Xiangya Hospital takes the lead in launching the 5G remote ultrasound consultation platform; the National Peking Opera Theatre launches “5G Peking Opera Metaverse”

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Xiangya Hospital leads the launch of 5G remote ultrasound consultation platform

On January 26, the “5G Remote Prenatal Ultrasound Consultation Platform” of the Hunan Obstetrics Rescue Alliance was officially launched. “In the past, when encountering difficult cases of ultrasound, pregnant women could only be referred to a higher-level hospital, or for remote guidance through mobile phone photography, etc., but the ‘5G remote ultrasound consultation platform’ can initiate a remote consultation application on the system or ultrasound machine with one click, allowing ultrasound The images and images of the machine are interconnected, and the video images can be transmitted clearly and quickly in real time, and multidisciplinary experts can be invited for consultation. The experts can directly participate in the mobile phone anytime, anywhere, and it is very convenient to use,” said Professor Chen Kuifang, Department of Obstetrics and Ultrasound, Xiangya Hospital. . According to reports, the “5G Remote Ultrasound Consultation Platform” is an advanced system based on the hospital’s regional Internet, dedicated network and 5G network for data interaction to realize the digital construction of ultrasound departments such as remote consultation.When the Obstetrics Rescue Alliance unit encounters difficult and complicated cases that are difficult to diagnose, it can ask Xiangya experts to conduct remote consultations with the patients through this system. Cloud quality control, cloud teaching and cloud scientific research can also be carried out on the platform, enabling clinical quality control, discipline construction and development, and talent training.

→ “Xiangya Hospital leads the launch of 5G remote ultrasound consultation platform, Hunan prenatal ultrasound enters the “cloud era””

National Peking Opera Company Launches “5G Peking Opera Metaverse”

On January 27, under the guidance of the Department of Industrial Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the opening ceremony of the New Year’s drama “Dragon and Phoenix”, created by the National Peking Opera Company and China Mobile Migu Company, was held in Beijing. From now until February 15, the “Dragon and Phoenix” 5G+4K concert jointly produced by the National Peking Opera Company and China Mobile Migu will launch the Spring Festival program. According to Liu Xin, general manager of China Mobile Migu Company, “Dragon and Phoenix” innovated the online broadcast mode of 5G+4K opera performance, and integrated various real-time interactive modes such as cloud box, cloud shout, cloud reward, etc., which will compose “5G” A new chapter in Peking Opera Metaverse”. This is also expected to open up a new pattern of “media-integrated communication” of Peking Opera culture at home and abroad, and help Chinese culture go global. It is understood that the online live broadcast of “Dragon and Phoenix” will be used to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Tiger with the public through platforms such as Migu Video, Migu Music, Migu C, China Mobile Mobai and 5G FUN Auditorium.

→ “The National Peking Opera Theater Pushes the “5G Peking Opera Metaverse””

Yichang Mobile and Huawei jointly build Yangtze Shipping’s first “5G+Beidou” smart maritime model project

The Yangtze River Yichang Communications Administration, together with China Mobile Yichang Branch and Huawei, has created the first “5G + Beidou” smart maritime model project of Changjiang Shipping. The Yangtze River waterway management service mode is transforming from a traditional manual mode to a digital one. The 5G+ Beidou high-precision positioning system can provide sub-meter, centimeter, and millimeter-level high-precision positioning, making ship supervision more intuitive and accurate. Once a ship deviates from the route or enters the warning area, the system can respond immediately and push warning information to the ship to remind the driver to make corrections in time. In the past, marine on-site law enforcement were all paper records, which were manually entered after returning to Hong Kong. The law enforcement steps were cumbersome and inefficient. Now through the 5G network and mobile law enforcement terminals, on-site law enforcement videos can be sent back in time, enabling one-click inquiry and one-click filing of maritime law enforcement, and the efficiency of maritime law enforcement has doubled. With the support of the 5G network, it can also support the remote maintenance of ships, especially during the accident site survey and PSC (Port State Control) inspection and defect judgment. The survey and related inspection results are sent back in a timely manner to support remote “expert diagnosis” and ensure that law enforcement inspections are accurate and free of loopholes.

→ “”5G + Beidou” Smart Maritime”

Wuxi Vocational and Technical College builds a 5G+ industrial Internet research platform

Wuxi Vocational and Technical College (hereinafter referred to as “Wuxi Vocational College”) and China Telecom took the lead in launching a 5G+ industrial Internet scientific research platform at the forefront of transformation, and innovatively supported the school’s 5G intelligent manufacturing engineering center project. In this project, based on the 5G network environment provided by Wuxi Telecom, the Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Center of Wuxi Vocational College has built a brand-new “industry-university-research” platform, created a “cool laboratory” in the digital age, and helped relevant industrial manufacturing enterprises to develop 5G+ Prospective research on industrial Internet applications, scenario test verification, scientific and technological achievement verification and transformation, 5G core network cloud data center real-world teaching, etc. The 5G+ industrial Internet platform of Wuxi Vocational College is a combination of 5G customized network and higher vocational colleges, expanding the application of 5G technology in the education industry, and will gradually cover engineering center logistics, AGV, industrial control, IoT perception and other application fields.

→ “5G+ Industrial Internet Research Platform “Flying” into Wuxi Vocational College”

Yunzhou Intelligence and Zhuhai Mobile jointly build “5G + unmanned ship”

Recently, Yunzhou Intelligence and China Mobile Communications Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build a “5G + unmanned ship” innovation laboratory, supported by new-generation information technologies such as mobile Internet, 5G private network, and cloud computing. , to explore new scenarios in the smart sea area. According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly develop the application of innovative 5G unmanned ships such as offshore river security and environmental protection, unmanned ship test sites, island wave energy, fishery management, ocean observation, and ocean remote sensing, so as to inject new kinetic energy into the development of ocean digitalization. Previously, Zhuhai Mobile Co., Ltd. and Yunzhou Intelligence, based on the current situation of communication in Zhuhai waters, built a 5G private network for maritime intelligent patrols, and built a 5G+ marine data collection system and data transmission network by applying a new generation of 5G communication technology to realize the intelligent monitoring and Data return to ensure the safety of data transmission in the sea area and the safety of personnel in the sea area. The establishment of the “5G + unmanned ship” innovation laboratory is another important achievement following the “maritime intelligent patrol 5G private network”.

→ “Yunzhou Intelligence and Zhuhai Mobile to Build a “5G+ Unmanned Ship” Joint Innovation Lab”,

5G+UAV realizes river patrol management

In the traditional manual inspection of the river, the staff can only inspect, collect evidence, and take pictures along the river, on the bridge or by boat. However, due to factors such as the complex environment near the river, it is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also prone to danger, and real-time, high-precision normalized management cannot be carried out. The emergence of 5G+AI river patrol technology accurately solves the above difficult problems. The 5G+AI river patrol technology uses drones to conduct automatic cruise, and at the same time transmits the high-definition video stream back in real time, and then uses the AI ​​analysis capability to frame the 5G video stream in real time to form a time series snapshot, and quickly extracts such as floating objects on the water surface and shore. For abnormal problems such as large-scale garbage and sudden changes in water quality, work orders are quickly generated and sent to the responsible unit for processing. Due to the need to transmit high-definition video streams back in real time, UAV river patrol technology has extremely high requirements on the network. The 5G network with the characteristics of large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, and wide connection has become one of the necessary conditions for the UAV data transmission chain. Relying on its own network advantages and resource integration capabilities, Jiangsu Unicom has exported customized UAV application services, including network services, flight services and data services. Through the 5G network provided by Jiangsu Unicom, the drone can connect the aerial video to the 5G multi-card aggregation intelligent integrated communication device through the wireless network, and transmit the high-quality real-time video stream to the cloud through the 5G base station for processing and storage.

→ “[5G Empowers Thousands of Industries and Industries Excellent Application Project Series Exhibition] (4) – Small “machines” are of great use, 5G + drones achieve “new win-win” in river patrol management”

Hongjiang District’s “5G Epidemic Prevention and Control Information Monitoring and Management Platform” was officially put into use

On January 26, the “Epidemic Prevention and Control Information Monitoring and Management Platform” in Hongjiang District completed the deployment of planned resources and the test opening, and all 20 key monitoring points were connected and used, realizing the “digitalization” of epidemic monitoring and the “intelligence” of epidemic prevention registration. , providing strong scientific and technological support for epidemic prevention and control. It is understood that the data of the epidemic prevention and control information monitoring and management platform is effectively connected with the Hunan Provincial Health Code System Platform. It has three characteristics: accurate management and control of ID cards and health codes, intelligent registration of epidemic prevention of mobile personnel, and digital supervision of epidemic prevention information of mobile personnel. At the same time, the platform also realizes real-time synchronization of cloud data, mainly including personnel investigation, statistical analysis, data export and other functions. At present, key management places such as townships, streets, stations, hospitals, scenic spots, high-tech zones, and government service centers in Hongjiang District have achieved intelligent prevention and control, and information technology has been used to assist accurate epidemic prevention to ensure that people are dense and fast-moving during the Spring Festival. Under the circumstances, ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control.

→ “Hongjiang District: “5G” Empowers “Acceleration” of Epidemic Prevention and Control”

5G operator

Nokia Bell, China Mobile and MediaTek complete 5G downlink three-carrier aggregation technology verification

Recently, Nokia Bell, together with China Mobile and MediaTek, successfully completed the world’s first n28 (700MHz frequency band) 30MHz+n41 (2.6GHz frequency band) 100MHz+n41 (2.6GHz frequency band) 60MHz downlink three-carrier aggregation technology verification in Shanghai. The user experience peak rate under the GHz converged networking has increased to a new record close to 3Gbps. This experiment used Nokia Bell AirScale 5G commercial base station products and test terminals based on MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000 flagship 5G mobile chip. From the verification results, the use of n28+n41 shows the terminal downlink peak rate of 2.94Gbps, which is close to the theoretical peak, and achieves a new level of 5G network throughput. At the same time, the carrier aggregation function and performance of FDD and TDD as the primary carrier are verified, and the switching of the primary carrier carrying the secondary carrier is realized, so that the terminal can maintain higher service continuity during the moving process. This technical verification demonstrates the FDD+TDD downlink three-carrier aggregation technology, which helps China Mobile continue to lead in advanced 5G technology and build a high-quality 5G network.

→ “Nokia Bell, China Mobile and MediaTek complete the verification of 5G downlink three-carrier aggregation technology, and jointly build a 5G boutique converged network”

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