Women in Web3: The Super Female Power of Blockchain

In the US Fortune 500 list, female CEOs account for only 6.4%. The business world recorded in the flash is the photo of board members of all suits, the sturdy alliance between the masculine fraternities at the wine table, the male programmer geeks in plaid shirts in Hollywood movies. Prejudice and stereotypes affect everyone, especially women.

In Male Domination, Bourdieu wrote that “women is a situation”. Business technology and culture are developing rapidly, and the situation is changing, but in the broad technology field represented by web3, we still need to carry a magnifying glass to find the manifestation of female power.

But the dissatisfaction in front of you can also become the first line of poetry in front of you. To this end, Buidler DAO sought out three powerful women in the Web3 world — hoping to make them the subject of a narrative that showcases “their” efforts, “their” achievements, and “their” dreams.

From their exploration of Siddhartha’s path, our imagination of the present is infinitely extended, and we see the infinite possibilities of our future; following their thinking and practice, we jointly break the stereotyped default assumption of success, see and understand Give life itself concrete answers.

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01/ Cheryl Liu

Co-founder of Deeper Network, full award PhD in the United States

Twitter: @deeper_network

02/ Maggie Wu

CEO & Co-Founder of Krypital Group and Galactic Holdings, 20 years in business

Twitter: @MaggieWu_KG

03/ Lemon Lin

Co-founder & CMO of iZUMi Finance, the first chairman of Zhejiang University Blockchain Club

Twitter: @Lemon.bit

Cheryl Liu

Although I am well versed in the secret of making money, I cannot break through myself at a higher level. I hope to truly be an entrepreneur, to influence the lives of more people, and to bring about fundamental changes for everyone.

The more old-fashioned idea that women should be conservative. And girls go to consider more details, whether it is leadership, cognition, execution, and the ability to link people is not a problem.

Women in Web3: The Super Female Power of Blockchain

A journey of transformation from a small town quiz maker to a course quiz maker

I immigrated to Vancouver from the US in 2018. At that time, there were relatively few people going abroad. I came to the United States with a full award from China to study for a doctorate. The full award also means that tuition and living expenses are covered, which is considered a job. I have been influenced by several teachers who are more important to me since I was a child. They allowed me to struggle from a small city, go abroad with my own ability to win the full award, stay in the United States, start a business, and get to where I am today…

Why enter the blockchain industry at an early stage? This comes from a keen sense of smell, insight and business sense since childhood.

My family doesn’t actually have any business genes, but I tried things within my power very early on. On the premise of not affecting his studies, he started saving a little pocket money given by his parents in elementary school, reselling small commodities in the night market to earn the difference, and then going to open an online store. As a student there is a limit to what you can do, but you are already very financially independent when you go to college. There were no smartphones at the time, just flip-top Motorolas and Nokias and the like, and a 300,000-pixel camera was a cool feature. At that time, when a new generation of mobile phones came out, I bought one for each of my parents. It felt very good that it could improve the living standard of the family. These inconspicuous experiences have always allowed me to maintain in-depth thinking and summary skills among my peers, keep trying and make mistakes at a small cost, go to cutting-edge fields and keep trying new opportunities. On the track, it is very critical.

After 2015, I did not continue to take the road of academic research because I saw the huge potential and future of the blockchain industry. At that time, some friends around me started mining, and I quickly sensed this opportunity. From the earliest to buy a bitcoin mining machine, buy computing power, to participate in Ethereum mining, to purchase graphics cards, and to assemble machines with multiple graphics cards through self-study , to the establishment of mining farms and operation and maintenance management, etc… I can say that I entered this industry through mining. And from 2015 to 2018, I started to lead a team to be a blockchain service company and a legal company. In an industry where new projects are springing up like mushrooms, I chose to be a “water delivery worker”.

5 years, 100 million nodes, building a bridge from Web2 to Web3

In 2018, at a blockchain industry conference I met Russell Liu, who is now a technical partner of Deeper Network. He firmly stated that he would build the next generation of trusted Internet, and let users own 100% of their own data sovereignty, allowing users to decide what to watch, what not to watch, what to do and what not to do. He demonstrated to me some of the functions that he had already implemented in his own network security operating system, including enterprise-level firewalls and other network security functions, which were not only very innovative at the time, but also unreliable today four years later. people can do it.

Operating system development it is a big project. Russell’s team is small but has made a relatively complete visual network security operating system, which can provide users with a real seven-layer enterprise-level network security service. It can be seen that he has strong research and development capabilities, foresight and leadership. A rare top tech genius and creator in Silicon Valley. I have seen a lot of projects in the industry, but the synaesthesia given to me is that the landing attribute is not strong. Can the real easy-to-use blockchain technology be realized? Can it spread to thousands of households? Is it a high-frequency just-needed application scenario for everyone? – All have to call a question mark. I have always valued business logic and business models.

What impresses me about Deeper Network is its powerful killer application. Regardless of whether ordinary Internet users understand Web3 or what blockchain is, users all need a product or service, and they will naturally become users of blockchain or Web3.

Before 2018, it took me ten years to finally learn to create economic value with a well-known and mature business model, but people are often like this, because you already know what the key to making money is, but you can’t break through yourself. Become a more creative person. So at that time, I felt that I had to break through myself and use hard-core technologies that can truly change human beings and make human life more convenient and comfortable to influence the world; to truly be an entrepreneur and create a strong ecological monopoly beast company.

Speculative things are hard to change the world, committed to building killer apps

When it comes to infrastructure, the concept that pops up instinctively in people’s minds – large investment, low return, long cycle, thankless effort.

What Deeper is doing is the Web3 infrastructure ecosystem. It needs to distribute hardware products such as infrastructure to thousands of households, build a backbone network, and provide users with killer functions such as enterprise-level firewall, privacy protection, and advertising removal, and then Build the largest decentralized edge computing platform. All other ecological services are based on our backbone network. On this basis, a certain network effect is formed, and the network, storage, and computing are truly integrated – so it is actually quite challenging. Even so, the Deeper Connect product, which is the hardware node device on our network, can occupy the top ten of millions of products in terms of popularity and sales volume on the mainstream platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo for a long time, even as the only one of these mainstream crowdfunding platforms. Web3 products have repeatedly broken history and created records.

If the purpose of Web3 participants was all speculation, Web3 would never have mainstream applications that impacted the world. With the mentality of doing business, I have to do this for a long time in such a unit with a cycle of ten years. Now we are in a period of rapid development, from 80,000 valid nodes to the next Milestone – the goal of 1 million nodes to really form our network effect, to become the world’s largest decentralized edge computing platform.

Before any kind of technological product or technology becomes accepted by the mainstream public and widely used, at least a sufficient number of people must really participate in it to complete the leap from the niche, the speculative adventurer to the mainstream application gap. . Based on the global population in general, there are now 6 billion people, so all Web3 applications are facing a market of 1 billion users. We need to produce killer apps that are hard for billions of users to refuse to use.

We all know that launching a rocket is a difficult thing that a small company can’t do. But there are always people who want to do this kind of thing, because this thing is meaningful to human beings and to society, so there are always people to do it. I hope that Deeper Network can solve the real problems faced by every Web2 Internet user, provide killer applications, bring users to the Web3 world unknowingly, and truly bridge the gap from Web2 to Web3.

The old custom believes that women should be conservative, but girls actually have more details when they start a business

There are now a little more men in the business startup environment. Over the years, my entrepreneurial crowd has also been mostly male-dominated. As a female entrepreneur, I think that girls themselves are no worse than boys in terms of idea or execution. There will be some more old-fashioned concepts in society, that women should be more conservative. However, girls may have more consideration on details than boys when starting a business, and they can also accumulate their own experience and cognition. Women should have this leadership, cognitive ability and executive ability. , and that is, the ability to find people to connect with, those are not problems.

But the bear market is the time for everyone to think deeply and do things down-to-earth. Churchill once said, “Don’t waste a crisis.” There is an old Chinese saying, seek kindness and benevolence. In the West it is called the Law of Attraction. As long as you believe in yourself and accumulate from small things, you will definitely get what you deserve one day.

Women in Web3: The Super Female Power of Blockchain

Image source: Cheryl Liu Moments

Maggie Wu

I like new things, I like to participate in things that no one has participated in; I also like challenges and often be the first to eat crabs. And now I don’t just want to be the first, I want to be the first.

I never think about gender at work. I never agree with “because you are a woman, so what should you do”. To me, everyone is the same, regardless of gender, race, everyone is equal…

Women in Web3: The Super Female Power of Blockchain

The leap of faith, from traditional Internet financial investment to the establishment of Web3 VC

My university studies English Language and Literature at Xiamen University. I went to the United States in 2005, and it has been 20 years since I started my business in 2002. During the 2008 economic crisis, I started to invest more, and before that, I mainly focused on traditional industries. In 2016, I started to pay attention to Bitcoin and studied the white paper very seriously, so I have a strong interest in the new form of financial Internet. The first time I bought bitcoin was at Coinbase, when I was a novice.

The digital currency trading market is more attractive to me because it is non-stop 24 hours a day. From the beginning, I only did simple trading on Coinbase, and then I began to try to operate more complex derivatives on major trading platforms, and gradually became a professional trader. After taking the first step, the research became more and more in-depth, and I was also one of the first people to go to MIT Sloan (MIT Sloan School of Business) to take a blockchain course.

At the end of 2017, when the ICO wave came, my partners and I decided to formally establish the Kypital Group, a venture capital fund dedicated to the blockchain field. At the beginning, it was our own funds. At that time, we invested a lot with enthusiasm. Later, by the end of 2018, the industry quickly entered a bear market. This is also the first time we experienced a bear market in the blockchain industry, and we were deeply impressed. a lesson. If you lose your horse, how can you know it’s not a blessing… Because big waves will make the industry more mature.

Since the decision to start financing, the entire team has always maintained confidence in the future, thinking of continuing to persevere in this industry. From 2019 to 2021, we have successively invested in many DeFi, GameFi, and NFT related projects, such as Injective, Animoca Brands, Solv, Highstreet, deBridge, Blocto, etc.Many of these projects have been listed on Binance, and they have also performed well in the market. Some projects have successfully completed several rounds of financing with higher valuations. The overall performance of our investment portfolios is still relatively good.

In addition to investing in the primary market, I also do transactions in the secondary market. Since the middle of last year, the entire market has actually seen a downward trend, and we began to gradually withdraw in May. Now the industry has entered a bear market again, and it is expected to continue for some time. Although we are still looking at projects, the screening of projects will be much stricter than the bull market. But it’s also a good thing! Generally speaking, the project party is more practical and the valuation is more reasonable, and in the bull market, the valuation of most projects has a big bubble. At the same time, as investors, in addition to good risk control, we also need to do a good job in post-investment management, have the patience to accompany and help portfolios grow together in an all-round way.

Witness the paradigm shift that the Internet is experiencing today

Web2 and Web3 are hot topics in recent years. The future world is a world where Web2 (centralization) and Web3 (decentralization) coexist.

The traditional internet is undergoing a paradigm shift, and blockchain and cryptocurrencies are driving progress across the industry. And why do we want to explore this process? The first is that it can solve the pain points encountered by the traditional Internet, and the second is that it contains huge development prospects. At present, the market value of the entire Internet of Web2 is about more than 400 billion, while Web3 is only more than 20 billion. We can also clearly see from the data. room for growth.

As we all know, Facebook changed its name to Meta in October last year, and plans to invest 10 billion in the direction of VR, which means the importance of Metaverse in the future world. Research shows that people spend more and more time in the virtual world, and the future virtual world will occupy all aspects of human life and work. This is undoubtedly full of huge imagination and has become our focus of investment.

Fortunately, we are still in a relatively early stage of the development of the entire industry, and we will continue to explore in the Web3 world in the future.

Making the Impossible Possible, Climbing the Women’s Attic on Web3

I have been a very curious person since I was a child, I like new things, and I have always liked challenges very much. I like to participate in things that no one has participated in, and often be the first to eat crabs. Start with curiosity and gradually become more ambitious. Now I don’t just want to be the first, I want to be the first.

Of course, everything I do must be done with passion, which always drives me to want to keep learning and never stops. Because I feel that human beings are too small and I am ignorant, I am full of curiosity and thirst for knowledge about the world, and I continue to increase my understanding of the world, and I also enjoy the process.

I have started a business in the United States for many years. I know Chinese or women, and this society actually has some prejudices. But I am a very unyielding person. As a Chinese female background starting a business in the United States, I very much do not want to be habitually labeled with prejudice because of race or gender. Regardless of the occasion, I actually don’t want people to say that because you are a woman, so what, or use gender to hype. I never think about gender at work. For me, everyone is the same, regardless of gender or race, they are all equal…

But it’s a bit contradictory to say, and I actually want women to have a place in this industry. I once saw a list “Top 25 Cryptocurrency Industry Executives in 2022”, and unfortunately there is not a single woman on it. I hope that I have the opportunity to work hard as a Chinese female entrepreneur to reach the height of the industry’s leading enterprises. At the same time, we also encourage more women to participate in our industry, don’t set limits on yourself. You become whoever you want to be, just do it, do the best you can!

I often go to Mexico for work, and Mexico has a very big feminist movement every year. I just had one a few months ago, and there were many women marching and the occasional sound of firebombs could be heard.I’m confused why the feminist movement in Mexico is so extreme? I later learned that in the first quarter of 2020 alone, nearly a thousand women were killed in various forms of murder in Mexico, mostly young women in their teens and twenties.

Artist Elena Chauvet once held an exhibition called Zapatos Rojos in Juarez, Mexico. Every pair of red leather shoes on the street represents a story of real women being persecuted, a stand-in for hundreds of missing women in Juárez. In Mexico, the status of women is low in the dust, they are sexually abused, beaten to death and exposed in the wilderness, and the red shoes represent the spilled blood.

These real events that happened around me are very touching to me. I have to admit that there are still a lot less opportunities for women in this society and industry. Although some behaviors of the feminist movement are too extreme, under a specific environmental background, it still has a certain positive social significance in helping women fight for more rights. In the future, I hope more for equal rights, and women need a more equitable environment.

Lemon Lin

Many girls, especially young girls, may doubt themselves in the middle of the process, or whether what they do is meaningful?

I founded the Zhejiang University Blockchain Club before graduating from university, and officially entered the blockchain industry as the first chairman and founder. The start-up team that was cooperating at the beginning has now developed to have a great influence in the world. These give me a great sense of accomplishment. I’m very determined to stay long-term in the industry.

Women in Web3: The Super Female Power of Blockchain

Unlimited life from curator to president of the Blockchain Association

I studied Japanese in college, studied history curation in postgraduate studies, and minored in the intensive management course of Zhu Kezhen College of Zhejiang University. Learn more complex, liberal arts background.

I am a rather contradictory zodiac sign. Capricorn rising, the sun sign is Cancer, so it is to seek stability. But there may be some pursuit of career. There will be a sense of self-consistency in change, and stability in fluidity.

In 2017, before I graduated, I founded the Zhejiang University Blockchain Club and officially entered the blockchain industry as the first chairman and founder. The singularity of this industry is mainly due to the influence of many outstanding predecessors of Zhejiang University, which brought me into the blockchain track.

At that time, the market was relatively good, and we attracted a lot of people from our first recruitment and our first event. It has also attracted some well-known consortium chain partners founded by Zhejiang University alumni, such as Yunxiang, Quchain and Myape, which are now very good companies in the field of compliance consortium chains. I worked with them from the very beginning in school and watched them go from zero to one into the unicorns they are now.

At that time, well-known customers also included Bybit and BitMart, Canaan, Bixin, Nervos, etc. At the beginning of the cooperation, many of them were still start-up teams, and now they have a great influence in the world. These give me a great sense of accomplishment.

In addition, I have organized a lot of activities in the school. The community maintains a limit of 30 to 40 core developers every year, and regularly organizes technology sharing sessions for our members and the student union every Thursday. I also organize blockchain events and hackathons myself, which is something I still do today.

In 2018, because the club activities were very well organized, BTCU (China University Blockchain Technology Alliance) was organized. I am one of the core founders, and I met the current project partners in this organization. At that time, he was the founder and first chairman of the Tsinghua Blockchain Association.BTCU, a national organization, has brought me into contact with many excellent developers. They come from Tsinghua University, Peking University, ShanghaiTech University… ShanghaiTech University is a school that surprised me a lot. It may not be as famous as other universities, but its developers are of very high quality, all of whom have a background in information engineering. BTCU also includes national developers from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Yangcai, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, etc.

The maturity of the application ecosystem and the growth of developers complement each other

After I graduated, I started a brand Bitrun, a hackathon. After going through the bull market and bear market, the public chain project in 2018 has been continuously developed until now. In fact, it was quite difficult for us to do this in 2018. At that time, the blockchain environment was not so good, and everyone was hyping the concept of public chain at that time. As a hackathon, I hope to create some DApps based on the public chain for students or some developers. But the public chain in 2018 is actually not easy to use – the hackathon is more like helping them debug than developing the public chain ecology, unlike the current DApp that can be implemented, it was very difficult at that time.

It was very difficult to do this at the time, so I didn’t persevere, which is one of the things I regret. Because although the application ecology is not down, in fact, developers will continue to grow with the industry.Then if I persevere, I can also enjoy some final dividends of the industry. But what I did in ’18 gave me something to gain when the industry really matured. For example, most of the projects I invest in and the current project partners are from the developers and entrepreneurs I met in 2018.

Today’s fruit, yesterday’s cause. Here are some insights from my business.

Build a true next-generation high-efficiency DEX

iZUMi Finance is my startup started in June 2021. I have experienced such a long time in the industry, and I don’t want to waste time on short-term projects. It doesn’t make much sense. I want to do something long-term. The liquidity on the chain is a continuous demand, unlike some short-term projects, which need to chase after waves of dynamic changes.

We judge that the on-chain liquidity track will get better and better. A step has been taken from a centralized trading platform to a decentralized trading platform. The flow on the decentralized transaction chain, including applications on the chain, GameFi will increasingly focus on decentralized transaction scenarios. I will not withdraw my game currency to a centralized trading platform every time to sell it. It is very troublesome. In the on-chain transaction scenario, it is always a rigid and underlying demand and will not change with market changes. This is a long-term growth track worth exploring.

My personal goal is to try my best to make iZUMi Finance a better brand with more users. In the long run, DEX is a platform-based infrastructure. If there is a platform and there is more traffic, it can become a very critical part of all projects to issue or trade on the chain. This is our long-term The things to do include now that I am leading from 0-1 to build an ecological fund. In order to launch better assets, I will invest early and get in touch with some projects, which will be expanded later. Raise funds from the outside to do more value investment or ecological investment.

The Fearless CMO Stereotype, Women Should Be Confident and Show Their Strengths

The term CMO has become stigmatized, so in many cases I deliberately don’t call myself a CMO. But in fact, I am Co-founder and CMO, because CMO is actually just a position.

Women have certain advantages on social media. If you are versatile or have some specialties, or if you are relatively smart and have your own unique understanding of the industry, this is an advantage. You don’t need to say that you are particularly taboo, embarrassed to show yourself, or feel ashamed to use your expertise to attract fans. Confident people don’t worry, worry.

Smart people should show their strengths and make it your way to monetize, and be careful not to let yourself be led by stereotypes. Let everyone pay attention and hear more of your actual achievements or ideas, and let everyone change their impression of you. This is a smart approach, and it is not taboo to say that because I can’t make everyone think of me like this, I disdain to use this method of attracting traffic. This is also not necessary.

There are some very good women around me who have done a lot in this industry. Song Ting is a very good representative of female power around me. She did a lot of activities in New York, and we both looked after each other all the time in New York. She is very determined, very determined to this industry, and very determined to her own growth goals.

Many girls, especially young girls, may feel doubtful about themselves or whether what they are doing is meaningful. Song Ting is a very determined person, she will also influence others, infect others, and persist in preaching in the industry or her own track. In addition to contacting people in Web 3, she also communicated with many traditional collectors, artists, traditional entrepreneurs, and some people in the field of technology, such as quantum computing, to spread the spirit of Web 3 and influence wider world.This is really the power of women, especially self-reliance, independence!

The 2020 World Gender Gap Report shows that humanity is 99.5 years away from true gender equality, and it is estimated that it will take 257 years for men and women to achieve income parity. Cyberspace is a public construction project that evolves through our collective behavior. Collective action needs to rely on sincere and valuable coexistence and win-win cooperation between people, gender and gender, heart and soul.

Buidler DAO is committed to creating a community free from gender privilege or prejudice, helping all people access the new world of Web3 without distinction. Web3 is a technological revolution and thought experiment that both women and men must be present. This requires women to break self-discipline and more diverse and inclusive structural changes to take place.

Web3 is gender-neutral, you don’t need to know whether you are male or female on the way to being yourself. We hope to bravely push away the rough rock, and sincerely hope that one day the world will no longer need to emphasize identity and identity, and gender will no longer be the focus. Every individual is on the way to find himself and reach himself, which is exactly what it should be.

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