Xcademy: The Crypto Economy and the Making of a Video Blogger

Xcademy is a support platform for content creators, Xcademy is built by some already successful content creators

Video bloggers are a popular freelance profession today

It goes without saying that video is now one of the most popular media to consume in terms of social media popularity, and it has also given rise to a content creation industry like social video creation. There are a lot of people who want to become video bloggers, to become the next Li Zidian, and to become various social media vloggers.

According to survey information, becoming a tube-blogger is currently one of the most attractive career paths in the US and UK. As a result, many people are trying to get into the industry, which has resulted in the emergence of many video bloggers as well as video content.

Becoming a professional video blogger is not easy

  • It is not easy to stand out from the video bloggers There are many newbies, who wish to become big and influential, but there is no clear guidance and systematic training on how to get started. In addition, even if someone is very talented in content creation, but today’s video content is so rich that putting it into social media platforms is like putting a fish into the sea, and it will soon die out among all the other fish, so how to stand out is a challenge.

*It is not easy to realize the traffic of video bloggers, but through the efforts of thousands of thousands of fans, but how to realize the traffic, how to support long-term content creation through traffic revenue? This is another problem.

Xcademy’s response

Xcademy is a support platform for content creators, built by successful content creators, and according to Xcademy, its community has over 50 million fans, 6,000 paid users, and 60,000 regular users. a range of support tools, including marketing tools, educational content from successful Yankee vloggers, incentive reward programs, and more.

If that were all, it wouldn’t be too different from a regular tube blogger education and training platform. It differs in two ways.

One, Xcademy not only provides educational training content and resources, but also connects these content creators, some of whom are successful content creators, with the average number of followers of this group of users exceeding 1 million.

Secondly, it incorporates a crypto-token economy in an attempt to help oil tube bloggers with their cold starts. For example, incentivizing viewers of videos and content creators so that both parties benefit at the same time. If it can succeed, this will make it a more dynamic platform for raising video bloggers.

Specifically, how can Xcademy help content creators achieve their dreams of becoming big vloggers?

*Provide a platform for content creators to learn and grow

In Xcademy, content creators can learn from successful tube bloggers. The vloggers provide some video content or texts summarizing their own experiences. They provide materials such as video layout templates, how to build scripts, demonstration content, reading materials, generic reimbursement schemes and quotes, etc.

Through such learning opportunities, students on Xcademy have the chance to evolve more quickly compared to their peers because of the opportunity to talk, interact and learn directly from these successful and well-known bloggers, and even the chance to have 1-on-1 coaching instruction by paying XCAD tokens to answer various questions.

In addition, Xcademy has an internal community of content creators. It has a private invited community that only Xcademy content creators can join to encourage collaboration, dialogue, and partnership building among them, with separate chat rooms, member forums, etc. Xcademy is also planning to launch a gamified competition system in order to advance the evolution of content creators, where content creators can join various contests, become winners based on the heat of their content and receive corresponding rewards.

*Boosting tools for content creators

In addition to learning from vloggers and internal peer-to-peer exchanges, Xcademy will offer a variety of practical tools. These tools are aimed at one goal: how to make content stand out from the pile? This is one of the biggest concerns of early stage video bloggers.

Xcademy has automated marketing and promotion software to create marketing campaigns on social media, and Xcademy content creators can pay to use these tools using XCAD tokens (tokens for the Xcademy network), which are simple to use and allow content creators to promote by simply entering the URL of their targeted video or content.

These Xcademy marketing automation software can perform research on SEO trends, Google AdWords, keywords, tags, etc., and will then optimize based on these, such as generating the appropriate keywords, tags, etc., so that the content has a higher probability of being found and recommended.

In addition, content creators on Xcademy will have their oil pipe accounts automatically linked and integrated into Xcademy after they publish their content, and this video syndication and sharing also facilitates content discovery.

  • Boosting the effective view time of content

YouTube’s algorithm has various variables, which include view time, click-through rate, number of comments, number of likes, etc. Of these, view time is given the most weight; if a video is viewed for a longer period of time, it has a better chance of being recommended and presented to a larger audience. With these variables, its algorithm filters, ranks and and determines the chances of recommending the content creator to the audience.

Such an algorithm can lead to a horse-trading effect, while at the same time making it difficult for many new content creators to get discovered. The question now, then, is how to get bloggers to spend effective time viewing their content.

Here comes one of the most important aspects of the Xcademy ecosystem: the XCAD token mechanism, which is also the token of the Xcademy network and which is the glue in the whole Xcademy ecosystem operation. This will be mentioned below.

  • Cashing in opportunities for content creators

Some content creators have quite a few subscribers, but it is also a challenge to realize the traffic. At present, there are two main ways: one is video advertising, but as the content increases, the growth rate of the total number of ads placed slows down and the ad revenue that can be shared decreases or even decreases with it; the second is brand pushing in the video content, but if it is too frequent, it will cause users’ resentment.

Xcademy: The Crypto Economy and the Making of a Video Blogger

(Revenue of content creators, source: Xcademy information)

From the statistics in the chart above, it is not easy for oil tube bloggers with tens of thousands of followers to achieve higher revenue. There is also a paradox here, to do produce higher quality videos means more time to give, even full time. And full time means earning enough to support basic expenses. To do it as an amateur often means not being able to stand out.

Xcademy has introduced a third way to cash in, which is to tokenize video bloggers, thus giving them the opportunity to cash in. This will be mentioned below.

XCAD is the glue of the Xcademy ecosystem

In the Xcademy ecosystem, there is educational content, boosting tools, and coaching by big vloggers, but the most important pry point for its ecosystem to be sustainable is its XCAD token mechanism. It can be said that XCAD is the glue of the Xcademy ecosystem and plays an important role in the development of its video bloggers.

Xcademy: The Crypto Economy and the Making of a Video Blogger

(Xcademy’s video blogger nurturing and XCAD, source: Xcademy)

In the Xcademy ecosystem, XCAD is the network token. It acts as a base incentive in the Xcademy platform. In addition, it has a governance token function that allows the holder to participate in the governance of the Xcademy network.

What is the use of XCAD tokens? XCAD tokens can be used to pay for membership in the Xcademy platform, to pay for the use of various tools or services on the Xcademy platform, to purchase coaching services from the big names on the Xcademy platform, to pay for marketing events, etc. In addition, XCAD is the only medium used to purchase video blogger tokens in the early days.

That is, if the Xcademy platform grows faster, the more its paid members grow, and the more its tools and services are used, the greater the demand for XCAD will be. This is the source of support for XCAD’s long-term value. Of course, if the ecosystem doesn’t grow, its source of value support will be lackluster.

So, how does XCAD get there? The acquisition of XCAD itself is closely related to the community behavior we mentioned above of increasing the effective viewing time of videos, promoting interaction between vloggers and learners, and promoting upgrades of tools and services. Through the tokenization and gamification of the Xcademy platform, content creators can be motivated to support each other. And these behaviors can be measured in terms of their value in XCAD tokens.

In the Xcademy ecosystem, content creators and Xcademy students do not need to use cash to access marketplace tools or services on their platform. This reduces the cost for content creators. They can pay with XCAD tokens, which can be earned through various internal incentive programs. One of them is the support of other content creators’ videos, which can be watched by other bloggers and viewed for enough hours (80% and above, which is also based on the algorithm of the oil pipe). The videos in the Xcademy video sharing area are videos that play on the OILTUBE. Content creators have the opportunity to be rewarded with XCAD tokens by viewing or commenting on other creators’ videos on the tube from the Xcademy platform. And these interactive behaviors such as browsing are conducive to being recommended by the algorithm behind the oil pipe, thus creating a positive cycle. So, in a sense, Xcademy also functions as a cold start for tube-based videos.

Once the initial cold start is completed, some high quality content will easily gain more attention. If users interact with content creators’ content directly on social media platforms, rather than through the Xcademy platform, users will receive a token incentive related to the content creator (which will be mentioned below), rather than XCAD tokens.

In addition, Xcademy also rewards users for giving valuable feedback to other users, which facilitates the creation of better content and a better connection between them. For some successful video bloggers, they can be rewarded with XCAD by becoming coaches, such as uploading educational and training videos to help other bloggers grow, or providing 1-on-1 coaching.

Overall, an organic ecosystem of incentives is created through XCAD token rewards. As the videos are watched for more time, they also have the opportunity to be recommended by the algorithm, completing the cold start and moving towards a positive cycle. In addition, XCAD has a pledge to boost the reward multiplier, somewhat similar to Curve’s token incentive mechanism. When a content creator pledges their XCAD, it increases the content creator’s reward weighting. Since XCAD is a fixed total, pledging reduces the number of XCAD tokens in circulation on the market. In addition, XCAD tokens can be pledged to a video blogger’s pledge pool to determine, among other things, the form of distribution of content creator tokens.

Tokenization of video bloggers as a catalyst to drive the growth of Xcademy

As mentioned above, the Xcademy platform will introduce tokenization for video bloggers in order to broaden the revenue of content creators. The tokenization is not only available to Xcademy content bloggers, but also to all bloggers on the oil tube. It allows any content creator to create their own tokens to incentivize their followers. In order to get a token from a content creator, users need to interact with them on their social media platforms such as the tube, for example, by viewing or commenting on them. Alternatively, users can use XCAD to purchase the content creator’s tokens directly through the secondary marketplace.

For fans of these bloggers, they can use the Xcademy incentive system to get tokens from the video bloggers. These fans install the Xcademy browser extension or mobile app, after which users can create a free Xcademy account and can then earn the corresponding blogger token incentive by watching or commenting on the blogger’s content. This is not too different from the previous experience of watching videos on the tube itself.

The amount of token rewards is related to the users who participate, and in order to get more incentives, viewing users may into adopt a strategy of viewing multiple video bloggers’ content, while the earlier they view high quality bloggers’ content, the more tokens they will get in the early stages, and as the content bloggers grow, their token value will increase.

In addition, each tokenized content creator can pledge their content creator tokens along with their XCAD tokens to receive a higher reward multiplier. The video blogger tokenization also has a special feature where it can generate a limited number of NFT tokens, such as trading cards and digital collectibles, while issuing video blogger tokens.

These NFTs can be traded on Xcademy’s DEX platform or on other NFT marketplaces. These blogger NFTs can initially only be purchased through XCAD tokens or specific blogger tokens. Bloggers can tie their NFT tokens to real-world uses, giving their NFTs value. For example, NFTs can be used to gain access to earlier content, or tickets to offline meetups, etc. It mentions the concept of bloggers’ “Moment” NFT, which is modeled after the NBA TopShot’s “Moment” model, where video bloggers can tokenize their “Moment “NFT tokenization, and there are different levels of scarcity, divided into bronze, silver, gold, rare and other levels. The higher the level, the fewer they are issued. As a whole, the tokenization of video bloggers connects bloggers and their fans through tokens, promoting more interaction between their fans and videos, and these interactions will push video bloggers to be discovered by more people, thus allowing excellent video bloggers to get more opportunities. And as more and more good video bloggers stand out, this will drive Xcademy itself to be valued by more video bloggers, thus driving its development. So the tokenization of video bloggers is the catalyst to drive the growth of Xcademy.

Other facilities of XCademy


Looking at Xcademy’s plans, it also plans to launch DEX. on its DEX, tokens of content bloggers are mainly traded. On this DEX, video blogger tokens form trading token pairs with XCAD, and other users can provide liquidity for these tokens and get rewarded for it.

*Bloggers’ Market Cap Ranking

In order to make it easier for users to check the market cap ranking of bloggers, Xcademy plans to launch InfluencerMarketCap.com, a market cap platform similar to coinmarketcap, where the market cap ranking of various bloggers will be available in real time in the future.

  • Issuing its tokens based on the Zilliqa blockchain

Xcademy uses Zilliqa blockchain technology to issue its tokens. Users manage their tokens through the Zilliqa wallet, while Xcademy connects their wallet address to their account.

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