Xiao Zha is really worried, Meta is about to start collecting “Metaverse tax”

Meta takes a maximum commission of 47.5%.


Meta finally showed his minions.

Recently, Meta (formerly Facebook) announced in a blog that it will test a series of new tools on its Metaverse platform Horizon Worlds to help some creators sell digital assets on the platform, but Meta will take a certain amount of creators’ income. Meta will take a 25% commission from users on the WEB and mobile terminals, while for users who enter through the Oculus VR headset, Meta will take a commission of up to 47.5%.

Immediately after the blog was published, Meta attracted an upsurge of fans and developers. In fact, it has long been commonplace in the industry for platforms to charge a certain percentage of commissions to software developers. For example, Apple and Google’s app stores will take commissions ranging from 15% to 25%, and domestic hardcore alliances will also take 40%. % commission, but nearly 50% commission is rarely heard in the industry, not to mention that the current Horizon Worlds is not like the App Store and GooglePlay, which can provide developers with a series of rich services, should the Metaverse tax be charged now? ?

01  The Metaverse in the Infant

2021 is undoubtedly the first year of the Metaverse, and the intensity of its outbreak and the response speed of the market are much higher than when the Internet first appeared. On the one hand, from the “first share of the Metaverse” Roblox wrote the concept of the Metaverse into its prospectus and fired the first shot of the Metaverse, to the entry of large and small companies, and then to Facebook’s announcement of its official name change to “Meta”, Metaverse related On the other hand, some well-known institutions and consumers have also provided positive feedback signals for the application of the Metaverse. The University of California, Berkeley, in the sandbox game “Minecraft” Metaverse The entire campus was re-engraved in the universe, and virtual graduates took group photos in it; China’s Douyin platform, the virtual person Liu Yexi became popular under the blessing of “beauty + virtual idol + Metaverse” and other concepts…

Xiao Zha is really worried, Meta is about to start collecting "Metaverse tax"

But the Metaverse is still a swaddle in 2022, and five big questions remain to be answered. The first is the problem of connecting the entrance. At present, the way people enter the Metaverse is still dominated by wearable devices and human-computer interaction, which is far from the avatar of the other party who does not need to wear cumbersome devices and directly connect to the Avengers. It will appear in front of you, and your avatar will also appear in the other party’s space, and you can achieve simulation interaction. The second is the industry application problem. At present, the Metaverse is mainly used in entertainment, social networking, games, NFT artwork and other fields, and the integration with the manufacturing field is not close enough. However, the real-time sustainability, digital twin, and integrated reality of the Metaverse have deep applications in manufacturing. Prospects, currently limited by the capabilities of technology, whose potential is far from being tapped.

Xiao Zha is really worried, Meta is about to start collecting "Metaverse tax"

Third, the issue of information security. The problems of network security and data privacy have become more and more serious in recent years. The characteristics of the Metaverse, such as sustainability, real-time, connectivity, and creativity, indicate that the amount of data in it will increase exponentially, and the retrieval and use of data will become more frequent. , but now we are still unable to balance the relationship with information security at the same time; the fourth is the problem of rule design. The virtual world has various elements corresponding to the real world, so how should the social rules, economic rules, business rules, cultural systems, and governance systems of the virtual world be designed? The fifth is the issue of energy supply. The complex operation mechanism of the Metaverse needs to consume a lot of network resources, storage resources and computing power resources. Its stable operation cannot be separated from the construction of new infrastructure. The current construction of 5G base stations, big data centers, super/intelligent computing power centers, etc. Far from meeting the conditions required by the Metaverse.

02The  Meta that pulls the seedlings to grow

Although the Metaverse is still in its infancy, Meta (the technology giant with the most radical layout of the Metaverse at home and abroad) can’t wait. Not only has he changed his name, but he is also working on hardware entry, underlying technology, artificial intelligence And focus on the layout of the four components of content.

In terms of hardware entry, Meta acquired VR equipment manufacturer Oculus as early as 2014. The latter led the global XR market with an 85% shipment share in a market survey published by Counterpoint, and also has a 75% share in the VR market. The market share ranks first, and Meta is currently in the leading position in hardware in the fields of AR, VR and XR.

Xiao Zha is really worried, Meta is about to start collecting "Metaverse tax"

In terms of underlying technology, Facebook promised to invest $10 billion in Facebook Reality Lab (formerly Oculus Research, Meta Metaverse R&D department) in 2021 to further strengthen self-developed technologies. For example, Meta has already started to develop new OS to eliminate Dependence on Android; in addition to self-developed technologies, Meta has further enriched its technical reserves through intensive investment. The investment direction is relatively concentrated, mainly including computer vision, facial vision, eye tracking, artificial intelligence, VR/AR zoom technology, etc. After a series of cutting-edge technologies are integrated, they are quickly injected into the market at very low cost.

In artificial intelligence, Meta has successfully created the world’s largest first-person video dataset Ego4D by cooperating with 13 universities and laboratories around the world. Intelligently understand or recognize certain things in the real world or virtual world, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the experience of using the Metaverse.

In terms of the most important content, Meta has also taken the investment route in the past, by investing in the acquisition of a series of well-known VR game developers, film and television content producers, etc. to supplement the content sector, such as the acquisition of cloud game company Play Giga, VR game “Lone Echo” “Developer Ready At Dawn et al.

Xiao Zha is really worried, Meta is about to start collecting "Metaverse tax"

Moreover, Meta itself and its social platforms are also continuously enriching virtual experiences. For example, Facebook’s 3D panoramic video can be presented on its VR headset Oculus Rift, Facebook Workplace can provide solutions for home office and video interaction, and this time The subject of the Metaverse tax mentioned, the Horizon Worlds Metaverse platform, supports creators to use the tools in VR applications to design their own worlds and games, but high platform commissions will be charged in the future, which is still in its infancy. In terms of platform ecological construction, it is tantamount to killing chickens and taking eggs. Similar platforms include Second Life, Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite…

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