X 2 Earn must rely on Pond’s start? Where is the way out for Gamefi? (superior)

With the advent of the bear market, various types of X2 Earn problems have gradually been exposed.

The first to bear the brunt is the two leading companies Axie and Stepn, representatives of Play 2 Earn and Move 2 Earn, SLP and GST have both fallen by more than 99%.

The old Filipino guys who quit their jobs last year to work professionally at home will probably have to go back to look for jobs this year.

If you say that you can earn a big meal by running every day before, and then it will gradually turn into a cup of coffee, then you may only be able to buy a bottle of mineral water when you run every day. In the past few months, the so-called buying a pair of shoes and quilt covers was a big deal, and it was a 6-month gym membership. , at least you can get a healthy mentality, but now it is likely to be collapsed by the super-long cycle of returning to the capital for several years.

X 2 Earn seems to have reached a dead end!


Obviously, the token models of X2Earn such as Axie and Stepn are Ponzi models.

Of course, Ponzi is a relatively neutral word here, because the Ponzi model is not equivalent to a Ponzi scheme. The cold start of X2Earn basically depends on the Ponzi model.

But Ethereum isn’t, or used to be, and isn’t anymore – reasons, think for yourself :)

Going back to Axie and Stepn, both of them are very good Dapps in the circle, and they have nothing to do with scams, but their Tokens themselves are really full of Ponzi flavor.

It’s very simple, you play games every day, and the Tokens generated by running are unlimited, and these Tokens need someone to “take over”.

Who is taking over?

X 2 Earn must rely on Pond's start? Where is the way out for Gamefi? (superior)

Take Stepn (only based on Solana) as an example:

Old players – they need to spend GST to repair shoes, upgrade shoes, synthetic shoes;

New players – they do not buy GST directly, but they need to spend Sol to buy shoes, and these shoes are bought by old players with GST Mint, so they are actually “taking over” the GST of old players in disguise.

For old players, their output must be greater than their consumption, at least after entering a certain level, so the income of the entire game is mainly maintained by the entry of new players.

To maintain the high price of GST, it requires not only the continuous entry of new players, but also the need for players to enter at an “exponential” growth rate . Obviously, this growth rate will peak in two or three months at most, which is why AXS and Stepn’s brilliant time is basically the same, about 2 or 3 months.

Who is more Ponzi

This is a question that few people in the circle have discussed so far!

Stepn is obviously more advanced than Axie in the design of various mechanisms, including perfect anti-cheating, anti-gold studio design, complex gems, slots and other upgrade settings that increase consumption, as well as fatigue value, durability etc. Clever ways to limit output.

However, I have to say that Stepn is inherently more Ponzi than Axs.

Why do you say that?

This has to start with how to break the Ponzi model. There are two inspection methods:

1 – What you mine has value to the outside world
2 – What you mine has “non-investment value” for the internal world, or more simply, pure consumption

Think from the perspective of 1 – imagine AXIE or Stepn is a gold mine, elf or running shoes are hoes, you can dig gold with the hoe, and you can sell the gold for money, and then you can also spend money to upgrade your hoe, let He helps you mine gold faster and better.

Such a gold mine will naturally attract gold diggers who smell money, so you can spend money to use your old hoe to mass-produce new hoes, and then sell them to these new gold diggers.

In the traditional world, this model is not Ponzi, nor will it collapse, because 1. the total amount of gold is limited 2. Gold has a huge and relatively stable value to the outside world.

Obviously, neither AXIE nor Stepn meet this condition.

look again 2

What if the things you dug up were willingly bought in bulk in the inner world? So here comes the question, the motive for this purchase is extremely important!

You may say that the motive for purchasing is, of course, to upgrade or maintain pets (equipment)~

That’s right, so our question is actually transformed into – the motivation to upgrade pets (equipment) is extremely important!

In Stepn, the whole purpose of upgrading shoes is to produce more GST (including GMT after high level).

In AXIE, most of the purpose of upgrading (breeding) pets is also to produce more SLP better and more.

These are inputs, not consumption!

but! but! In theory, there can be such a group of players in Axie. Their motivation for buying SLP is to upgrade or cultivate better and stronger pets, and the purpose of getting better and stronger pets is to obtain better and stronger pets in the battle. good grade.

This is exactly the way of traditional Web2 krypton gold players.

An open online game that can endure for a long time must have a certain proportion of krypton gold players, so that the entire open system can continue unfailingly. This requires the game to be fun enough and the economic system to be complex enough . Krypton Compared with ordinary players, the advantages of gold players can be restrained enough. The one that has done well in this regard is “World of Warcraft”, and the one that has achieved the peak is “Fantasy Westward Journey”.

Obviously, Axie is completely substandard in terms of playability alone, so the proportion of “real kryptonite players” who spend money to upgrade or cultivate “in order to achieve better results in the battle” is too small.

X 2 Earn must rely on Pond's start? Where is the way out for Gamefi? (superior)

So why do I say Stepn is more Ponzi? It’s because Axie, as a game that can be played against, at least retains the possibility that when a certain version in the future is fun enough to attract enough ordinary players, it will maintain a certain percentage of krypton gold players. The entire Ponzi model can then be broken from the inside and become a virtuous cycle + self-sustaining system.

As for Stepn’s design, the only advantage of high-grade running shoes over low-grade running shoes is that they can produce more. There is no way to compete between running shoes, and there is no way to make avatars like monkeys and Punk, so as to attract krypton gold from the perspective of Socialfi Players – those who upgrade shoes are purely for consumption, to make the shoes look better and make the players look more cool.

Therefore, in essence, Stepn is more Ponzi than Axs, but in a realistic sense, the “Ponzi level” of the two is the same.

where is the way out

Where is the way out, to be honest I’m not sure. But I have some thoughts, because of the space, I will put it in the next article.

Before that, please think about why I said that Ethereum has got rid of the Ponzi model at the current time point, and why is Bitcoin still in the Ponzi model?

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