XR creation platform “Qile Wuji” received nearly 100 million yuan in Series A financing, which will promote the construction of the Metaverse ecosystem

XR virtual creation platform company Qi Le Infinite announced the completion of nearly 100 million yuan in Series A financing. This round of financing was led by AVIC Trust, with Lakala and Blue Cursor following. This round of financing will be used for the research and development of the domestic independent XR virtual creation platform, which will promote the joint research and development of multiple parties, promote the application expansion and commercialization of XR creation in key industries, and help the construction of the Metaverse ecosystem.

Qi Le Infinite is a cultural technology company focusing on XR high simulation simulation. The core team members are from China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company’s business scope covers enterprise Metaverse SaaS platform services, high-simulation AI virtual human generation, comprehensive solutions for Metaverse live broadcast shooting, XR high-simulation somatosensory simulation and other fields, forming XR closed-loop capabilities from algorithms to products to industry solutions .

Qi Lewei believes that the development of the virtual reality industry chain is an important cornerstone for the realization of the Metaverse. In order for the industry to reach a true to C scale, two major pain points need to be solved first. The first is hardware, including the lightness and clarity of VR/AR glasses. , interactive functions and other aspects of experience improvement; followed by lowering the production threshold of VR/AR content.

At present, most of the VR/AR content production uses traditional film and television post-CG technology. Taking the movie “Avatar” as an example, a team of 150 people can produce 1 second of material a day, which is extremely expensive. The upcoming XR virtual creation platform of Qile Infinite can help users to quickly create real-time driven AI virtual human. At the same time, it has built-in a large number of 3D digital scenes, motion databases, etc., allowing users to use mobile phones to complete virtual performances, virtual live broadcasts and XR content anytime, anywhere. Create and become a director in the Metaverse.

Zhou Dao, the co-founder and CEO of Qi Le Infinite, graduated from North China Electric Power University with a major in computer science. After graduation, he entered the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology of China and served as the general manager of the virtual reality company of China Aerospace Simulation Company. He has presided over many large-scale military and civilian simulation fields. Product development, participating in the production of aviation simulation for famous astronaut training, landing various large-scale military simulation simulators and adapting XR content, etc.

Based on this background and experience, Qi Le Infinite has military-level high-simulation core algorithms, leading real-time virtual human production process standards, real-time rendering technology, virtual shooting synthesis technology, millimeter-level optical motion capture, and accurate facial expressions of depth cameras. Capture, up to 171 expression-driven, optical and inertial dual gesture capture, custom codec solutions, support for various traditional live broadcast platforms and VR live broadcasts, which can greatly reduce the cost of XR content development and improve efficiency.

The concept of the Metaverse has been surging around the world, and this hot word may be replaced, but the Internet has become a major trend from the entrance of VR/AR to the next era. Overseas, Meta launched Horizon with 300,000 monthly active users in three months; RecRoom raised US$150 million, user activity will increase by 700% in 2021, and MAU will exceed 100; Microsoft has just acquired VR social platform Altsp ace VR; known as VR version Wechat VR chat raised USD 100 million and DAU reached 20,000.Domestically, Baidu launched the Metaverse platform Xiyong at the end of 2021, with DAU reaching 40,000 during the Spring Festival; Tencent’s Metaverse platform product Zplan was well-received in the internal test; ByteDance’s Pixso ul cross-platform virtual social product will be launched soon.

Although major manufacturers have entered the game strategically, the construction of the Metaverse ecology requires industrial cooperation. The Internet has met all the needs and functions of people in the real world from eating to sleeping. The Metaverse is the successor of the Internet, allowing Internet functions in the real world to get an immersive upgrade experience in the VR/AR world. In such an era of opportunity, there is an opportunity to give birth to excellent companies in the subdivision of the track, opening up the online and offline physical experience halls of the Metaverse, marketing in the Metaverse, payment in the Metaverse, education in the Metaverse, museums, and art performances , home, etc.

In the face of the Metaverse upsurge, Zhou Dao said, “The XR virtual creation platform of Qi Le Endless will serve as a Metaverse infrastructure tool to provide users with zero-threshold XR content creation capabilities, and provide virtual reality for various live broadcast platforms and Metaverse platforms. Content access system.”

Investor introduction and views

The leading investment company in this round of financing, AVIC Trust, was established with the approval of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. It was jointly initiated and established by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China and Singapore’s OCBC Bank. It is an important part of the aviation industry financial industry development platform. A trust company with background, Sino-foreign joint venture, and military industry concepts, with industry-leading capabilities and levels in green trust, aviation industry, small and micro finance, family trust, charitable trust, financial technology and other fields.

The person in charge of the AVIC Trust AVIC Trust project said: “XR technology has broad application prospects in aerospace, medical manufacturing and other fields. AVIC has always been optimistic about the development of XR technology and has carried out a series of layouts. At present, XR technology has entered commercialization. At the time of rapid development, although the development of the Internet in the form of Metaverse still needs time to cultivate, the technical accumulation and application scenarios of its underlying requirements for AI virtual humans can already be commercialized in existing scenarios. In the long run, the industrialization of virtual humans The premise is to realize a standardized production process and form low-cost, mass-produced, personalized and real-time interactive products. Qi Le Infinite has profound technical accumulation in the field of military high simulation simulation, and has been used in live broadcast, advertising display, etc. We have made a successful attempt in the field and won the recognition of the industry. We also look forward to the continuous improvement of Qi Le Infinite, which will lay a solid foundation for the underlying construction of the Metaverse.”

Lakala: The key feature of the Metaverse is the coexistence of reality and reality, immersive experience, virtual identity, digital assets, real experience, etc. Digital payment is essential for the Metaverse to achieve economic prosperity. As one of the first listed companies to obtain financial licenses in China, Lakala is positioned as a “digital business service provider for merchants”. Help merchants achieve digital operations. Investing in Qi Le Infinite is of great significance for both parties to jointly explore and promote the formulation of Metaverse payment technology standard system and policy implementation, as well as to promote the development of the industry.

BlueFocus: In 2021, BlueFocus will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary “Blue Universe”. As BlueFocus’s main position to focus on exploring Metaverse-related investment and operation businesses, it will integrate the virtual live broadcast rooms that BlueFocus already has, Virtual IP operation related resources and teams to comprehensively promote the exploration and implementation of Metaverse-related businesses. This strategic cooperation with Qile Infinity will not only release the advantages of Blue Cursor in the field of virtual digital humans, but also deeply combine Qile Infinity’s advantages in the development and application of XR high simulation technology, which will effectively promote the commercialization of both parties in XR. The rapid expansion of the landing market share.

It is worth mentioning that the founding institutional shareholder of Qi Le Infinite is the popular Qitian Group, which has been deeply involved in the virtual reality track for many years. It has signed contracts and landed in Beijing Shougang No. 1 Blast Furnace Metaverse Park, Shanghai Disney VR Super Space, Sanya Haitang Bay Phase 2 Super Space, Guangxi Liuzhou Xiangyun SoReal Snail Park, Macau MGM SoReal Super Space, etc. 12 nationwide Large-scale urban projects are the entrance to the Metaverse offline experience that occupies high-quality urban traffic.

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