YOLOFOX will create a Web3 version of “travel frog”: and support NFT cross-chain

Recently, the Australian publisher Metalistlab announced that it will start the pre-sale of YOLOFOX NFT on May 10 . Based on YOLOFOXNFT, a web3 version of the “travel frog” chain tour will be created.

It is reported that the project will realize the cross-chain NFT between different chains through the innovative NFT “shuttle protocol”, and apply it to games to achieve a more open Metaverse ecology. The Alpha version of the YOLOFOX game will go live after the sale ends.

Metalistlab focuses on the NFT issuance of the world’s top IPs. It has jointly issued NFTs of NARAKA (Eternal Calamity) and AP (Associated Press) with Binance, and the sales are hot.

Shuttle protocol, let NFT ecological value expand infinitely

When everyone is excited about the IP and wealth myths created by BAYC, AZUKI, Moonbirds, have you ever thought about such a question:

Is your NFT overly dependent on the chain it is on, while limiting its wider application in the future?

Or to be more extreme, if the public chain where it is located is eliminated, where should the NFT go?

At present, Metalist lab, a well-known issuer from Australia, is exploring a new path to allow NFT to travel freely between different chains, break its over-reliance on the public chain where it is located, release ecological liquidity, and help NFT projects obtain more PFP. Application scenarios other than properties.

The function is named “NFT Shuttle Protocol”, and its principle is briefly as follows:

“Through the form of bridge, the NFT in Erc721 format on the original base on ETH is directly cross-chain into the NFT in ERC721 on the target chain. This process is bidirectional and can be carried out multiple times. It is compatible with both ERC721 and ERC721A formats. It is guaranteed that NFTs can correspond.”

YOLOFOX will create a Web3 version of "travel frog" and support NFT cross-chain

This means that from now on, you will not only pay attention to the floor price of PFP-type NFTs, you can “shuttle” it to other chain games to play to earn, show yourself and earn profits, and build friendships with other NFT friends through social networking. Even start your career and business in the Metaverse.

“NFT Shuttle Protocol” will be applied in Metalist lab’s first original IP YOLOFOX for the first time. At the same time, other NFTs can also join the YOLOFOX game ecosystem through the “shuttle protocol”.

Imagine, in the YOLOFOX cosmic expedition, meeting friends from many different parallel time and space, their style of painting is completely different from yours, which is really no different from discovering aliens.

Create a Web3 version of “travel frog” GAMEFI

Under the shroud of the epidemic, people experienced panic and closure. Many people still remember what it was like to do nothing at home. We miss the scenery and food from all over the world and look forward to exploring new areas and meeting interesting and diverse people.

Thankfully, we are returning to normal life. But the experience during the epidemic has made us cherish this beautiful world even more. Inspired by this, the YOLOFOX team built a fox-based NFT, and will further create a small game of placement. Players can use NFT to participate in game exploration, and NFT will bring back unknown unknowns to its holders every day. Exploration rewards may be game props and incentives, postcards of world attractions, or NFTs of other projects. The feeling of this unknown surprise is very similar to the small game “Traveling Frog” that once sparked the popularity of the community.

Daily Rewards and Creation Items

In the YOLOFOX world setting, YOLOFOX is an explorer and collector in the universe. In the Alpha version, the fox will get a small room drifting in space, and the layout of the room is sci-fi and warm.

In the room, there are logs, portals and treasure chests. They will take on different functions in the game, and the specific content will be explored by the player.

YOLOFOX will create a Web3 version of "travel frog" and support NFT cross-chain

The Alpha stage is only open to the Holder of YOLOFOX NFT and lasts for about 1 month.

At the same time, all players who fully participate in the Alpha version will get a Genesis Vehicle. The vehicle is very important because it is one of the core props of the future game, and the Genesis Vehicle will have a higher revenue ratio.

Therefore, participating in the Alpha version is currently the only way to obtain rare game items.

YOLOFOX will create a Web3 version of "travel frog" and support NFT cross-chain

At the same time, the Metalist team has gathered many top game talents in the industry, and has successfully cooperated with a number of high-quality IPs, such as the Associated Press, Binance, Eternal Calamity, etc. Currently, Metalist is cooperating with 2 million-level IPs, continuing to expand the Metalist Metaverse scene, and gradually realize the project’s roadmap.

Stage 1: YOLOFOX “Traveling Frog” version is online, you can get Genesis game props by pledging

Phase 2: Exploration and Home System, Open Metaverse Design and Dressing

Phase 3: YOLOFOX game IGO and official launch

YOLOFOX will create a Web3 version of "travel frog" and support NFT cross-chain

Metalist Team Background:

Metalist Lab is a well-known NFT issuer from Australia. The team has gathered many top game talents and encryption talents in the industry, and has successfully cooperated with a number of world-class IPs to issue NFTs, such as The Associated Press, Binance, Eternal Calamity, etc. In the future, Metalist Lab Lab will cooperate with more world-class IPs and continue to expand the Metalist Metaverse scene;

YOLO FOXNFT project:

YOLO fox is Metalist’s first original IP project. It will issue 5,555 YOLO fox on ETH. It aims to convey the life concept of “live only once” and build the YOLO life concept and cultural community of Web3. In the future, YOLOFOX will become the only pass to freely travel through the Metalist game universe, and enjoy the rights and empowerment of the future universe of Metalist.

YOLOFOX will start the pre-sale at 10:00 a.m. UTC on May 10th (6:00 p.m. Beijing time).

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