Wom Music Opens Rare Avatar Pre-order Airdrop Event

When Web3 technology opens the door to the creator economy, who do you want to be? Is it a brilliant lyricist or the next Jay, a fanatical “big brother” or a professional critic? Before that, you need a Web3 world identity certificate.

After being recommended by Mr. Wang Feng, the godfather of Chinese music, Wom Music once again released a big news-the official opening of the “Creation Image Reservation Event”! Come and unlock your first “ID card” in the Web3 world!


activity details

Event time :

From now until 23 August 2022

rule of activity

1. During the event, you can get a rare Wom music avatar by making an appointment on the official website, limited to 10,000 pieces;

2. After the event, the avatar will be automatically sent to the account of the reserved user;

3. One mobile phone number corresponds to one user, and each user can only participate once;

4. Avatar holders can get exclusive privileges and airdrops for Genesis fans.

Reservation address:


【About Wom Music Avatar Card】

The avatar card is the fusion of music and the cutting-edge technology of the times. The digital work distribution of Web3 will enrich the new form of fans’ audio-visual experience and bring more and more interesting entertainment to fans.

In the future, there will be more IPs with extended music works, which heralds the birth of a new music world, and this process requires more creators, fans and fans to establish a cognition of Web3 and Wom music. , Wom Music also adheres to the vision and ideal of encouraging music creation and empowering Chinese music, constantly improving and innovating to build a new era of music.

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