Yingke changed its name to Ying Universe, can the concept of rubbing the Metaverse really transfer

Seems to be on par with Meta?

In the spring of 2021, the large-scale community interactive game platform Roblox, as the “first share of the Metaverse”, also set off a whirlwind of the concept of the Metaverse. In the following half a year, from Meta, Microsoft, Apple, to Tencent, NetEase, ByteDance, almost all the world’s technology giants focus on this. Of course, not only are these companies in action, but a group of listed companies such as Zhongqingbao and Tom Cat have also begun to gain the popularity of the Metaverse. For a time, this concept can also be called “boiled oil with flowers and fire”.

Yingke changed its name to Ying Universe, can the concept of rubbing the Metaverse really transfer

However, as the stock prices of Meta and Roblox, which represent the concept of the Metaverse, have fallen sharply, the Metaverse seems to be “falling out of favor” and is no longer the focus of outside attention. But even so, there are still Internet manufacturers who are obsessed with it. No, Inke announced on the evening of June 14 that it plans to change its name to Inkeverse Group Limited.

According to the official announcement, the board of directors of the company believes that changing the company name will enable the company to have a more appropriate corporate positioning and image to better reflect the current business development and future direction of the group.

It is understood that the English name of Ying Universe “INKEVERSE” is composed of the English names “INKE” and “VERSE” of Ying Ke. Obviously, after Facebook took the first half of the word “Metaverse”, Inke chose to “take away” the second half, which seems to be on an equal footing with Meta.

In fact, Inke’s move is not so surprising. Earlier on May 16, it had announced the official opening of the Metaverse business layout, hoping to create an immersive Metaverse social scene, allowing users to renew products and functions. Get more joy and experience.

For this strategy, Inke has also launched the Metaverse love app “Love Planet”, “Panorama K Song” to restore the immersive experience of offline KTV, and the 3D image virtual social app “The Place” for the Z generation in Europe and the United States. “. Of course, the “virtual human” Yingke that Internet manufacturers are rushing to launch has not missed it. At the brand upgrade conference renamed “Ying Universe”, its own digital spokesperson “Ying Ying” was also announced.

Yingke changed its name to Ying Universe, can the concept of rubbing the Metaverse really transfer

According to the official statement, the launch of the Couple Planet APP just meets the idea of ​​couples having an exclusive sweet space in the Metaverse. However, if you put aside the concept of “Metaverse”, “Love Planet” is more like a love-themed social APP, and uses “love”, a part of life that most people will inevitably experience, as a selling point. No matter in terms of design or function, it is not much different in essence from the existing “Heartbeat Daily”, “Little Love” and other apps that focus on love and social interaction.

As for the so-called “panoramic K-song” that restores the immersive experience of offline KTV, the design logic is consistent with the Horizon Workroom launched by Meta. It uses AI real-time modeling and face pinching to generate virtual avatars. Users can use This avatar is displayed in the application. If you are a gamer, then this mode should be equivalent to familiarity, isn’t it a karaoke game with a role-playing nature. But the problem is that since the core function of “Panorama K-song” is K-song and the focus is on the performance of sound, can the fancy virtual avatar really help to upgrade the experience?

Yingke changed its name to Ying Universe, can the concept of rubbing the Metaverse really transfer

As for the 3D image virtual social APP “The Place”, it can almost completely compare with Baidu’s “Xi soil”. In fact, the products launched by this batch of manufacturers claiming to be entering the Metaverse often have a common defect, that is, they do not look cool at all, and they fail to make users feel that they are different from products based on existing Internet technology. A world of difference.

The reason is that the virtual world built by the Internet today is built on the large and small screens we face. The so-called “immersion” needs to be obtained with the user’s imagination, so usually everyone can easily Distinguish the difference between virtual and real.

However, the current Metaverse under the mainstream view is depicted as a virtual world that can be seen, touched, and perceivable. , and even the reconstruction of society. This also means that the Metaverse is actually almost a completely different product from the existing Internet. Today’s Internet world is built on computers and smartphones, while the Metaverse needs to rely on AR glasses, VR headsets, and even brain-computer interfaces. , through reality-altering technologies that allow users to blur the boundaries between virtual and reality.

Yingke changed its name to Ying Universe, can the concept of rubbing the Metaverse really transfer

And this is also the reason why Roblox, the “first stock of the Metaverse”, will be looked down upon by the capital market after a year. Investors have found that this business model is almost no different from traditional game manufacturers.And from the current level of hardware development, the Metaverse’s high real-time, high interactivity and high immersion requirements still lack technical support, and the realization of the Metaverse also depends on 3D engine technology, artificial intelligence technology, underlying algorithms, basic A breakthrough in communication networks.

The most embarrassing aspect of most applications of Metaverse concept packaging today is that their design ideas fail to jump out of the framework of “The Sims” twenty years ago. There is a view in the industry that if a real Metaverse product wants to be implemented on a large scale, at least AR glasses or VR headsets must catch up with PCs in popularity, and only when the vast majority of users have related equipment in their hands. Only then can a sufficiently prosperous ecosystem be established. In fact, Meta has been working hard to promote the Quest 2, a cheap VR headset, perhaps for that very purpose.

So, doesn’t Inke know that the products they launch are actually not “Metaverse” at all? Apparently they knew, but they may have had to hitch a ride on the concept of the Metaverse by now.

Although it acquired the interest social APP “Jimu” with about 1 million daily active users for US$85 million, and created the video dating APP “Duiyuan” and the blind date APP “Super Like”, Inke has indeed been subdivided vertically in the social field. The market has achieved certain success, but the live broadcast, which is the backbone of its business, seems to be increasingly lacking in imagination.

On May 7th, the four ministries and commissions jointly issued the “Opinions on Regulating Online Live Rewards and Strengthening the Protection of Minors”. Among them, two new regulations, including canceling the reward list and restricting PK Lianmai during the prime time period, are important to the live broadcast of the show. , almost like a snake hitting seven inches. The cancellation of the reward list will undoubtedly mean that there will be no more stories of “big brother on the list”, and the limitation of Lianmai PK during the prime time period will limit the anchor’s ability to drain traffic.

Although Inke is different from Zhiwen Group, it has been upgraded from a simple live broadcast platform to a state of social product matrix driving performance growth, but the story of its core business show live broadcast has almost been told. Therefore, this may be the reason why Yingke changed its name to Ying Universe.

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