World Mobile: Let everyone in the world access the Internet through the blockchain

When you pick up your mobile phone to shop and browse short videos anytime, anywhere, you might not expect that nearly 4 billion people worldwide cannot access the Internet.

Because traditional mobile network operators do not invest in mobile communication networks in remote areas based on profit considerations. Existing mobile communication networks have inherent shortcomings, such as inability to reach remote areas, high power consumption of equipment, closed source software, expensive network fees, oligopoly, regulatory requirements within a certain range, etc.

So is there any solution that allows people in areas where traditional mobile networks are unwilling to invest in them to access the Internet cheaply and conveniently?

World Mobile is the company born for this mission. Currently World Mobile is building a global mobile network based on blockchain and sharing economy to help everyone in the world live a more connected life.

Recently, Golden Finance interviewed World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins.

Why decentralized mobile communication network

Regarding the shortcomings of the traditional mobile network mentioned above, Micky Watkins said that decentralized mobile communication will bring about the benefits of freedom of choice in the network economy, self-data governance, immutability, transparency, and distributed ownership.

Micky Watkins explained the role of blockchain in the decentralized mobile communication network from six aspects: trust, efficiency, digital ID, sharing economy, self-data governance, and community.

  • Trust: verify that “on-chain” transactions cannot be changed later;
  • Efficiency: Smart contracts can replace many bureaucrats and administrative layers, making the solution more efficient;
  • Digital ID: enabling millions of users to bridge the digital divide and gain economic freedom;
  • Sharing economy: Node owners and operators are automatically rewarded through the token economy of the blockchain, enabling the network to grow rapidly;
  • Self-data governance: to give users privacy and control over their own data;
  • Community: Distributed ownership of infrastructure is realized, allowing scalable and continuous funding.

Not only that, every World Mobile user will get a digital ID to access online banking and economic freedom. Unlike traditional mobile networks, World Mobile does not believe that it should benefit from users’ data, but should give users the opportunity to benefit from their own data.

World Mobile’s solution

According to the World Mobile white paper, the World Mobile solution is a hybrid mobile network that uses licensed and unlicensed spectrum to provide connections to rural and underserved areas in a sustainable manner.

Mainly by the Ethernet node (Aether Nodes), Earth node (Earth Node), Air Node (Air Nodes) components. Aether Nodes provide links with traditional telecommunications operators; Earth Nodes provide authentication, identity, communication between blockchain nodes, and telecommunications services; Air Nodes provide users with coverage and Internet access. Into service.


Node operators pledge World Mobile token WMT to join the World Mobile shared network system.

Air Nodes are the connection layer of the network. According to Micky Watkins, there are several types of air nodes. One is a village-level node with a construction cost of about US$5,000 and serves 400-800 people within a radius of 1 km; the other is Aerostats (usually called airships), which can connect hundreds of thousands of people with a radius of 75 Kilometers to 100 kilometers, the cost is several million dollars. It can also be a MiFi box, which may only be able to handle a radius of 100 meters, which is of course much lower than the cost of the other two nodes.

Micky Watkins revealed that Earth nodes are much rarer, and there will only be 1,000 in the foreseeable future.

Users only need one application, including dialer, wallet and market, and can use WIFI or standard GSM spectrum (such as 3g, 4g or 5g) on ​​mobile phones to connect to the world mobile infrastructure through World Mobile nodes. Using blockchain is as simple as making a call or sending a message.

Why did World Mobile choose Africa to land?

Currently World Mobile chooses Africa as its key landing area. World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins said that it must first go where needs and demands are greatest. The average age in Africa is 19.7 years. Of the 1.1 billion people in sub-Saharan Africa, approximately 850 million people do not have access to the Internet. On the humanitarian and commercial level, its potential is huge.


According to the World Mobile white paper

There are more than 1,000 mobile network operators in the world that provide services to half of the planet’s population that is connected to the Internet, but for nearly 4 billion people, they have no choice. Finding a solution (such as World Mobile) is one of the biggest business opportunities in history.

World Mobile landing case

World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins also introduced the landing case of World Mobile in Africa.

A few years ago World Mobile established a proof of concept on the island of Zanzibar in East Africa. World Mobile installed two AirNodes in a remote coastal village of 200 people. AirNodes provide internet connection, night lighting and a charging station powered by solar energy and backup batteries. Nearly 9 months later, the population of the village doubled to 400 people, the tavern increased from one to three, a new store opened, and the fishermen made five times the original profit because they could talk directly with the merchants. Communicate when they have fresh stocks and which stocks.

The Internet service provided by World Mobile has greatly changed the lives of locals. For example, Ismael Abdilah, a young man from Zanzibar, learned kitesurfing through the Internet. In 2021, he opened his own kitesurfing school, Sunshine Kite School, and established a website for the school, where customers can book courses online and meet with the team.


For example, the local girl Mwajuma Abdallah Abdillahi used the Internet to find her goal in life-to become a football player, and even to contact the daughter of Argentine football genius Maradona.

Currently World Mobile has more than 115,000 outlets across Tanzania through its major partners.

Why did World Mobile choose to build on the Cardano public chain?

World Mobile chose Cardano as its underlying blockchain. World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins explained why World Mobile chose Cardano.

Cardano is the most serious of all blockchains. Their team has written hundreds of papers and adopted an academic peer review approach. They applied science when creating the blockchain. World Mobile needs a digital ID card and hopes to change the relationship between operators and consumers through transparency. To this end, a scalable solution is needed that can provide services to millions of users, and Cardano provides this.

Micky Watkins also said that the relationship between World Mobile and Cardano is very symbiotic, because in order to “provide banking services for those who do not have a bank,” it is first necessary to connect those who are not connected.

World Mobile future plan

World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins also revealed to us World Mobile’s future plans.

In 2022, World Mobile will fine-tune the sharing economy in Zanzibar, which is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of users. Once this is proven on a large scale, the next step is the entire East Africa and other regions. It is expected to expand to Tanzania and Kenya as early as 2023. By connecting unconnected users in these areas, it will occupy a large part of the telecommunications market.

Micky Watkins predicts that there will be 25-40 million customers on the World Mobile network in the next two years. Once the sharing economy is fully developed, the growth will be explosive, and eventually hundreds of millions of users will run and use the World Mobile network. World Mobile, a network that 4 billion people are waiting for.

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