Year-end inventory: Forbes predicts five major trends in the blockchain industry in 2022

2022 is coming soon.

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, we will always see many market forecasts. For 2021, we will see that the haze of the epidemic in 2020 is gradually dissipating, and the economic recovery is getting faster and faster. Blockchain can be regarded as one of the most cutting-edge technologies today, and its future development prospects are very broad. As a distributed encrypted database model, online trust and many security-related issues have blockchain technology. land.

As we all know, the application scope of blockchain technology is by no means limited to the field of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but has a wider range of potential uses, such as digital “smart” contracts, logistics, supply chain security traceability, identity theft prevention, and shared database access permissions Wait. Do you think this is over? Of course not. In fact, there are more applications of blockchain. Analysis shows that by 2022, the scale of enterprise spending on blockchain solutions will reach 11.7 billion US dollars. “Forbes” columnist Bernard Marr has predicted the development trend of the blockchain market next year.

2022 prediction 1: green blockchain initiative emerges

The operation of the blockchain consumes a lot of energy, and at the same time brings higher carbon emissions-this is also Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) decided to suspend accepting Bitcoin to buy electric cars in early 2021 reason. For this reason, in 2022, the encryption industry may attach great importance to the concept of “green blockchain”, and it is expected that there are several major paths leading to a green operation model:

1. Carbon neutrality-Many people think that this is just a way to make up for it, because it does not solve the problem from the source.

2. Switch to a less energy-intensive blockchain consensus mechanism-this usually means that those blockchains that adopt a “proof of work” consensus mechanism begin to turn to a “proof of equity” consensus mechanism, such as the second largest blockchain by market value Ethereum plans to switch to a proof-of-stake model in 2022.

3. Technology hedge fund-Ark Invest CEO “Mu Mujie” Cathy Wood said that the increasing demand for energy will lead to more investment in renewable energy by institutions, and these funds can also be used in other applications and blocks. Chain operations.

2022 prediction 2: NFT expansion beyond the field of online art

In 2021, non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) can definitely be regarded as a rising star in the blockchain field. Beeple’s “The First 5000 Days” and other artworks sold astonishing astronomical numbers, which caused a sensation in the industry and made the public deeply impressed by this unique concept of blockchain digital tokens. Not only that, NFT also firmly occupies a place in the music industry. Music creators including Kings of Leon, Shawn Mendes and Grimes have released songs in NFT format. In addition, there are a large number of application examples of NFT outside the field of art, such as:

1. In the brewing industry-Distillers William Grant and Son, a well-known whiskey brewer, recently sold several bottles of Glenfiddich whiskey NFT, which has been cellared for 46 years. In this way, the source of each bottle of whiskey can be traced back.

2. In the game industry-game NFTs have also begun to shine, such as the pet breeding “play while earning” blockchain game Axie Infinity allows players to “cast” their own NFT pets to compete. At present, the game has gathered Has more than 300,000 players (“Fortnite” has about 3.5 million players).

3. In the fashion industry-Dolce & Gabbana and Nike both launched their own clothing and footwear NFT products.

There is no doubt that the Metaverse concept led by Facebook, Microsoft and Nvidia in 2022 will bring a lot of opportunities for innovative use cases of NFT.

2022 prediction 3: more and more countries begin to use Bitcoin and central bank digital currencies

In 2021, El Salvador became one of the first countries to designate Bitcoin as legal tender, which means that Bitcoin can be used to pay for goods and services throughout the country, and companies in El Salvador can also use Bitcoin To pay employees’ salaries.

Many commentators believe that more countries will follow El Salvador in 2022.

BitMEX CEO Alexander Hoptner (Alexander Hoptner) predicts that due to global inflation and rising international remittance fees by financial intermediaries, at least five developing countries will begin to accept Bitcoin next year.

In addition, we will see another growth area in 2022-central bank digital currency. This is the central bank’s creation of autonomous and controllable digital tokens and is different from the existing decentralized tokens. These digital currencies will operate together with traditional currencies, allowing users to do it themselves without relying on third-party service providers. Transaction and self-custody, while the central bank can better control the circulation supply-anchoring the value of tokens with the value of the country’s traditional currency. It is currently known that the British government has previously revealed that it is unlikely that the national digital currency Britcoin will be launched in 2022, but other countries including China, Singapore, Tunisia and Ecuador have launched their own digital currencies. The rest include Japan, Russia, More countries, including Sweden and Estonia, may soon join the ranks.

2022 Prediction 4: Integration of Blockchain and Internet of Things

In fact, the concepts of blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are similar, which is very suitable for recording the interaction and transaction information between machines. In view of the automation, encryption and immutability of the blockchain ledger and database, blockchain technology can solve many security and scalability issues, and can even be used for machine-to-machine transactions-as a machine When a machine or network needs to purchase services from another machine or network, small payments can be made through cryptocurrency.

Of course, the integration of blockchain and the Internet of Things is definitely a higher-level use case. Before that, we may still have a long way to go. However, at the beginning of 2022, we are likely to see more blockchain pilot projects and initial use cases in the IoT field. Not only that, with the continuous promotion of 5G networks, the field of IoT blockchain will usher in more innovations, and it is expected to see stronger interconnectivity between various smart networked devices-not only in terms of speed, It also includes new data interaction aspects including blockchain transactions.

2022 Prediction 5: Application of Blockchain in Vaccine Manufacturing and Tracking

Obviously, from the current point of view, the top priority in 2022 is to prevent the spread of the global new crown epidemic. This is also one of the most focused use cases of many top science and technology this year.

It is worth mentioning that blockchain technology can play an important role in vaccine tracking and distribution. Previously, there have been many cases of manufacturing fake vaccines and selling fake vaccines, and the use of blockchain technology can ensure the authenticity of the vaccine transportation process, and track their distribution process to ensure that they arrive at designated locations. Not only that, but it can also ensure the integrity of every link in the supply chain—for example, ensuring that a batch of vaccine is always stored at the correct temperature (this is a prerequisite for many vaccines).

At present, IBM has created a vaccine tracking system that uses blockchain technology to uniformly record the vaccination rate and efficacy on their common tools and platforms to ensure that the various institutions and medical care institutions involved in the distribution of vaccines can be effective. coordination. What’s amazing is that there is also a pilot project that shows how the blockchain can quickly identify where products may need to be recalled quickly-such as a batch of vaccines that cause unusually high side effects-the identification time ranges from three days to just a few days. Seconds.

The new crown epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to mankind. However, the so-called unbreakable and unreliable, blockchain technology will usher in greater breakthroughs in 2022 and play a greater role in the manufacture, distribution and management of vaccines.

For the blockchain industry, what new trends do you think there will be in the upcoming 2022, might as well share with us.

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