Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

Four consecutive rounds of financing have been completed four years after its establishment.

On May 15, 2022, Xuelangyun, an industrial Internet platform company, announced the completion of a Series B financing of over 300 million yuan. This round of financing was led by the second phase of the National Research Fund, followed by Poly Capital and Guolian Group Wuxi Intellectual Property Fund. Zhuo Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing. This round of financing is the fourth investment that Xuelangyun has obtained since its establishment. The company has previously completed three rounds of financing from Ginkgo Valley Capital, Chenshan Capital, SDIC Ventures and Matrix Partners.

After this round of financing, Xuelang Cloud will: 1) strengthen the core technology platform Xuelang OS and build a digital base for the industrial Metaverse; 2) further integrate industrial knowledge models to achieve innovation and localization of new industrial software; 3) Continue to carry out strategic integration in ecological construction, and further deepen cooperation with scientific research institutions such as universities.

From data calculation to knowledge model, Xuelang Cloud runs through the “Xuelang Paradigm” of manufacturing upgrades

Founded in 2018, Wuxi Xuelang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (“Xuelang Cloud” for short) provides digital and intelligent upgrade services for the manufacturing industry based on data and models combined with industrial mechanisms.

The company created the “Xuelang Paradigm”. By building the Xuelang OS industrial data intelligent system, it helps the manufacturing industry to manage data, make good use of industrial knowledge, improve the innovation ability of the manufacturing industry and optimize the speed of iteration.

Wang Feng, the founder and CEO of Xuelangyun, is the founder of Alibaba Cloud Data Increase Data Platform and Alibaba Cloud ET Industrial Brain. In 2018, Wang Feng, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University, Dean of the High-end Equipment Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Academician Yang Huayong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Wang Jian, founder of Alibaba Cloud, and its Yunqi Fund co-founded Xuelangyun. . Other core members of the team are from Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, Microsoft, NI (National Instruments), ABB, Siemens and other top Internet and automation companies at home and abroad. At the same time, Academician Wang Jian, Academician Yang Huayong, Academician Qian Feng, Academician Li Peigen and their teams College talents are also an important part of the Xuelangyun team.

Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

The Snow Wave Paradigm of Manufacturing Digitalization

Wang Feng, the founder and CEO of Xuelangyun, creatively proposed the Xuelang paradigm of manufacturing digitalization, namely “E=MC²” (also known as the mass-energy formula of manufacturing digital reactor). E stands for “Evolution”, which is the purpose of manufacturing digitalization; “M” stands for the core industrial knowledge and various models in the industrial field. The two “Cs” in the formula, one stands for “Computation” calculation; the other stands for “Cooperation” collaboration.

Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

Xuelang OS product series

Throughout the Xuelang Cloud OS system, its platform product “Xuelang Abacus” acts as the “smart base” of the entire system through hybrid modeling and joint computing systems, providing data and computing power support for the system. On top of this, the company has developed three sets of general tools, namely “Xuelang Hufu” for industrial data management, “Xuelang River Map” for operations optimization and swarm intelligence, and a zero-for-one tool for industrial apps and industrial software. The “Xuelang Gong Gong” of the code integrated development environment.

Based on “platform + general-purpose tools”, Xuelangyun gradually accumulated and precipitated thousands of mechanism components in hundreds of industrial scenarios in business practice, and launched a number of professional toolboxes and mature new industrial software. Accordingly, Xuelangyun successfully industrialized industrial knowledge, greatly lowered the threshold for digital upgrading of various manufacturing enterprises, and realized the localization of traditional industrial software.

As an industrial Internet platform enterprise, Xuelangyun mainly focuses on the four major industries of high-end equipment, coal, chemical industry and general manufacturing. Central SOEs and listed leading enterprises are the main ones.

It is through cooperation with industries with high data value such as aerospace, high-speed rail, and engines that Xuelangyun solved many national and international common problems, and developed new industrial software such as digital aircraft and engine R&D co-simulation optimization and digital twin. The research and development of new industrial software is serving the majority of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in a productized and replicable mode, realizing the inclusive digital upgrade of the manufacturing industry, and creating new performance growth points for Xuelangyun.

Build an industrial mechanism “moat”, Xuelang OS continues to incubate new industrial software

Regarding the digitalization process of the manufacturing industry, Academician Wang Jian once said that “today’s digitalization is the same as electrification 100 years ago”.

As a promoter of the digitalization of the manufacturing industry, Xuelangyun proposed a digital “dual-track system” idea: in a panoramic view, it will help manufacturing enterprises to solve the challenges of uncertainty in digital transformation and the system engineering problems of reform and development; in terms of scenarios, Help manufacturing engineers and scientists solve knowledge engineering problems.

Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

Xuelang OS Architecture

Based on the development idea of ​​”dual-track system”, a set of innovative industrial data intelligent base platform Xuelang OS has gradually taken shape, and has realized the whole process coverage of intelligent manufacturing from the underlying platform to the “last mile of industrial knowledge”.

Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

Industrial Internet Platform System Based on Xuelang OS

Based on Xuelang OS, engineers only need to focus on the modeling and arrangement of relevant requirements in this field. General models and most software engineering work can be completed by Xuelang OS. This not only solves the problem of many industrial subdivision scenarios and complex industrial mechanisms, which makes it difficult to digitize for manufacturing customers, the Xuelangyun team can also “remain unchanged” and respond more quickly and efficiently to the complex and changeable scenarios of the manufacturing industry .

Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

Xuelang Cloud Industrial Internet Platform

Through cooperation with engineers in various industries, Xuelang OS has precipitated 1000+ mechanism components in more than 500 industrial application scenarios. The accumulation of industry mechanism components is the premise for Xuelangyun to understand the actual downstream industrial scenarios, and it is also an “important moat for Xuelangyun”.

Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

Xuelang Abacus co-simulation interface diagram

Based on a strong platform system and industry understanding, Xuelangyun is continuing to productize “industrial knowledge”, and has launched four sets of core toolboxes, namely “Intelligent Co-simulation Digital Twin Toolbox, Intelligent Discrete Event Simulation and Production Line Twining” toolbox, process real-time optimization toolbox and BOM intelligent real-time analysis toolbox”; and three general-purpose new industrial software, namely “co-design intelligent optimization system, discrete production simulation and twin system, process process real-time optimization system”, among which , “Discrete Production Simulation and Twin System” directly benchmarks overseas software such as PlantSimulation, Simio, and AnyLogic.

Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

Factory Simulation Interface Diagram

It is worth mentioning that the new industrial software developed through the Xuelang OS base system has the characteristics of autonomy, coordination and intelligent evolution, and is naturally interoperable with other homologous industrial software.

In addition, through cooperation with leading companies in various industries, Xuelangyun has also created many industry benchmarking projects.

Based on Xuelang OS, Xuelang Cloud has built an integrated digital twin platform for intelligent design and intelligent operation and maintenance for core products such as engines and power systems for a leading enterprise in the machinery industry, realizing the intelligent operation and maintenance of engine cloud-side collaboration. The unattended testing process has greatly improved its innovative R&D capabilities in the field of digital twins.

In addition to medium and large customers, Xuelangyun also established a research center with Zhejiang University High-end Equipment Research Institute to provide digital upgrade services for small and medium-sized enterprises through centralized platform infrastructure construction and industrial mechanism sharing service platform.

Conspiracy to industrialize industrial knowledge with colleges and universities, Xuelangyun put forward the concept of “Industrial Metaverse”

Along the way, after years of on-site project practice, Xuelangyun realized that “data is the foundation, knowledge is the core, and software is the carrier” in the digital upgrade of the industry. As the key to understanding actual industrial scenarios, industrial knowledge is extremely valuable. On the one hand, industrial knowledge is in the hands of enterprise production managers and experts with rich experience, and on the other hand, it remains in the academic papers of universities and research institutes. Its value needs to be deeply integrated into the practice of manufacturing upgrading. .

As a result, Xuelangyun launched the “Xuelang Industrial Knowledge Plan”, in-depth cooperation with universities and other scientific research institutes to jointly explore the trillion-dollar manufacturing upgrade market. At present, Xuelangyun has become an in-depth ecological partner and co-construction unit of Zhejiang University High-end Equipment Research Institute, Shanghai Process Manufacturing Technology Innovation Research Institute and Yunqi Engineering Institute, and has reached cooperation with more than 20 universities and other scientific research institutions across the country.

Next, Xuelangyun will continue to expand the scope of cooperation and accelerate the incubation of university knowledge and the release of market value. At the same time, Xuelangyun has also begun to set foot in the field of education, offering courses in East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Second Industrial University and other colleges and universities to train and deliver digital talents for the industry.

When it comes to the end of intelligent manufacturing, Wang Feng is optimistic about the development of the industrial Metaverse.

The so-called industrial Metaverse can be simply understood as the application of Metaverse technology in the industrial field. As we all know, factories are extremely sensitive to risks due to their asset-heavy operation mode, and it is necessary to minimize the uncertainty in the process of construction and operation. By creating a digital twin of the factory, the Industrial Metaverse simulates the product design, planning, production, and optimization of the factory in advance in the virtual world, “finds the optimal solution from 10,000 possibilities”, and passes the information behind the optimal solution. The engineering parameters to guide the actual plant construction and operation.

Wang Feng said that compared with the Metaverse at the social level, the construction of the industrial Metaverse also requires the support of data and computing power, but it is even more inseparable from a thorough understanding and mastery of specific industrial knowledge. In his opinion, looking forward to the future of the industrial Metaverse, Xuelang OS can act as the digital base system of the Metaverse, and the industrial mechanisms and components deposited on the platform can continuously refine and incubate new industrial software, “just like satellite launch. , the digital base system continuously creates new industrial software to form an industrial software intelligent chain similar to the ‘star chain’, and promotes the accelerated realization of the industrial Metaverse from the level of core technologies and scenarios.

Looking back at the four-year growth of Xuelangyun, in addition to the top team and clear path planning, Xuelang Town in Wuxi Economic and Technological Development Zone is also a key part of the company’s development. In August 2017, with the strong support of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government and the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, led by Dr. Wang Jian, founder of Alibaba Cloud and founder of Yunqi Town, the establishment of Xuelang Town was initiated in Wuxi. Xuelang Town aims to build a global IoT landmark and takes “idea source, industry new runway, and capital new world” as its mission. Industrial Internet platform and ecological enterprise. In 2021, Xuelang Town will go hand in hand with Hangzhou Yunqi Town and Shanghai Haina Town to promote the high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

In addition to Xuelangyun, in recent years Xuelang Town in Wuxi Economic and Technological Development Zone has successively introduced Bosch China Software Innovation Center, NVIDIA AI, Ubisoft Robot, Car Link World Intelligent Cockpit, Geely Blockchain Headquarters and iFLYTEK A group of leading companies in the industry, including the Automotive Intelligent Driving Technology Headquarters Project, as well as more than 400 scientific and technological innovation projects and talent teams.

In the future, Xuelang Town, Wuxi Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is committed to leading the digitalization of the manufacturing industry, will join hands with more technological innovation enterprises to jointly open up a new future of manufacturing digitalization.

Xuelangyun announced the completion of over 300 million yuan in Series B financing, adding more weight to build an industrial Metaverse

Snow Wave Cloud

Views of this round of investors:

National Survey Fund: “As a national equity investment fund, National Survey Fund actively implements the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Vision, and attaches great importance to the investment layout in the field of industrial Internet. At present, the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry to digital intelligence has become a major challenge. The general trend. Xuelangyun self-developed cloud-native industrial Internet platform, providing the industry with a unique industrial knowledge and industrial mechanism data intelligent operating system, and is committed to the technical innovation of data, computing and industrial engineering. In-depth integration in the digital space helps manufacturing enterprises make good use of data, models and industrial knowledge, helps engineers and scientists better solve engineering problems, and helps manufacturing enterprises achieve digitalization. The National Research Fund, through capital assistance, promotes industrial Internet platform enterprises Faster development, and through invested companies to strengthen technology diffusion and industrial empowerment, jointly promote the digital transformation and upgrading of manufacturing companies.”

Poly Capital: “With the deepening of the transformation of the real estate and construction industries, the core of development will focus on digitization and intelligence. Real estate is a collection of industrial products, and each link contains massive data, many of which are subject to innovation and reconstruction. Opportunity. As a leading enterprise in the industrial Internet field, Xuelang Cloud has rich experience in platform building, data collaboration and technological innovation. It will help the transformation and upgrading of upstream manufacturing enterprises, and at the same time promote the data connection and collaboration of the entire industry chain. , and is expected to be further extended to later operation and maintenance, energy management and other scenarios, truly reshaping the industry ecology. Poly Capital continues to focus on investment in the construction and industrial fields, and together with ecological partners including Xuelangyun, jointly promote The industrialization of real estate and construction, as well as the synergy and digital-intelligence transformation of the entire industry chain.”

Guolian Group Wuxi Intellectual Property Fund: “Industrial Internet is the development direction of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and it is also one of the future-oriented super tracks. Guolian Xinchuang will continue to seek high-quality investment targets around digital China and intelligent manufacturing to help China’s manufacturing industry. Upgrade, and strive to repay the society and investors.”

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