World Mobile hires former Vodafone mass segment head as new CMO

World Mobile announces the hiring of Steve James as its new CMO. James brings new strength to the talented World Mobile team, a decision that marks a massive expansion of World Mobile. market and user base.

Steve James was the head of the mass market segment for Vodafone (the multinational mobile phone operator). During his tenure, he led Vodafone to successfully transform its mass market positioning, paving the way for significant growth in revenue and active users.

Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile, said: “Our goal has always been to achieve a mass market. Currently, more than 3 billion people around the world do not have access to the Internet, banking or digital IDs because traditional networks are too expensive to service.” The sharing economy system of World Mobile (World Mobile) makes high network charges no longer a hindrance to the Internet. We need more users to understand and use the World Mobile (World Mobile) network. The addition of James is to promote the solution of this problem, to introduce and promote the use of a large number of users.

Before James joined World Mobile, he was Marketing Director at giffgaff (a virtual mobile network operator in the UK), Mass Segment Head at Vodafone and Head of Branding and Advertising at Tesco Mobile, As the head of Pay & Go at O2, helping these companies stabilize their advantages and expand their market share and user base.

Speaking of his future at World Mobile, James said, “I am delighted to be joining the World Mobile team. Not only will they be able to combine humanitarianism with the decentralized goal of giving back to users, but they are also the only challenger brand in the field, providing a new and fairer operating model for the telecom industry. This is the first step taken by the telecom industry in decades. The sharing economy of Airbnb (Airbnb, a sharing economy service website for travel and rental) and Uber (the developer of the sharing economy taxi app) has disrupted the entire industry, and World Mobile is also disrupting the traditional telecommunications industry, allowing people to Change the world while making money.

World Mobile is a successful blockchain mobile network company that has partnered with Zanzibar government, IOHK (Input Output HK R&D company) and Fulham Football Club. In addition, it has accreditation from the ITU and telecommunications licenses for Tanzania and Zanzibar. World Mobile (World Mobile) is in a period of vigorous development, James’ joining is undoubtedly the icing on the cake, helping World Mobile (World Mobile) quickly occupy the large-scale telecom market.

World Mobile (World Mobile) has always been committed to three key points: connecting people who are not connected to the Internet in the world, adding value to the sharing economy that supports the network, and large-scale network coverage to narrow the digital divide between people.

Micky further said that, just like the Fulham club based on user growth strategy, James’ arrival will inspire these three keys. James has extensive industry experience and a passion for customer experience, he is the most valuable contributor in the company, World Mobile (World Mobile) will be one of the leading blockchain companies.

Currently, many blockchain projects are focusing on the cryptocurrency niche. The appointment of James as CMO can establish World Mobile’s leadership in the mainstream field of blockchain and its determination to provide high-quality, inclusive network services to the world.

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