World Wide Web source code NFT fetches over $5.4 million

World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web source code NFT2021 completed its auction at Sotheby’s on July 1, with a final sale price of over $5.4 million.

World Wide Web source code NFT fetches over .4 million

According to the auction information provided by Sotheby’s, the sale includes the original timestamp file containing the source code, a visual animation of the code, a letter written by Tim Berners-Lee reflecting on the code and the creation process, and a digital image (in SVG format) containing the complete code.

Specifically included are.

  1. Original files containing the source code with date and time stamps, written between October 3, 1990 and August 24, 1991. These files contain approximately 9,555 lines of code, and their contents include implementations of three languages and protocols invented by Tim Berners-Lee; HTML (Hypertext Markup Language); HTTP (HyperTransport Protocol); and URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers), as well as the original HTML documents that instructed early Web users on how to use the application.
  2. Visual animations (video, black and white, silent) of the written code, lasting 30 minutes and 25 seconds.
  3. Scalable vector graphics (SVG) representation of the complete code (A0 841 mm wide x 1189 mm high), created from the original file by Tim Berners-Lee using Python, with his signature in the lower right corner.
World Wide Web source code NFT fetches over .4 million

A letter written by Tim Berners-Lee in June 2021 in the file (“markdown” format), reflecting the code and its creation process.

World Wide Web source code NFT fetches over .4 million

The auction is in the form of ERC-721 NFT tokens, minted on June 15, 2021.

Smart contract address: 0x86ade256037d80d6d42df8df96d5be21cd25bd8f

Invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, the World Wide Web application is the first hypermedia browser/editor that allows users to create and navigate links between files in a computer network. It was written in the Objective C programming language, using Interface Builder on the NeXT computer, the highly influential and innovative computer designed by Steve Jobs between 1985, when he was forced to leave Apple, and 1997, when he rejoined the company.

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