Wuhan releases preliminary plan for Metaverse industry development

Help build a first-tier city in the national digital economy

After Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hefei and many others have incorporated the Metaverse into the development plans of future cities, the wind of the Metaverse has blown to Wuhan again.

A few days ago, the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology released the “Wuhan Metaverse Industry Innovation and Development Implementation Plan (2022-2024) (Draft for Comment)”, which is to be publicly solicited for comments.

According to the current draft for comments, one of the overall goals set by Wuhan City for the Metaverse industry is that by 2024, Metaverse will play a significant role in driving and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the real economy and industry.

Wuhan releases preliminary plan for Metaverse industry development

Wuhan Economic and Information Bureau

In addition, it also includes the establishment of a Metaverse Research Institute in the city, the establishment of more than 2 Metaverse industry incubation bases, the focus on 10 industry fields, the creation of more than 30 Metaverse scene application demonstration projects, and the cultivation of more than 100 Metaverse core enterprises. .

The notice also lists the main points of Metaverse’s innovative industry development in 2022, and will increase investment promotion around key areas such as hardware, platforms, core chips, 3D engines, and NFTs (non-homogeneous tokens).

Since the beginning of this year, Metaverse has repeatedly appeared in the government work report of Wuhan City.

On January 11, when Cheng Yongwen, deputy secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and mayor, gave a government work report to the conference, he pointed out that it is necessary to promote the integration of the Metaverse, blockchain and the real economy, and build five digital economy industrial parks including Xiaomi Science and Technology Park.

Wuhan releases preliminary plan for Metaverse industry development

Xiaomi Group Wuhan Headquarters

In early May, Wuhan City issued “Several Policies for Supporting the Accelerated Development of the Digital Economy”, emphasizing the encouragement and support of holding various Metaverse and other important events or innovation competitions with international and domestic influence, and supporting the use of related products such as Metaverse and blockchain. Technology and other investment projects as the main business.

On May 23, Wuhan City proposed in the “14th Five-Year Plan for Wuhan’s New Smart City” that the layout of 6G, photonic technology, quantum technology, Metaverse, brain science and brain-like research, flexible electronics and other digital fields future industry.

It is not difficult to see that the Wuhan municipal government’s positioning of Metaverse is more prominent in its digital economy, intelligence and urban construction functions, which is also in line with Wuhan’s previous “roadmap” for the development of the digital economy. The added value of the city’s digital economy core industries accounts for more than 14% of GDP, and strives to build a first-tier digital economy city by 2035.

In the face of fierce competition from other cities, why can Wuhan issue this “military order”?

Wuhan’s confidence

The digital economy benchmark in the central region

Wuhan is an important town for the development of my country’s digital economy, and a benchmark and leading city for the digital economy in the central region. At present, the digital economy accounts for more than 40% of Wuhan’s GDP and nearly 60% of Optics Valley’s GDP. The industry has strong growth ability and strong development resilience.

Wuhan releases preliminary plan for Metaverse industry development

Wuhan Optics Valley

The key to vigorously developing the digital economy is to promote digital industrialization and industrial digitalization to develop in the same direction and to resonate at the same frequency. Hubei has transformed from a large manufacturing province to a powerful manufacturing province, and Wuhan is an important industrial base in the country. Digitalization and industrial integration will strongly promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

Tencent, Midea, OPPO and other major manufacturers have deployed

In November last year, Wuhan City issued the “Policies and Measures for Accelerating the High-quality Development of the Headquarters Economy in Wuhan City”, proposing to support newly introduced headquarters enterprises to settle down, with a maximum reward of 40 million yuan. Strive to use 5 years to make the number of headquarters enterprises in the city exceed 400.

Since the beginning of last year, a number of corporate headquarters, regional headquarters or innovation headquarters have successively landed in Optics Valley: Tencent (Wuhan) Digital Industry Headquarters, dedicated to building the top digital industry headquarters in China; GitLab (GitLab) China’s independent operation headquarters, holding hands with more than 100 people. A number of Chinese enterprises are expanding the open source industry; Mingyuan Cloud ‘s second national headquarters is expected to have 5,000 employees in Han in the next five years; Camel’s innovation headquarters is developing new energy storage batteries; iSoftStone’s second headquarters, industrial The agglomeration ecological chain will attract more than 10,000 jobs; OPPO Huazhong Software R&D and Technology Competence Center; Midea (Wuhan) Software Center…

Wuhan releases preliminary plan for Metaverse industry development

Tencent Wuhan R&D Center

According to public data, as of now, more than 80 digital economy companies have set up their Central China headquarters or second headquarters in Optics Valley, creating nearly 40,000 new jobs.

Talent return

In June, the streets of Wuhan were full of graduates.

Wuhan releases preliminary plan for Metaverse industry development

Wuhan is one of the cities with the largest number of college students in the country, with 89 universities, 121 scientific research institutes, 71 academicians, and more than 1.3 million college students, including more than 200,000 IT-related majors.

Hubei ranks seventh in the country in terms of scientific and technological innovation capabilities. Universities and scientific research institutions such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, and Wuhan University of Technology have outstanding innovation capabilities and have a group of scientists and engineers with significant influence in the field of digital economy.

Wuhan releases preliminary plan for Metaverse industry development

Wuhan University

Data shows that in 2021, there will be 345,000 new students studying in Han, and the target for 2022 is more than 300,000. Wuhan is becoming the first choice for employment of college students in Han.

In terms of attracting talents, Optics Valley, which only accounts for about 6% of Wuhan, has contributed greatly. From 2017 to 2021, Optics Valley has left a total of 550,000 college students. At present, Optics Valley has more than 12,000 doctors working in enterprises. In 2022, Optics Valley plans to attract more than 100,000 college students.

The continuous flow of talents may become Wuhan’s greatest confidence.

Challenges remain

The digital economy has become a battleground for strategists. At present, the digital economy is still an emerging industry, and a new wave of exploring the development of the digital economy has been launched all over the country.

Compared with Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities in the first echelon, Wuhan still has a lot of room for the development of digital economy. These provinces and cities not only have developed their own economic level, but also have a strong policy environment, talent advantages and industrial foundation. There are typical advantages in other aspects.

Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said, “At present, Wuhan still has some challenges in developing the digital economy. On the other hand, Wuhan is also facing the competitive pressure of capital, talent and technology in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions.”

How this heroic city will rely on the Metaverse to break the digital economy and create its own digital “model room”, we will wait and see.

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