Xiamen opens digital RMB consumption week to drive the new fashion of “May 1” consumption

During the “May 1st” holiday, under the coordination and promotion of the Xiamen Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, the Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xiamen launched the Digital RMB Consumption Week. Major banks and merchants actively collaborated to build digital RMB throughout the chain. Use scenarios to meet user consumption needs.

With the application scenarios of digital renminbi superimposed on the wonderful discounts of the digital renminbi consumption week, payment with digital renminbi has quietly become a new fashion in Xiamen’s consumer market during the “May 1st” holiday this year.

During the “May 1st” digital RMB consumption week, major banks and market players in Xiamen have offered preferential packages to speed up the popularization and promotion of digital RMB. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, and Postal Savings Bank of China , China Merchants Bank, Meituan, JD.com, etc. have launched a number of digital RMB consumption activities for Xiamen users.

Financial empowerment injects more vitality into the promotion of consumption during the festival. After the “May 1st” digital RMB consumption week, many market players actively took the “finance + consumption promotion” express train and opened digital RMB payment services.

“It is very convenient to use digital RMB to consume, just move your finger on the mobile phone, it is convenient and safe, and there are unexpected exclusive consumption promotion discounts.” In front of the cashier of Mixc City, Mr. You, a citizen, quickly completed the digital RMB wallet through the Agricultural Bank of China digital RMB wallet. Pay, and enjoy the special discount of the “May 1st” digital RMB consumption week of the Agricultural Bank of Vientiane City, which is a discount of 100 yuan for a consumption of 1,000 yuan.

Agricultural Bank’s digital RMB “Binding You Jinxi” lottery; Bank of China’s digital RMB Meituan gift package; CCB’s digital RMB parking, digital RMB saving card, digital RMB restaurant supermarket coupons and other activities; Bank of Communications shares millions Digital RMB gift package activities; Postal Savings Bank’s digital wallet new full customer discount event; China Merchants Bank’s digital RMB e-cartoon koi free bills throughout the year; Meituan digital RMB 40 yuan gift package; Jingdong digital RMB 110 yuan gift package… During the holidays, Xiamen City launched the “May 1st” Digital RMB Consumption Week, issuing digital RMB consumer coupons, red envelopes, and holding lucky draws through multiple channels and scenarios.

While bringing convenient payment methods and affordable shopping experience to citizens, it also gathers popularity and wealth for merchants. At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, special discounts for digital RMB activities were carried out in an all-round way. In front of the cashier counter, “digital RMB” payment became a popular payment method for people. The reporter saw that at the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, Foodstuffs and CCB Life launched a big discount. New registered users of CCB Life App over 31 yuan can use 30 yuan of digital RMB exclusive coupons, and digital RMB users can use 10 yuan over 30 yuan (more than 10 yuan can be used) 5 yuan) discount coupons for restaurants and supermarkets, as well as activities such as random discounts of 1-9 yuan after spending over 15 yuan in supermarkets, convenient experience superimposed with exciting discounts, and many citizens are rushing to experience digital renminbi. The relevant person in charge of Yuanchu Foods said that since the launch of the event, more than 10,000 people have used digital RMB to spend at Yuanchu Foods.

Industry insiders believe that the continuous enrichment of digital renminbi application scenarios will further boost the digitalization of Xiamen’s business district and consolidate the foundation for Xiamen to cultivate and create an international consumption center city. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that Xiamen will continue to enrich the application scenarios of digital renminbi in consumption, guide more entities to embed digital renminbi payment methods, and encourage multi-department and cross-field collaboration to launch more digital renminbi promotions. Consumption activities, to create a number of digital renminbi-featured business districts, and to use the digital renminbi pilot as an opportunity to further promote the quality and upgrade of traditional consumption and stimulate the potential of the consumer market.

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