunnan Cultural Big Data Center, build a Chinese cultural heritage specimen library, ethnic cultural gene library, and cultural material library, and digitally collect, store and display various cultural relics, ancient books, audio and video, and publications in accordance with national unified technical standards; It is necessary to build a financial big data center in Yunnan to build a digital financial service real economy ecosystem; to build a big logistics data center in Yunnan to help Yunnan enterprises further expand the domestic market and continuously improve comprehensive foreign trade services.

In terms of promoting the application of big data centers in key industries, our province will strengthen the application of data centers in the field of government affairs, and build an integrated and intensive infrastructure platform for the province’s “digital government”. Focusing on key livelihood areas such as smart cities, transportation, medical care, education, etc., improve data center infrastructure construction, carry out smart city and smart livelihood big data innovation applications, develop big data value-added services, and promote the construction of inclusive and happy digital life.

Promote the integrated development of “blockchain + data center”

The “Draft for Comments” pointed out that the goal should be achieved by pursuing the downstream big data service industry, expanding the upstream IT equipment manufacturing industry, cultivating the big data credit and innovation ecological chain, and promoting the coordinated development of related industries.

Be a refined downstream big data service industry. Give full play to the agglomeration role of data centers, vigorously cultivate and introduce data-based processing service companies such as data cleaning, labeling, and mining, strengthen the supply of data processing services such as data cleaning, data labeling, and promote the agglomeration and development of data-based processing industries.

Enlarge the upstream IT equipment manufacturing industry. Accelerate the attraction of data center-oriented IT equipment manufacturing, parts and raw material manufacturing enterprises to gather, cultivate the big data center hardware equipment manufacturing industry, and improve the complete machine manufacturing and parts and components local industrial chain supporting capabilities. Actively introduce leading domestic hardware manufacturing companies, accelerate the R&D and production of domestically-produced servers, storage equipment, refrigeration and power distribution and other hardware, and form a whole industry chain system including complete machine and parts manufacturing, certification testing, and operation and maintenance services.

Cultivate the big data credit and innovation ecological chain. Relying on the Yunnan Digital Economy Development Zone and Yunnan Xinchuang (Dali) Industrial Park, etc., accelerate the research and development, production, sales and service of Xinchuang’s software and hardware products in the big data field. Through Xinchuang’s replacement, the demand for upgrading and transformation of big data centers is continuously stimulated, and the advanced nature of the province’s big data centers is improved in terms of “independent controllability, safety and reliability.”

Promote the coordinated development of related industries. Promote the integrated development of “blockchain + data center”, promote the in-depth application of blockchain technology in data sharing and openness, data assetization, data security and other fields, and explore the application of blockchain technology in big data centers in agricultural products, biomedicine and other industries. Application to realize the traceability and non-tampering of industry data.

development Goals

By 2025, the carrying capacity of data centers in the province will reach more than 100,000 standard racks, and the average utilization rate of medium-sized and above data centers will strive to increase to more than 65%.

Build more than 10 industry-level big data centers.

Basically realize the overall layout of “central Yunnan, breakthroughs in western Yunnan, and global coordination”, and build a new integrated computing power system for the province’s big data centers.


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