Written before the boring ape sold its land…

Shortly after writing this article, the most interesting event in the circle at the moment———The Land Sale of the Boring Ape is about to start.

The boring ape is a topic I talk to you a lot in my article. This project has been described as worthless in the beginning and has grown into the number one brand in the NFT field. Its growth process is like a rocket launch. In today’s world, except for the encryption world, I am afraid that this kind of speed and explosive power will never be used again. Occurs in other ecosystems.

I will talk to you about this topic again today. My main purpose is not to introduce the details of its land sale, but to vaguely feel that there is an ominous omen behind the upcoming feast.

The matter of the Boring Ape selling land has started to build momentum since the project party airdropped tokens last month. For this land sale, the project team also released a very attractive and imaginative animation.

The animation showed everyone a scene of many IP images participating in a fantastic trip together. The IP images appearing in the animation not only include the original IP images of the project owner, Boring Ape and Mutant Ape, but also the cypherpunk and Meebits acquired by it, as well as some well-known NFTs in the industry such as Coolcats, CrypToadz and so on. This kind of big party scene has brought huge imagination space to the entire NFT field, and it has greatly improved the rank of the project itself.

After that, the prices of Bored Ape and Mutant Ape continued to rise, from 100 ETH and 20 ETH after the airdrop to 154 ETH and 40 ETH at the time of writing. From this increase, we can all see how high the industry’s expectations for the project are.

At the same time, it seems that Chinese companies that have been unknown in the NFT field have also begun to appear in this field, and the way they appear is represented by the image of the boring ape.

Yesterday, a large number of photos of two well-known Chinese companies marching into the “Metaverse” began to spread on the Internet.

One is Li Ning and the other is Greenland Group.

Li Ning bought the No. 4102 Boring Ape and used its image for his sportswear. Greenland Group bought No. 8302 Boring Ape and used it as the NFT image of the group’s digital strategy.

Regardless of whether Li Ning and Greenland Group use the Boring Ape well or not, the high-profile appearances of the two Chinese companies finally gave Chinese companies their place in the NFT wave sweeping the West, which also made the image of the Boring Ape begin. Fermentation in global enterprises, truly become the first global Web 3.0 IP.

Since then, every move of the boring ape will not only involve the original NFT players, but also various companies and social levels.

In this context, when we look at the upcoming land sale of the boring ape, there will be a feeling that the climax is coming.

Since it is a climax, it cannot let everyone down.

Therefore, in order to make this land sale as fair and reasonable as possible, give the public the opportunity to participate as much as possible, comply with the regulations of the US Securities Regulatory Commission as much as possible, and at the same time promote the tokens in its own ecology as much as possible, the project side is really down. Kung fu, tried everything possible, and only officially launched its land sale plan after several easy drafts.

Under such a plan, regardless of the price of its IP image, the price of Ape tokens, and the attention of many players and social media, it has reached an unprecedented height in the NFT field.

I believe that this grand banquet ended in a happy situation, but I also have a faint feeling that the peak of prosperity may also be the turning point from prosperity to decline. This is what the ancients of China often said, “the moon will make a profit and a loss”. Since ancient times, everything has never been out of this law.

And this transition from prosperity to decline is probably not only the turning point of the project itself in this bear market, but also the turning point of the entire encryption ecology in this bear market.

We might as well take a step back and look at the entire encryption ecology from a broader perspective. We will find that the hype of DeFi 2.0 has long been silent, and the words of MicroStrategy and Sister Mutou who bought Bitcoin are no longer mentioned. The expectation of Merge was postponed again (from mid-year to the end of the year), leaving only NFT to support the entire encryption ecosystem.

In the field of NFT, only the boring ape can continue to exert force and this kind of force can generate kinetic energy.Although other projects that have risen together with it have also followed suit, they have also airdropped and issued coins, but the result not only did not drive the price of the entire project, but fell into a deeper decline after the boom.

In terms of its planning and imagination, the Boring Ape may only see the last resort of selling land. After this move, it will be quite difficult to come up with a more lethal gameplay than this move in a short period of time.This is the law, and it cannot be easily done by human beings.

Therefore, I have a vague feeling that after the land sale, when the top brand in the NFT field no longer has a selling point in the short term, the feast will end at an unimaginable speed. And the end of this feast will also bring the entire crypto ecosystem into the second stage of the bear market.

I am still quite optimistic about the future of the boring ape, and I am still quite optimistic about the future of the encrypted ecology, but flowers never bloom, and even the best projects need time to settle and dormancy to cultivate.Perhaps when the entire ecology has entered a desperate trough, we will see them rise again in a state of shocking the world in a few years.

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