Xinhua News Agency article: Metaverse has been written into many government work reports

Xinhua News Agency article: Metaverse has been written into many government work reports

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 15th, “China Securities Journal” published an article on the 15th, “Leading the layout of the Metaverse” was written into the government work report of many places. The article said that as a hot word in the current Internet field, “Metaverse” appears in more and more local government work reports. According to incomplete statistics from reporters from China Securities Journal, Wuhan, Hefei, and Xuhui District of Shanghai have all included the Metaverse in this year’s government work report. Previously, Zhejiang, Wuxi and other provinces and cities also clarified the development direction of the Metaverse field in relevant industrial plans. . Strengthening the forward-looking research and development of underlying core technologies and promoting the in-depth application of Metaverse technologies in multiple fields have become the focus.

Industry insiders said that other cities may follow suit to promote the development of Metaverse technology. It is expected that the future policy support will mainly focus on the integration of the virtual reality industry and the underlying supporting technology, while the supervision of virtual asset speculation may become stricter.

Multiple layouts

On January 11, the first meeting of the 15th Wuhan Municipal People’s Congress opened. Wuhan Mayor Cheng Yongwen proposed in the “Government Work Report” that it is necessary to accelerate the expansion of the digital industry and promote the Metaverse, big data and cloud computing. Integrate with the real economy, blockchain, geospatial information, quantum technology, etc., build a national new-generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone, and build 5 digital economy industrial parks including Xiaomi Science and Technology Park.

This is not the first local government to write the Metaverse into a government work report. At the first meeting of the 17th Hefei People’s Congress, which opened the day before, Luo Yunfeng, the mayor of Hefei, also mentioned Metaverse in the “Government Work Report” made on behalf of the municipal government.

Luo Yunfeng said that in the next five years, Hefei will make a forward-looking layout of future industries, aiming at cutting-edge fields such as Metaverse, superconducting technology, and precision medicine, and creating a group of leading enterprises, cutting-edge technologies and high-end products. In addition, Hefei will cultivate 3 hundred billion enterprises, 300 “specialized, specialized and new” and “champion” enterprises, and accelerate the establishment of an advanced manufacturing highland with international competitiveness.

At the 2022 local two sessions held in Xuhui District, Shanghai recently, “Exploring the establishment of a Metaverse Innovation Alliance to promote the integrated development of artificial intelligence and cultural creativity, green low-carbon, and intelligent manufacturing” was written into the local government work report. At the previous Economic Work Conference of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, it was also proposed to “guide enterprises to step up research on an important platform for the interaction between the virtual world and the real society in the future, and make a timely layout.” “

Guorong Securities analyst Zhang Zhigang believes that Wuhan’s inclusion of the Metaverse in the government work report may trigger a follow-up effect, and other cities may follow suit.

Strengthen technology research and development and in-depth application

Although it is still in its early stages of development, the attention paid to the Metaverse is not low. In addition to writing in the government work report, the relevant government departments of many provinces and cities have also focused on the development and practical application of the Metaverse industry by issuing industrial development plans or holding symposiums.

On January 5, Binhu District of Wuxi City released the “Metaverse Ecological Industry Development Plan for Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation Belt Leading Area”, which pointed out that it is necessary to focus on the integration of application leading and scene driving, and promote the in-depth application of Metaverse technology in multiple fields; The upstream and downstream links and main bodies of the universe industry will develop collaboratively, and accelerate the integrated and innovative development of the Metaverse and integrated circuits, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies.

It is reported that in the next stage, Binhu District of Wuxi City will build a Metaverse core industrial area, a Metaverse innovation incubator park, and a Metaverse advanced intelligent manufacturing land, improve the quality and efficiency of resource allocation, and build a Metaverse space layout. By 2025, Binhu District of Wuxi City will basically form a Metaverse industrial ecology with technology leadership, enterprise agglomeration, demonstration applications, and complete standards through the agglomeration and development of the Metaverse ecological industry, and become a model for the development of the domestic Metaverse industry.

At the end of 2021, the “14th Five-Year Plan” for the Development of Shanghai Electronic Information Industry issued by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology also mentioned the industrial layout of Metaverse. The plan proposes to strengthen the forward-looking research and development of Metaverse’s underlying core technology and basic capabilities, promote the development of new terminals that deepen perception and interaction, and the construction of systematic virtual content, and explore industry applications.

Regulation will be strengthened

2021 is known as “Metaverse Year One”. Regarding the follow-up policy changes, Zhang Zhigang believes that local governments have begun to face up to the opportunities and challenges brought by the Metaverse, and the central and local follow-up industry support rules and policies are expected to be released one after another. At each level, policies are implemented on a city-by-city basis. At the same time, virtual assets with the Metaverse as a selling point have become popular. After the barbaric growth of the industry, government supervision will be strengthened. It is expected that the supervision of virtual asset speculation will become stricter.

Yang Aili of CITIC Construction Investment Securities believes that in the next year or the intensive launch cycle of Metaverse applications, social networking will become the preferred segment. Next, the launch of a series of terminals such as VR/AR will also provide users with an immersive virtual experience.

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