Xiaomi Portugal Store has accepted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

On Thursday, August 5, according to a report from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry information website U.Today, Xiaomi’s Portuguese store began to accept the world’s top three digital currencies and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Xiaomi Portugal Store stated on the official webpage of social media that from now on, the shopping experience of Portugal Mi Store will become more inclusive and comprehensive. Users can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Dash. ) And the native token Token Utrust developed by Swiss cryptocurrency payment service provider Utrust to buy Xiaomi products.

Xiaomi Portugal Store has accepted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

The analysis pointed out that this highlights that Xiaomi, which has recently surpassed Apple in the smartphone market, “is stepping up efforts to support digital assets.” Local consumers may be able to use the aforementioned cryptocurrency to purchase Xiaomi’s smartphones, vacuum cleaners, smart watches, electric scooters and other equipment.

Pedro Maia, Head of Marketing in Portugal at Mi Store, pointed out that Xiaomi is working hard to fulfill its corporate mission of “Let everyone in the world enjoy the good life brought by technology” to enter the cryptocurrency field :

“We are a brand that integrates technology, innovation and disruptiveness. That’s why we always want to be one step ahead. We hope that all true technology enthusiasts can use the current’most technologically content’ money to buy their favorites. Electronic equipment.”

U.Today pointed out that Portugal is considered to be the most crypto-friendly country in Europe due to its tax policy. It is not surprising that Xiaomi chose this country as a test platform for digital asset payments.

At the same time, Samsung, the “leading brother” in the smartphone market, built a blockchain wallet in its flagship mobile phone Galaxy S10 as early as February 2019, which can support Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the company’s store has not yet accepted encryption. Currency payment.

The digital currencies that Xiaomi’s Portuguese store will accept include the top three giants in the industry by market capitalization-Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the USD-pegged stablecoin TEDA. Although Dash is only ranked 59th in the cryptocurrency market, it is based on Bitcoin and pays more attention to ease of use and scalability. Utrust tokens are accepted mainly because the issuer behind it is Xiaomi’s cryptocurrency payment partner.


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