Wong Kar-wai x Sotheby’s: Wong Kar-wai’s first film NFT debut

Wong Kar Wai Film Collection Auction

30th Anniversary of Zedong Films Wong Kar Wai personally selects 30 precious collections 

“Wong Kar Wai and Modern Masters”

The world-class international director has an unprecedented dialogue on the evening filming of masterpieces of Eastern and Western modern masters

Wong Kar-wai x Sotheby's: Wong Kar-wai's first film NFT debut

Zedong Movie

In June of this year, Sotheby’s solemnly announced after the end of the London Modern and Contemporary Art evening auction: the international director Wang Kar-wai, a grand international director, will join the Sotheby’s Hong Kong Modern Art Auction in October, and will screen the trailer produced by Director Wang. The short film, as soon as the news came out, immediately attracted collectors and movie fans, and it has become a hot topic in the art world and even the world since the midsummer! Entering the countdown stage of the autumn auction, the details of the cross-border cooperation of “Wong Kar Wai x Sotheby’s” are officially announced. It will appear in the autumn auction in the form of a triple giant offering, allowing Director Wang to act as an artist, collector and curator respectively. , And Sotheby’s achieved this unprecedented cross-border cooperation, which will surely make collectors all over the world wait and see!

The Evening Sale That Makes History: Two Lots Related to Wong Kar Wai’s Movies

The modern art evening sale on October 9th will present two pieces related to Wong Kar-wai’s film, showing the talent of Wong Kar-wai as an artist: the first is the first NFT (non-homogeneous token) created by Director Wang This work will also become the first Asian film NFT to debut in an international auction house! Director Wang named the film “In the Mood for Love-A Moment” and presented the masterpiece “In the Mood for Love” in 2000, which won the “Best Actor” and “Best Artistic Achievement” awards at the 53rd Cannes Film Festival. 》The top-secret plot filmed on the first day!

Wong Kar Wai, “In the Mood for Love-A Moment”

Non-homogeneous tokens (NFT), made in 2021 (the fragment is taken from the 1999 movie), the number of editions is 1/1, 1 minute and 31 seconds

Wong Kar-wai x Sotheby's: Wong Kar-wai's first film NFT debut

Screenshot of the trailer version of “In the Mood for Love-A Moment” ©Zedong Film

Director Wang specially wrote an article for this book, sharing his thoughts on reviewing this critical moment:

Creation often comes from a single thought. There are ninety moments for a thought, and nine hundred births and deaths in a single moment. Where did the thought of “In the Mood for Love” come from? Hard to say. To be sure, February 13, 1999 was the first day I put this idea into action. The first day of filming in each movie is equivalent to the first date with the person in the dream; both shock and joy, like walking on thin ice. There is no turning back arrow in the bow. Twenty years have passed, and this arrow is still flying.

Today, with the help of decentralized digital technology, we will save and display this extraordinary day in a brand-new form. In the world of blockchain, years are not old. I hope that more people in the future will experience and pursue the moment that flashes of light.

Wong Kar-wai x Sotheby's: Wong Kar-wai's first film NFT debut

In 1997, Wong Kar-wai won the “Best Director” award at the 50th Cannes Film Festival for his “Happy Together”, becoming the first Chinese to receive this honor. This love story about gay couples is not only bold in subject matter, but also has profound meanings. At that time, it caused global uproar. The hero “He Baorong” in the play was also a generation of legendary superstar Leslie Cheung. , Has an irreplaceable status; his image of wearing a leather jacket in the play is even more a classic in the film industry; this leather jacket has been treasured in the “Zedong Treasury” since the filming of the movie in 1997, for nearly a quarter of a century. It is still intact as before, and now it is reappearing to the public, which is of great significance, as Director Wang said:

Each classic costume is a symbol: Monroe’s white skirt, Pony’s black trench coat, Bruce Lee’s yellow sportswear… will eventually become independent of the role and become a memory of the times. In traditional Chinese opera, the appearance of a character is called appearance, and appearance is called appearance. Phase refers not only to what to wear, but also to the state of mind and temperament.

Leslie Cheung put on this leather jacket for the first time in Argentina. He used to stand in front of the mirror when styling, and I happened to stand behind him. Actors always look in the mirror before they enter the stage, because they have to face the audience with their most perfect appearance. Leslie Cheung is the same. The audience sees his always fascinating front. I prefer to go around behind him and occasionally see the loneliness after the fireworks-this is what I discovered after working with him for many years.

A few weeks later, in the train station in Buenos Aires, He Baorong appeared from the back, walking alone in the quiet corner of the lobby at night. He Baorong liked to hold that leather jacket when he was alone, as if he was warming himself. That night, for a moment, he held the leather jacket in his arms. Looking at it from a distance, it was like a single tango. His dancing partner is his yellow leather jacket.

I always keep this yellow leather jacket. Because it symbolizes the past existence; gentleness, rebellion, and the loneliness behind the fireworks.

Costume is an extremely important detail and visual element in Director Wang’s movie world. It not only highlights the character’s identity, age, and personality, but also exaggerates the cultural background and atmosphere of the character. Hong Kong’s leading art director and costume designer Zhang Shuping has worked closely with director Wong Kar-wai for many years. With “Happy Together”, he nominated the best costume design for the 17th Hong Kong Awards. “Sad Tango-Yellow Leather” is the play The most iconic look in the movie, not only marks the meticulous ingenuity of Director Wang and his dream team, but also supports the sympathy and deep friendship between the director and the actor; as the director said in person, the leather clothing symbolizes the legendary existence of Mr. Leslie Cheung , And its most affectionate and unrestrained expression.

Wong Kar-wai x Sotheby's: Wong Kar-wai's first film NFT debut

© Zedong Movies. Photo by Xia Yongkang

Wong Kar-wai sincerely looks back at the exciting classic scenes with fans and collectors of Universal Movies, relives Mr. Leslie Cheung’s appearance on the screen, and pays tribute to the classic looks of a generation of superstars. The short film “Sad Tango-Yellow Leather” will be released on Sotheby’s social media, please pay close attention!

“Never forget: Wong Kar Wai x Zedong Film 30th Anniversary”:

Wong Kar Wai Film Collection Auction

Immediately after the modern art evening sale, Sotheby’s will hold a special auction of ” Zedong Treasury ” before the “Modern Art Day Sale ” on October 10 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of “Zedong Film” by Director Wong Kar Wai.

As a collector, Director Wang carefully selected 30 film collections about him. As Director Wang said:

Among the 30 collections, most of them come from my different movies: costumes, props, modeling, photography, posters, and even my personal collection. Each piece represents a different process of the film from production to release. In addition, there are the works of our long-term partners Zhang Shuping, Du Kefeng, Xia Yongkang, and several artists from different regions specially designed works for this 30th anniversary.

Since the establishment of Zedong Film Company in 1991, Director Wong Kar-wai has created a series of classic works that shocked the international film scene. His behind-the-scenes team has also been committed to coordinating and organizing the collection of Zedong films, operating in mainland China and Hong Kong. The professional inventory of Wang Dao’s work has been recorded one by one. Today, the Zedong movie has entered its first year, and Sotheby’s is very honored to be able to present Director Wang’s creative essence and precious records over the years, and share the reminiscence with Universal fans. Each collection in this independent special exhibition is accompanied by a work guarantee issued by “Zedong Treasury” and signed by Wong Kar-wai. The value of the collection is beyond doubt!

“Wong Kar-wai and Modern Masters”: A dreamy blend that transcends time and space

The time and space of the film directed by Wong Kar-wai is mainly in the 20th century, echoing the golden age of modern art. In this season’s auction, Director Wang will interpret and interpret the unprecedentedly unprecedented aesthetic language with his unique global aesthetic language as a curator from the evening of this season. Two masterpieces of East and West masters. Such a joint model is unprecedented in global shooting. It perfectly combines the film time and space directed by Wong Kar-wai and the creative background of modern art masters. The avant-garde vision of film masters and the modern aesthetics of art masters will be beyond imagination. More details will be announced in the coming days, so stay tuned!


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