You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don’t hurry up and learn from her

How many steps does it take to put Internet celebrities into the Metaverse?

During the year when the Metaverse emerged, one could always hear news that a certain star bought a piece of land in the Metaverse, a certain star purchased a certain well-known NFT, or that a certain star performed in the Metaverse.

Every superposition of star effects makes the Metaverse louder – but is that all the stars can do in the Metaverse?

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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What can I do after buying a virtual land? After purchasing NFT, is it just used as an avatar? The exploration of the original Internet celebrity Paris Hilton in the Metaverse may provide us with different answers.

Hourly NFT to play

Paris Hilton, as the name suggests, is inextricably linked to the Hilton Hotel Group, and it is.

Born on February 17, 1981 in Hilton, New York, USA, he is a well-known American actor, model, and one of the heirs of the Hilton Group.

She was signed into a modeling agency at the age of 19, and was named a “New York Girl Trend Indicator” the following year, opening the road to fame—the model agency’s boss is the former Internet celebrity Donald Trump

Net red one-stop belongs to yes

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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Since then, Hilton has frequently appeared in various programs and shows, and finally became the first generation of Internet celebrities through various hype and packaging – this undoubtedly reflects its ability to accurately grasp the pulse of various media.

While Hilton has long been known as a hotel heiress and socialite, today she is a well-known NFT influencer and Web3 investor.

As early as 2019, when the term NFT was far from being in the public eye, Hilton had released her first NFT and sold it to charity in March 2020, a move that helped her in that year. Won the Best Charitable NFT at the NFT Awards.

In April of last year, Hilton teamed up with designer Blake Kathryn to launch NFT: her 1/1 Iconic Crypto Queen artwork — including an animated self-portrait of Hilton with a pink cloud in the background, eventually sold for 1,111 ETH.

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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In addition, Hilton has also established a special NFT website of its own, which Xiaolan accidentally discovered in the process of collecting data, and it can be regarded as an insight into what a banknote capability is.

In January of this year, Hilton also surprised the audience on The Jimmy Fallon Show, of course not referring to the pictures of NFTs she was going to buy, but announcing on the show that she would give away her handcrafted NFTs to Fallon and attendees of the show. all.

Fallon happily stated that the show had the first NFT giveaway in history to be broadcast on TV.

Hilton also said that he found that the explosion of NFTs in the past few months was very exciting, and now he is not only optimistic about NFTs, but also has a deep understanding of the potential applications of this technology.

Hilton believes that NFT is the future of the creator economy, by using blockchain technology to help creators increase the value of their works and share them with fans in real time.

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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In addition to the NFT space, Hilton has also been investing in Web3 startups. She joined Origin Protocol as an advisor and investor and launched a series of autobiographical NFTs titled “Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings” on the Origin Story marketplace.

She also participated in Afterparty’s $4 million unsolicited funding round, while her media company 11:11 Media participated in a $6 million seed round for Web3 entertainment company Mad Realities.

In May, 11:11 Media funded animation startup Immi’s Metaverse and NFT push.

All of this reflects Hilton’s keen sense of technology and trends, but after entering the NFT, she did not stop, but began to actively deploy another area of ​​the Metaverse – virtual space.

I want virtual space too!

If the previously launched personal APP is just a simple attempt to the virtual world, Hilton entered the Metaverse for the first time in October last year.

At Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival, Hilton’s avatar appeared on the DJ booth, playing cool music for those who came — but that obviously didn’t satisfy her Metaverse cravings.

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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Previously, Hilton often referred to herself as the entrepreneur, DJ and OG cryptocurrency queen, but after stepping into the virtual space, Hilton began to call herself the queen of the Metaverse.

Sure enough, the first step to understand web 3.0 is to add various titles to yourself.

More recently, Hilton partnered with The Sandbox to further expand its Metaverse.

The Sandbox has previously collaborated with numerous other influential celebrities, including rapper Snoop Dogg, heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold, electronic musician Richi e Hawtin and Canadian music producer deadmau5.

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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This partnership with Hilton is undoubtedly a win-win: fans can log in to Hilton’s virtual world land at

As a decentralized game virtual world and virtual world, The Sandbox currently has more than 40 million mobile phone installations worldwide.

This collaboration will provide Hilton’s fans and community an opportunity to connect with her in a whole new way, discovering new aspects of her multiple personalities through experiences that bring her universe to life.

Hilton hopes to empower her community through true digital ownership, and plans to plan social and community events in her virtual Malibu mansion, such as rooftop parties and glamorous social experiences.

In these and other experiences, players will see 11 avatars that display the many different personalities of the virtual queen.

Paris World in The Sandbox has already started planning Halloween events in order to provide fans with a unique and unique experience, and Hilton is clearly well-versed in planning virtual events.

Previously, Hilton had been offering an exclusive VR experience on Roblox — a cryptocurrency-compatible online gaming platform.

On Roblox, Hilton debuted her VR community, Paris World, where Hilton hosted its first annual fashion show in February, as well as a neon carnival in collaboration with Levi’s in April.

Visitors to both Paris World events were able to socialize via online avatars and trade digital goods, and Paris World has been visited by 544,000 fans so far.

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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And a similar popularity drain is about to be replicated in The Sandbox, Hilton said in a statement:

I’m very excited to expand Paris World further into the Metaverse. Working with my amazing partner, The Sandbox, my team is dedicated to creating an incredibly authentic experience for my fans.

More details will be announced later, according to a tweet shared by Hilton on Tuesday.

The tweet also used the hashtag #QueenOfTheMetaverse, re-emphasizing her position as the Queen of the Metaverse – and it really grabbed people’s attention.

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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Sebastian Bolger, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox said:

We are delighted to warmly welcome Paris Hilton, Queen of the Metaverse.

The Sandbox provides a creative space where anyone can use their imagination.

And Paris Hilton is forging an enchanting fantasy land filled with virtual parties and various entertainment attractions from her world.

But be careful not to play

Like Hilton, many stars have various layouts in the Metaverse: a star’s higher voice can influence fans’ decision-making, thereby attracting traffic to various Metaverse platforms.

But just like celebrity endorsement products will overturn, whether it is buying NFTs or entering the Metaverse space, celebrities also cannot 100% guarantee that fans who are affected by it and buy these Metaverse “products” will not suffer losses.

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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The US consumer watchdog group Truth Advertising (TINA) recently announced that it has reminded 17 celebrities, including Paris Hilton, of promoting NFTs without proper disclosure.

TINA said it sent letters to celebrities who promoted NFTs on social media, including Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, and DJ Khaled, among others.

The series of NFTs specifically targeted in the letter are Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women and Autograph.

The group said the letters asked stars to inform them that if they had a material connection with an NFT firm, they must explicitly disclose that connection in accordance with the guidance provided by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules.

According to the relevant regulations of the FTC, the celebrity’s connection to the NFT project must be disclosed, because this affects the weight or credibility of the endorsement given by consumers.

Failure to disclose details could lead to many consumers unknowingly falling prey to NFT scams – which seems to be no different at home and abroad.

You can also be an internet celebrity in the Metaverse, so don't hurry up and learn from her

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TINA also emphasized that the most important thing is that celebrities promoting NFTs usually do not help to increase the financial literacy of fans and followers.

After all, some celebrities can take financial risks because of their huge wealth, but many disadvantaged consumers are not suitable for holding such “luxury goods”.

In June, TINA’s legal director sent a letter to the agencies of Justin Bieber and Reese Witherspoon, saying they were both involved in deceptive marketing.

According to the letter, the two have made undisclosed endorsements for NFT collectibles InBetweeners and World of Women, respectively.

This is undoubtedly a warning to stars entering the chaos of the Metaverse. Although it is only aimed at the direction of NFTs, when the Metaverse space and NFTs are increasingly connected, this will undoubtedly become a bigger hidden danger.

When taking on more attention and applause, whether to provide followers with more open and transparent information is probably a problem that the stars of the Metaverse era have to face.

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