Wuzhu Express becomes a blind box for sale. Who will protect the personal information on it?

Selling blind boxes cannot be “law blind”

Recently, on some e-commerce platforms, express blind boxes composed of multiple unopened express parcels have been sought after by some consumers. Why does the express parcel that should be signed by the buyer become a blind box and be put on the shelf? Is it legal to sell so-called express blind boxes? Reporters conducted an investigation.

Satisfy the curiosity of young consumers

“The things that are removed are basically useless.” Recently, the buyer, Ms. Shi, bought a 30 yuan express blind box on an e-commerce platform. “The phone case, light bulb, and mechanical parts are already calculated, and there are actually expired warm babies, unpacked moxibustion strips, and pens that cannot write words…”

A number of interviewed buyers said that most of the unpacked express blind boxes are small items of low value.

The reporter’s investigation found that e-commerce platforms and second-hand trading platforms are the main channels for the sales of these express blind boxes. Merchants “sell by individual” or “sell by catty.” “Sell by piece” has prices such as 19.88 yuan for 30 pieces, 23.88 yuan for 40 pieces, 59.88 yuan for 60 pieces, etc.; “by jin” has different prices such as 35 yuan 2 jin, 60 yuan 4 jin, 112 yuan 8 jin. Some express blind box sellers sell more than 3,000 pieces a month.

Some buyers told reporters that the price of express blind boxes is generally not high, and they chose to try it only after the merchant’s promotion of “good value for money”. In addition, popular unboxing videos of some short video platforms from media bloggers have also attracted traffic to express blind boxes.

Zhou Qingjie, a professor at the School of Economics of Beijing Technology and Business University, believes: “Businessmen who package unknown products and sell them to consumers deliberately create information asymmetry. This information asymmetry brings uncertainty between actual purchases and imaginary products, and furthermore Satisfy the curiosity of some young consumers.” However, some unscrupulous merchants use “uncertainty” to sell substandard products and over-market to violate the rights of consumers.

Express parcels become blind boxes

Some buyers told reporters that each package in the blind box is packaged with the original express delivery company, and each package has the complete information of the original recipient printed on it. So, how did these express items that should have been signed for or returned to the merchant turned into “express blind boxes” and were again put on the shelves for sale?

Through the express packaging bag provided by the buyer of the Beijing Express Blind Box, the reporter contacted the recipient of the original express delivery-Ms. Chu from Shanghai Baoshan.

Ms. Chu said that this express item was indeed a product she had purchased. Because of the delivery address, she did not sign for it, but returned it midway, and the seller’s refund had also been received. However, the reporter inquired about the logistics information on the express package and found that Ms. Chu’s express delivery was not returned to the merchandise seller in Guangdong, but was signed for at an outlet in Baoshan, Shanghai, and then sent out from Shanghai as a blind express box.

The reporter got through the customer service number of the express company, and the customer service staff said that they did not understand the phenomenon of express blind boxes. “If it is a courier with a clearly stated address, it should not be sold again.” The customer service staff also told reporters that the courier lost the express. Once complained, he will face a penalty of several times the price of the goods.

The reporter searched for “Express Blind Box” on the e-commerce platform and found that some stores stated their source of goods on the homepage, such as the off-shelf goods mainly from live broadcasts, warehouse goods, and backlogs of unowned express delivery.

“They are the backlog of express delivery that buyers return and sellers have not recovered.” A seller on Taobao told reporters this way.

A practitioner in the logistics industry told reporters that some express blind boxes are a kind of commercial gimmick. The recipient information and phone numbers on the express are fake. The sellers just borrow the blind box concept and put some small things that are not valuable in themselves. Sell.

Selling blind boxes cannot be “law blind”

“For a variety of complex reasons, some pieces of express delivery really become a No long-term unclaimed, but it does not mean that without these main parts may be free to dispose of.” Shaanxi Western High Lawyer Liu Jing said, “Provisional Regulations on delivery “Article 4 clearly stipulates that no unit or individual may open, conceal, destroy or resell other people’s express mail without permission. In addition, for unowned express parcels, the “Regulations on the Management of Undeliverable and Unreturnable Express Parcels” also have relevant regulations. “The express delivery company should arrange a special place to keep the undeliverable and unreturnable express mails, and the storage period shall not be less than 1 year from the date of registration of the undeliverable and unreturnable express mails.”

“If the blind express box is sold together with the recipient’s personal information, it will leak the consumer’s personal privacy and also provide opportunities for other criminals.” Liu Jing said, according to the third of the “Interim Regulations on Express Delivery” According to the provisions of Article 14, companies operating express delivery services and their employees shall not sell, disclose or illegally provide user information known in the process of express delivery services.

On the e-commerce platform, the phenomenon of unowned express delivery as a blind box still exists. Zhao Xiaomin, an expert in the express delivery industry, believes that the current behavior of selling blind express boxes is still somewhat lagging at the regulatory level. “The backlog of unowned express delivery is also a phenomenon that has always existed in the express industry, but no express company can sell express parcels privately.”

“The regulatory authorities should attach great importance to such phenomena. According to current laws and regulations, if express companies have questions about headless express delivery, it is recommended to negotiate with the local postal administration as soon as possible to avoid legal risks.” Zhao Xiaomin said.

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