Yu Jianing: The “Policy Dividend Period” of Blockchain Development is Coming

The issuance of the “Guiding Opinions” means that the top-level design of blockchain industry development has been basically completed, and the development goal of blockchain industry in the next 10 years has been clearly defined.

On June 7, the Guidance Opinions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Central Committee Office of Network Security and Informatization on Accelerating the Application and Industrial Development of Blockchain Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Guidance Opinions) was officially released to the public.

The Guidance firstly defines blockchain and clarifies the development goal of China’s blockchain industry: by 2025, cultivate 3~5 internationally competitive backbone enterprises and a number of innovative leading enterprises, and build 3~5 blockchain industry development clusters. At the same time, it will cultivate a number of blockchain famous products, enterprises and parks, build open source ecology, insist on making up short boards and forging long boards at the same time, and accelerate the building of a complete blockchain industry chain.

What are the highlights of the Guidance, what impact it will bring and what direction practitioners in the blockchain industry can work on, for which the Blockchain Daily reporter interviewed Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the Blockchain Special Committee of China Communications Industry Association.

Blockchain Daily: This afternoon, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Central Network Information Office released the guiding opinions on accelerating the application and industrial development of blockchain technology, what will be the impact on the blockchain industry?

Yu Jianing: The Guidance on Accelerating the Promotion of Blockchain Technology Application and Industrial Development released this time clearly points out that in terms of safeguards, it is necessary to actively promote application pilots, increase policy support, guide localities to accelerate exploration, build public service systems, strengthen industrial talent training and deepen international exchange and cooperation.

The introduction of the Guiding Opinions means that the top-level design of the country for the development of blockchain industry has been basically completed, and the development goal of blockchain industry in the next 10 years has been clearly defined, which has important guiding significance for the overall development of blockchain industry and further leads the blockchain industry to take the road of high-quality development. It indicates that the “policy bonus period” of blockchain development is coming. In the future, under the promotion of central and local policies, blockchain-related innovation resources will be rapidly gathered, and blockchain will usher in a new wave of application “landing tide”. In details, the future blockchain underlying platform, products and service enterprises will be supported by policies, and industry talents will be trained faster to promote the formation and growth of advantageous industries.

Blockchain is essentially a four-in-one innovation, and is also the “mother” of more industrial innovations in the future. Promoting industrial development through industrial policies is an important experience of economic development in Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Through the improvement of policies to promote the high-quality development of blockchain industry, improve the industrial system and market system, and promote integrated innovation and integration applications, China can take the innovation high ground and gain new industrial advantages in the emerging field of blockchain.

At present, China’s blockchain technology continues to innovate and the blockchain industry has taken initial shape. With policy support and promotion, the future blockchain technology application is expected to enter the new stage of “Industrial Blockchain 2.0”. The application of industry blockchain + asset blockchain + data blockchain + technology fusion and digital RMB will gradually deepen to the ground, driving China’s digital economy and real economy to further deepen their integration and contribute to the high-quality development of the economy at the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Blockchain Daily: What are the highlights you found in it that are worthy of your attention?
Yu Jianing: The Guiding Opinions point out that the key tasks of the future blockchain industry include empowering the real economy, improving public services, consolidating the industrial foundation, building a modern industrial chain, and promoting integrated development. This has specified that the value of blockchain will be revealed in the process of empowering the real economy, transforming industry logic and promoting industrial upgrading. In order to develop in the future, China’s blockchain enterprises must think about how to provide data transformation, intelligent upgrading and integration and innovation services for other industries.

In details, this Guidance should coordinate policy, market, capital and other resources to cultivate a number of internationally competitive blockchain “famous enterprises” and play a demonstration and leading role. At the same time, it encourages deep plowing in niche areas, taking the path of specialized development and creating a number of unicorn enterprises. Guide large enterprises to open up their resources, provide infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises, and build an industrial ecology of multi-party collaboration and mutual benefit. Thus deeply build a modern industrial chain. And encourage localities to combine resource endowments, highlight regional characteristics and advantages, build blockchain development pioneer areas in accordance with the “regulatory sandbox” concept, and create blockchain “famous parks”. In other words, there will be certain policy incentives and support for the development of blockchain that meets the standards in the future, which will be beneficial to the development of blockchain technology innovation.

Blockchain is a “hydrogen bomb level” weapon in the business world, but any technical or financial innovation that cannot serve the real economy has very limited value. The value and power of blockchain technology can only be revealed if it can be deeply integrated with the industries of the real economy, effectively serve the main line of supply-side structural reform, and promote the formation of a virtuous cycle between finance and the real economy.

Blockchain Daily: What are the directions that practitioners in the blockchain industry can work on?
Yu Jianing: For enterprises, the network layer, data layer, common protocol layer and application layer are all directions that can be considered. As for individuals, engineering technology engaged in blockchain architecture design, underlying technology, system application, system testing, system deployment, operation and maintenance, etc., and application operation in government, finance, medical, education, pension and other scenarios using blockchain technology and tools are the focus of market demand.

From the perspective of future development, the demand for professional talents combining technology, finance, law and industry in all aspects of blockchain industry will be increasing. Blockchain involves many knowledge fields such as IT, communication, cryptography, economics, organizational behavior, etc. It requires a set of highly complex knowledge system, and professional blockchain talents play a decisive role in the innovation and development of blockchain industry.

However, the growth of blockchain talents still faces three main bottlenecks: First, a large number of practitioners in Internet, finance and other industries wish to switch to the blockchain field, but they lack professional knowledge reserve and training experience, resulting in no systematic cognition, and their knowledge is fragmented and one-sided, which is not enough to match the high-standard job requirements of blockchain; second, the level of integration of industry and education is relatively low, and there is a disconnect between the actual knowledge structure of university students and the job requirements of blockchain. There is a disconnect between the actual knowledge structure of college students and the job requirements of the industry, and they do not know about the cutting-edge cases and tools, so they must learn twice to enter the blockchain industry, and the practical training teaching needs to be carried out urgently.

At present, there is a serious shortage of blockchain talents, especially the compound talents of “blockchain + industry”, and they continue to face the situation that the supply exceeds the demand. To become a blockchain talent, the most crucial thing is to upgrade your thinking and master “blockchain thinking”. This is a complex thinking system that integrates Internet thinking, financial thinking, community thinking and industrial thinking.

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