Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

Xiaohongshu’s digital art platform R-SPACE is officially launched. This is another industry giant in the NFT field after Alibaba and Tencent in China .

Slightly different from Magic Core and AntChain Fan Niu, R-SPACE is not an independent application. Users can directly purchase digital collections inside the Xiaohongshu application. In addition, you can also find the artist’s own R-SPACE small space on the artist’s homepage, which displays the works created and sold by the artist, and the user’s own collection will also be displayed in the R-SPACE on the user’s homepage.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

In this way, the digital collections in Xiaohongshu are no longer an “island”. When we show the digital collectibles that we have purchased in Phantom Core or Fandian, we can only take screenshots and then post them to personal social media, which requires an extra step. And Xiaohongshu is an open platform. R-SPACE will not only show your collection to your fans, but also show it in a larger public domain traffic. In this way, you can show it to more people. Make more friends with your own collection taste. In Xiaohongshu, the social functions of NFT have been fully demonstrated.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

From a certain point of view, the current NFT seems to be out of the circle than Bitcoin , and cultural and sports entertainment inside and outside the circle is in full bloom.

Not to mention that, yesterday Tencent airdropped more than 70,000 QQ Penguin avatars to its employees. Basically, Tencent’s employees have replaced their avatars in their Moments. The large screen on the opposite side of the earth in Times Square has recently been Tian was also screened by NFT. New York, USA, held a huge NFT.NYC event, and even invited the Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Baby to give them a special performance.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

The slogan “The World Has Woken Up to NFTs” appeared in Times Square in New York. The picture is from the Internet

Today, Xiaohongshu, a super platform with a MAU of 160 million, has also launched its own digital collection, promoting this concept to more than 100 million people again. But when we talk about NFT, what is your first reaction?

A well-known domestic IP party once asked us about NFTs. Their first impression of NFTs was that “this thing seems to sell well now.”

Looking at the descriptions of “NFT” by some domestic technology media and self-media, it is not difficult to find that what kind of sky-high price an NFT sold is the content they are most concerned about. 451 million yuan”, a mosaic head (CryptoPunk) sold for “hundreds of millions of dollars”…

Astronomical figures accompanied by the word “NFT” attract people’s attention, and the concept of NFT evolved from the blockchain industry, it is easy to classify NFT with “bubble” and “hype”. No. When domestic IP parties are introduced to what NFT is, the first label is often, “NFT can make money.”

Indeed, the prices of many NFT projects have been hyped up to a high level and then quickly dropped. It seems that NFT is still related to “speculation.”

But we can’t beat NFT to death like this.

Have you ever wondered, if NFT is equal to a “bubble”, why do industry giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Xiaohongshu prefer to launch their own NFT platforms despite regulatory pressures and risks? Why do world-renowned brands such as LV, Gucci, and Burberry issue their own NFTs? Why did many celebrities such as Shawn Yue, Jianhao Wu, Huan Ren Chen, A Duo, and Psy.P, a member of Higher Brothers, buy and even sell their own NFTs?

Is it to make money? As the latest hot spot in the NFT field, there are a lot of business opportunities and attractive wealth effects, but for industry giants, the main reason for the layout of a new track will definitely not be income, especially in the current environment, China NFT The outlook is not clear. The reason why these giants and celebrities are willing to take huge risks to participate in NFT is that they see that NFT is definitely not just hype.

On the day when Xiaohongshu officially launched its own digital art platform, we decided to talk to you about the value of NFT.

What is NFT?

Let us first understand what NFT is.

First of all, NFT is not a virtual currency. Although there is a “Token” in the name, it is very different from other virtual currencies that are also called “Token”. The most important feature of NFT is uniqueness, which means that it cannot be divided, so it is not suitable as a general equivalent or a unit of valuation. Wang Yongli, former deputy governor of Bank of China, also expressed his opinion in an article, saying that it is more appropriate to translate NFT into “non-homogeneous warrants.”

Secondly, NFT is not a jpg image. Although our common NFTs are all pictures, and there will be some works of art in other formats such as mp4, NFTs are not these pictures or videos themselves.

So what exactly is NFT, and how do we understand NFT?

For example, we can think of NFT as a glass, which turns green when it is filled with tea, and black when it is filled with Coke. NFT is a “hyperlink” that records various information that cannot be tampered with in detail. Our common pictures are just clicked on the hyperlink and jumped out. What NFT we see depends on where this “hyperlink” is linked to.

With this basic understanding, let’s take a look at the practical value of NFT, and take a look at the true value of NFT.

NFT and digital art

First of all, starting from the most extensive application scenarios of NFT, this is what the domestic industry giants are currently doing, that is, the application in the field of digital art.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

Before NFT technology was widely adopted, few digital artists could make a living from selling their digital art works. Many of them could only use it as a hobby and then find a job as a designer to support their families. When the works of many digital artists are widely disseminated on the Internet or even stolen, the artist himself cannot benefit from it or even pursue accountability, because many times the artist himself does not know that his work has been stolen.

NFT changed this situation. NFT is equivalent to an artwork certificate. It can prove that this picture is the “original” or “authentic” of the artist, and other pictures are just “copy” saved by others, and the blockchain will record this Who is the creator of the work, and when it was created, works that could have been freely copied and distributed on the Internet can also be distinguished from genuine and counterfeit works, and digital art works have begun to have the right to be “collected.”

Many people’s doubts are that even with NFT technology, we can still save pictures directly from the Internet and publish them to various social media. It is no different from before using NFT. So what is the value of this NFT digital artwork? ?

We can understand it this way: before using NFT, the embezzlement of digital art is damaging the rights of the artist; after using the NFT, even if the digital art is stolen, it will add value to the artist and his work. NFT can let people know which work is the original work. People who steal art to spread and make other products are actually promoting the original work. The value created can also be accurately flowed to the original work instead of the original work. Go anywhere.

In addition, NFT can provide artists with a steady stream of royalty income, which has had a huge impact on the art industry. In the field of traditional art, the only income that an artist can get is the price of the first sale of the work. If the work is only sold for 100 US dollars at the beginning, even if the future auction price is as high as hundreds of millions of US dollars, the artist will not get a single cent. This is obviously unreasonable. After the artistic value is discovered, the creator of the art can’t get any benefits.

The reason is that the traditional art market has poor liquidity and the circulation process of art is not transparent. After several auctions or private transactions, it is often unknown which collector the art is transferred to. Not to mention the distribution of royalties to artists.

And through blockchain technology, every circulation of NFT artwork is recorded in detail, including buyers and sellers and transaction prices, etc., and through smart contracts, artists can automatically receive a fixed proportion of royalties from each transaction, which will It will greatly improve the living environment of artists.

NFT and virtual tide play

In addition, another easy-to-understand application of NFT is virtual play. In our daily life, we buy figurines, blind boxes, and various small toys, and when we buy them home, apart from taking a few photos and sending them to Moments, we will only use them as small ornaments, some rare models There may also be the possibility of circulation in the secondary market, and some ordinary models can basically only be placed in their own homes.

And just “in your own home” will stump many trendy game lovers. Some rare figures are not only expensive, but also occupy a larger area. Many trendy game collectors often say: “These figures are very expensive. It’s expensive, and what’s more expensive is Beijing’s housing prices.” NFT Trendy Play can solve this problem. Virtual Trendy Play will not take up space, and the combination with AR and VR technology allows collectors to get better collections. Experience.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

In addition, the blockchain technology can also guarantee the randomness of the blind box, and can also ensure the fixed number of tide games, and will not cause value dilution due to the issuer’s additional issuance. NFT Trending will also have higher liquidity. In daily transactions, time cost and transportation risks are all we need to consider. NFT Trending can not only receive the account in real time, but also don’t need to worry about the collection itself during the transaction. The damage caused.

NFT and games

The third common application scenario of NFT is games. What are the benefits for players when the assets in the game become NFT?

As a generation that grew up in front of electronic screens, we have played all kinds of games since childhood, and it is inevitable that some games cannot continue to operate and shut down servers. Once the server is shut down, the props, equipment, character skins, etc. you obtained in that game will disappear, and all the time and energy you spent on this game will be wasted.

And when these game assets become NFTs and are stored in your own wallet, even if the game server is shut down, these assets will not disappear. When someone else makes a game that can integrate these NFTs, these game assets will be able to Come in handy again.

Or this is the case. When your game account is banned for some reason, all game assets in the account will also be frozen in this game account. This game can easily confiscate your assets. For blockchain games, this problem can be solved when your game assets become NFT.

Axie Infinity is one of the most famous blockchain games at present. Players can make money by playing games, and the super high income in the early stage can even help poor families in Southeast Asia get “salaries” several times higher than ordinary people. This also caused some people to operate many accounts at the same time or use scripts to “swipe money”, which caused dissatisfaction between the official and other players, so Axie Infinity officials also penalized these accounts.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

The punishment method is very interesting. According to the official statement, Axie Infinity just no longer provides them with game services, and has not confiscated their game assets. The elf they own can still be used on other platforms such as Decentraland .

NFT allows players to truly hold game assets in their own hands.

NFT and social

After talking about the most basic usage of NFT above, let’s go a little deeper and talk about NFT and social networking.

At the end of August, NBA superstar Stephen Curry spent $180,000 to buy a Bored Ape NFT. People usually care about the $180,000 in the Curry and it only takes a few seconds to make money. They care about Curry changing his social media avatar to this monkey, and few people care why. Curry will buy this monkey. Why do so many people want to own a Bored Ape?

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

Is it for investment? If it is just for investment, Curry will not buy when the price of Bored Ape series rises to the highest point. Is it for collection? If it’s just for collection, Curry doesn’t need to replace it with his own profile picture.

In fact, the more interesting thing than Curry buying monkeys and changing avatars is that Curry joined the Bored Ape community.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

Change the social media avatar like everyone, join the Discord community like everyone, and put the monkey in a neat black suit like everyone else on the day Bored Ape landed at Christie’s. At these moments, Curry does not seem to be a superb NBA superstar, he is just a member of the Bored Ape community.

This is also the reason why avatar-like NFTs exploded before becoming a speculative tool. These series of pictures can naturally allow people to form communities. Everyone in the community is equal and will help each other and develop together. If your idol and you happen to buy the same series of NFTs, the relationship between you will no longer be so unfamiliar, and you may even become friends. This is the value of NFT as “social capital”.

David Myers proposed in “Social Psychology” that uniform dressing and uniform decoration can awaken people’s group consciousness, and with it, everyone’s depersonalization will lead to the weakening of self-observation. It further encourages these groups to make a lot of extraordinary actions, rather than a more healthy development. And these NFTs will also awaken people’s group consciousness while preserving each individual’s personality, thereby pushing the entire group forward in the right direction.

And just yesterday, to celebrate the company’s 23rd anniversary, Tencent distributed its 23rd anniversary NFT digital collections to its employees. Many friends who work at Tencent also put on penguin avatars and shared them in their circle of friends.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

And this can be regarded as the first avatar-like NFT project on the alliance chain. By changing avatars, showing off in Moments, and even placing orders and transactions between employees in the “Tencent Document Edition OpenSea”, the social capital attributes of NFTs are well known.

NFT and identity

Following the book, we continue to discuss the issue of identity.

Nowadays, all our identities and experiences in real life depend on the certification of centralized institutions or platforms.

For example, your college test scores are recorded in the school’s files, your transcripts are issued by the school, and your scores are manually filled in by your teacher, and you can still modify them after filling in; and your work situation, Work experience and work level need to be filled in by yourself and your colleagues on LinkedIn. Whether your work ability is strong or not depends on what kind of evaluation your colleagues have entered for you on LinkedIn.

And if you cast your various certificates and experiences into NFTs and store them on the blockchain, these non-tamperable NFTs will become the most reliable proof, without relying on centralized institutions or platforms, and will not be affected by others. Falsify, not to rely on colleagues’ comments. It is said that the Internet has no memory, but the blockchain will record every move of people in the past.

NFT and meta universe

Finally, let’s talk about the most popular “meta universe”. I believe you have seen the following introduction to the meta universe in many articles recently:

The term meta-universe comes from “Avalanche”. The book describes the meta-universe like this: “As long as you bring headphones and eyepieces and find a terminal, you can enter another three-dimensional reality simulated by a computer through the connection. Everyone can interact with Have your own clone in a virtual space parallel to the real world.”

Every article about the meta-universe will quote this paragraph. The general idea is that we can simply understand the meta-universe as a “virtual world”, and since the meta-universe is also a “world”, we must follow some “world” rules. law. For example, your things must really belong to you.

What does it mean? Let’s take an example. In real life, if a sneaker brand you often buy goes bankrupt, no one will go to your house and take away the sneakers of that brand you bought. Even if someone comes to take it, you will definitely not agree. But in the virtual world, we have chosen to compromise countless times, and our assets in that world should also be firmly held in our own hands.

Xiaohongshu launched a digital art platform, we decided to talk about NFT

The only way to realize this vision is the blockchain. With the blockchain, there is a real meta-universe. The centralized meta-universe is terrifying. Just imagine that there is a real “ruler” in that universe. He can change everything you have at will, and even wipe you out of this world effortlessly. remove”. But when we say that the assets in the meta universe are made into NFTs on the chain, they can neither be tampered with nor deleted. Such a “virtual world” is not just a “simulation game”, it can be called a “meta universe” “.

Of course, you can only focus on those NFT artworks and collectibles whose prices have been smashed into the sky. As Shawn Yue said before, in the face of these 1/1 NFTs, when you know that there is only this one in the world, it is difficult for you to press Resist the urge to buy.

However, it is undeniable that NFT will become the infrastructure of the future world and has the potential to change the world. Behind the hype, NFT has more practical value. We should pay more attention to the technology itself and more practical application scenarios instead of staring at the astronomical number of transactions. We must embrace this new technology that can make our lives better, and at the same time refuse to participate in hype and other behaviors that endanger the development of the industry. 

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