Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

Around 11 o’clock in the morning Beijing time today, all the spectators who are paying close attention to the Tokyo Olympics know that the first gold will be produced in the women’s air rifle final that is about to end.


Before the final shot, the Russian player Galasina’s score was 0.2 ring higher than the Chinese player Yang Qian’s. The former is a new generation of outstanding sports shooting players who won the bronze medal in the 2018 World Shooting Championships.


Of course, this is a moment of extreme testing of the players’ psychological quality, especially for the world-class air rifle competition where the bull’s-eye diameter is only half a millimeter.


However, like too many scenes repeated in the history of shooting, the most dramatic turning point occurred precisely at this last shot.

Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

Galacina on the left, and Yang Qian

The first 23 shots have basically remained above 10 rings, and Galacina, who has repeatedly played 10.8 and 10.7 rings with super high level, finally only shot 8.9 rings; and Yang Qian, who has also maintained a score of 10 rings or more, also won. My lowest score in this game-9.8.


However, the results are obvious.


In the heartbreaking cheers of Chinese commentator Yu Jia, Yang Qian, who is only 21 years old and born in China, won China’s first gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. This is also the third Chinese in the history of the Olympics to win the first gold medal for the Chinese team and also the first gold medal at the start of the Olympic Games.


As Yu Jia said: “The Chinese team won the first gold in the Tokyo Olympics, and Yang Qian also wrote her own Olympic record. She inherited the glorious tradition of Du Li in 2004 and Yi Siling in 2012. The Chinese stood in the Olympic leadership. The pinnacle of the podium.”


Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality


Different post-00s: a powerful explosion of psychological quality


Reload, raise the gun, aim, and fire.

From the first five shots, he was ranked fifth, to the second set of five shots, he was ranked first, and then he never fell out of the top two. This is Yang Qian’s performance as “stable as a mountain”-approaching step by step. , There is an indispensable ambition.

After the game, Yang Qian, who was found by the audience to be “a little depressed after the last shot”, said that she was so nervous that she made a mistake in her last serve, thinking she had lost. It was not until she turned around and saw everyone cheering that she knew she had won. Face dumbfounded.

But after winning Yang Qian, joy also seemed a bit calm, saying that she would have a game next, and she didn’t want to put her energy in front of her.

In fact, from the perspective of Yang Qian’s comprehensive performance on the court in recent years, compared with gun skills, Yang Qian’s “stable” and excellent psychological qualities are particularly prominent among the new generation of players.


This young Ningbo man, who was sent to the shooting team of Ningbo Sports School when he was in elementary school at the age of 10, is actually not much different in training and competition experience compared with the large wave of outstanding members of the Chinese shooting team in history, but it is somewhat different. The difference:


Won 3 gold medals at the 2014 Provincial Games, and achieved a world-class score of 399 in the 40-round shooting of women’s air rifles, and became famous in World War I;

In 2015 (15 years old), he was selected for the National Youth Olympic Team. In 2016, he was specially recruited to the shooting team of Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School. In 2018, he was admitted to the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University. In March 2019, he was selected for the national team.

Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

Joining the team in 2019 also means that Yang Qian and her young teammates such as Jiang Ranxin and Zhang Changhong do not have much experience in major international competitions, and even participated in the Olympics for the first time.


And just 3 months ago, Xinhua News Agency published an article titled “The Trial Swaps “Youth Storm”, the Rifle Shooting Team’s New Lineup Sprints Tokyo”, this time the shooting team’s selection for the Tokyo Olympics is very special-


Its greatest feature is the “strong rise of a group of young teenagers.” The main reason is that “their recent performances are consistently excellent, and their psychological qualities are more mature.”


And Yang Qian’s selection results are particularly outstanding- winning 4 consecutive trials, almost no suspense entered the list of the Tokyo Olympic Games to represent China.


Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

In August 2020, the National Shooting Team and UFO Shooting Team will be assessed at the Shooting and Archery Management Center of the State Administration of Sport of Beijing. In the women’s 10m air rifle final, Yang Qian won the championship with 253.2 rings, and the world record of 0.3 rings in the super final.


As early as 2008, Xinmin Evening News used “Invisible Qualities” as the title, based on Du Li’s missed Beijing Olympic gold medal, reminding the public and the sports industry that they should neither impose pressure on athletes, nor ignore “the development of athletes’ psychological quality.” Importance” .


“The basic qualities of an athlete can be roughly divided into speed, endurance, strength, jumping, coordination and psychology.


If an athlete stops training, among the basic qualities, the fastest retreat is speed, endurance and strength. The coordination between jumping and the body does not retreat quickly, and the psychological quality will hardly change . If you start to engage in a sport, the fastest improvement is the external qualities of speed, endurance and strength.


And the psychological quality, it is difficult to improve without the training of wind and rain.


After losing her first gold yesterday, Du Li cried and admitted in an interview with the TV station:’I really want to be better, but the pressure brought by the first gold is too great. ‘


 Shooting athletes, after reaching a certain level of skill, compare their psychological qualities. “


Speaking of the ten-meter air rifle , the technical difficulty of this competitive event and how cruel it is to test the psychological quality of athletes are still unknown to a large part of the audience.

Zhihu, a netizen who knows about air rifles, “3:29 AM”, answered technically, “From Emmons missed the target to Yang Qian’s opponent’s mistake, how much is the psychological pressure of the last shot in the shooting competition?”:


If you watch it on TV, it feels easy. In fact, many of you don’t understand the 10-meter air rifle.


Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality


That’s right, it’s that big (pictured above). The target of the Olympic 10-meter air rifle competition is 10 meters away from the players, and the bull’s-eye is only 0.5 mm, which is as small as the tip of a needle. The competition is divided into two parts: preliminaries and finals.

In the preliminaries, the target was divided into 10 circles, and the best score for each shot was 10 rings. In the final, the 10 rings were subdivided into 10 areas, and the best score for each shot was 10.9 rings. The women’s 10-meter air rifle has 40 shots in the preliminaries, and players must complete within 75 minutes. After the preliminaries, in addition to the players who played the full 400 rings, all the other players with the same score will be further ranked.


The target is already small and “excessive”, what does it look like ten meters away?


Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

“That’s it, I don’t see anything clearly.


When shooting, athletes can’t see the number of rings at all, only the black part of the target paper, which should be circled in the middle of the scope. The difficulty lies in keeping the body and the gun stable during firing.


What they shoot is not the target, but the feeling.

The day-to-day training gives athletes a superb feel for raising their guns/arrows. During the game, they need to maintain their breathing and mood. This is why the shooting athletes generally have a serious face during the game .

However, shooting is a highly accidental event after all. From 1984 to 2012, the gold medal winners of the women’s 10-meter air rifle were all different.


That’s it, it’s the last shot, can the pressure be small?


Tribute to Yang Qian. “


And the difficulty of this last shot, think about so many excellent shooters in history, either played ultra-low loops at the last critical moment, or missed the target directly… We must bow to this 21-year-old Chinese 00 post .

Therefore, regardless of whether it is Weibo or Zhihu, even if they do not praise Yang Qian, most of the netizens will praise “The psychological quality of the post-00s is really too awesome”, or collectively shout “I want Yang Qian’s psychology” Quality” is not without reason.

Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

Except for her coach Yu Lihua’s comment that Yang Qian’s biggest advantage is “has a big heart”-“The same group of children may be of the same level, but when it comes to the field, Yang Qian performs best, and her personality is suitable for the sport. “Perhaps a story that happened when she was 12 years old can better prove her super psychological quality:


In 2012, Yang Qian participated in the national youth competition for the first time. Before the competition, she had to practice on the training ground, but she did not expect to fall asleep on the target with her gun.


After being “hammered” by the coach, she immediately went to participate in the competition, and finally… won the runner-up.


Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

Written at the end: young people, enjoy sports, but also enjoy “responsibility”


In fact, after watching Yang Qian’s slightly formal interview after the game, and her cute gesture of comparing her heart to the national anthem, I suddenly realized that these new generation of athletes are actually ordinary children, all of which we have seen now. , The post-00 member who shouted “Lie Ping” and “Hammer Burst 996” all day long.


But because of this, suddenly a new thought came out:

Because I have seen Chen Kexin’s movie “Win the Championship”, which describes the two generations of Chinese women’s volleyball players. I have always wondered whether this new generation of athletes will bear all the hopes and self-confidence of the nation on their backs? Are you enjoying sports itself? Are you willing to give everything to love and not love?

Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

“Win the Championship” stills


Many reports say that Yang Qian embarked on such a path because of her “curiosity” about shooting. She didn’t explain too much about her “love”, nor did she overstate her family’s wish to fulfill her family’s wishes.

But from the time I was a child, I was able to beat the dolls, to be sent to the shooting team, to participate in national competitions, and all the way to today. There must be talents, hard work, and family hope, and they will inevitably give birth to a sense of responsibility that must be persevered and must not be given up.

We want to enjoy sports and be loyal to our love, but we must not forget our responsibility.


In any case, we must pay tribute to this 21-year-old young man.


Yang Qian, the first Olympic gold medalist, is born after 00 with a mental quality

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