Yuanmingyuan Twelve Animal Heads Blockchain Digital Copyright Limited Works Officially Authorized for Global Premiere

Cultural relics are not only a symbol of a nation, but also a precious cultural heritage. Behind every cultural relic there is a history worth pondering and savoring, and it has extremely high research value and aesthetic value.

The twelve animal heads are part of the fountain outside the Haiyan Hall of the Yuanmingyuan Garden. They carry our national identity and sense of belonging, and are very meaningful to us. The pinnacle of ancient Chinese gardening art is the Yuanmingyuan. The lost bronze statues of the Chinese zodiac have an extraordinary origin. The 12 different zodiacs represent the 24 hours of the day. At different times, each bronze statue takes turns spraying water, which is not only exquisite in craftsmanship , and integrates traditional Chinese aesthetic tastes and Western plastic arts.


It is jointly authorized and supervised by the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center directly under the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and Shenzhen Illustration Association, issued by Guangzhou Business Card Culture, and the copyright service platform “Zhixin Chain”, which is supported by the National Copyright Innovation and Development Base (Sichuan Tianfu New District). The blockchain copyright service infrastructure “New Edition Chain” and Fanxing Chaoyue jointly released the “Limited Digital Copyright Works of the Twelve Animal Heads of the Yuanmingyuan”, and from March 15th, the digital auctions will be held in Ali, the world’s largest online auction market. The national first shot of the copyright channel has been previewed from now on.


This series of digital copyright works was created by Shenzhen Juyou Cultural Industry for the second time. With the theme of “traveling through time and space, gathering online”, around the precious cultural relics of twelve animal heads, it will take you into the magnificent and exquisite “Wenyuan Garden” two hundred years ago. Yuanmingyuan.


The “Limited Digital Copyright Works of the Twelve Beasts of Yuanmingyuan” released this time is rare, unique and highly collectible. The works are authenticated and confirmed on the blockchain copyright service platform “Zhixin Chain”, and the unique digital copyright asset certificate is generated by the blockchain copyright infrastructure service facility “New Edition Chain”.


“Let the collected cultural relics, the displayed heritage, and the written text come alive.” May the “National Treasure Return, Return National Treasure” convey the great national spirit of the Chinese nation on the chain, so that the historical and artistic value of cultural relics can be reflected in the power of new technology , continuous inheritance.

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