Without Metaverse VR is also the outlet

VR is also considered to be a bridge to the “Metaverse metaverse” and will build a new form of the next generation of the Internet.

At 11:13 on October 28th, local time in the United States, Zuckerberg announced at Facebook’s annual Connect conference that the group officially changed its name to Meta (metaverse MetaVerse prefix). In addition, the company’s logo was also the first time. With the new Logo, Facebook’s stock code will also be changed from FB to MVRS (the abbreviation of Metaverse) from December 1st.

What is the meta universe? What does this tall-sounding word have to do with us? In 1992, the famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the metaverse in his novel “Avalanche” as follows: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find the connected terminal, and you can enter the computer simulation and real world in the form of a virtual clone. Parallel virtual space.”

After investigation, it was found that the VR industry in the past few years was actually mainly driven by the B-end market, and the business scale of the B-end of domestic VR companies was larger than that of the C-end. However, if the VR industry is to truly explode, the future imagination obviously lies in the C-end market, and games have become a force point for everyone’s hope. At the same time, VR is also considered as a bridge to the “Metaverse metaverse” and will build a new form of the next-generation Internet.

The following is the true story about them:

My story with VR

Zhang Wei, 27 years old, Hefei.

Speaking of the story between Zhang Wei and VR, there is actually no wonderful story to tell. It has only been half a year since I came into contact with VR, but the story has already happened, and Zhang Wei will continue to write the story between VR and VR.

Zhang Wei was the head of the school’s science and technology club when he was in college. He usually researched some high-tech products with his classmates in his club. Before he really came into contact with VR, Zhang Wei had only heard about VR technology and didn’t have a deep understanding, let alone whether he had personal experience.

After graduating, Zhang Wei has been engaged in network work related to new media and has a strong interest in high-tech technology. Because of work reasons, the interest in human-computer interaction is becoming more and more intense. All this seems to be foreshadowing the encounter between Zhang Wei and VR.

Without Metaverse VR is also the outlet

By chance, Zhang Wei saw a post on the Internet about the ongoing network technology conference. Zhang Wei wanted to visit very much, thinking that the content of the conference was in line with his hobbies, so he spent 60 yuan to sign up. When I saw that some content in the conference schedule was related to VR and had the same height as my own hobbies, the joy in my heart could no longer be concealed. Because of this, Zhang Wei and VR have forged an indissoluble bond.

In the few days when he was preparing to go to the conference, Zhang Wei was not very comfortable, and working overtime for a week made his head very painful. But I had already signed up for the conference, so I still dragged my body to the conference. Although physically uncomfortable, the process of attending the meeting was wonderful. Later, a lot of things from this conference to get inspiration, which makes life on the road after Zhang became bright.

At the conference, Zhang Wei met many like-minded people, some of the same age, as well as bigwigs in the industry. They gave a wonderful speech on stage and brought Zhang Wei into a whole new world that he had never understood before. During the communication with the staff, Zhang Wei realized the characteristics of different aspects of VR technology and also learned a lot of VR theories, which laid a solid foundation for his in-depth understanding of VR in the future.

After the conference, there was a VR experience area next to the conference venue, where Zhang Wei experienced VR immersively for the first time . Zhang Wei recalled that what he experienced at the time was to wear VR glasses and enter the VR venues of Star Wars. There were also very popular movie venues for his own choice. In the VR images, he stood in a towering space. Next to the tree, a lizard suddenly approached him by the grass, and then ate himself in one bite, which was very thrilling and exciting.

Now recalling the experience at the time, Zhang Wei thinks he is not satisfied. Although there is no physical discomfort, the structure of the whole picture is not perfect. In addition to this scene, Zhang Wei experienced the same situation when he experienced another scene. Although there are staff who are on the spot to direct, the operation of the game is still relatively difficult, and it is not possible for an ordinary person who has just contacted to start immediately, and the operation interface is not detailed enough.

This is how the story between Zhang Wei and VR started, but this is only the beginning. Because Zhang Wei has a strong interest in virtual reality, in the future, Zhang Wei believes that as he learns more deeply, he will find more fun. The face of high-tech, Zhang is an optimist, he hopes to have more diversified field of VR breakthrough and complete beauty experience. Maybe in the near future, VR will create a whole new world for mankind, a truly ideal country, which makes Zhang Wei very much looking forward to it.

After being sexually harassed, I made a bold decision

Chen Xiang, 22 years old, Shanghai.

“The moment I was touched by someone else’s ass, I first felt very scared.” Chen Xiang, who thought he was cheerful, was suddenly attacked by a strange man on the street for the first time , which made him suddenly suspicious and suspicious. Great feeling, why does the victim have a strong sense of insult?

Although Chen Xiang immediately sent a signal for help to the people around him, and called the police phone to report to the police. But she once again experienced one of the most embarrassing scenes in her life-now that she was surrounded by male staff and police, once again describing in detail how she was attacked. This process made herself extremely ashamed. In the coming year, Chen Xiang is very afraid of communicating with others.

After this incident, Chen Xiang met Zhang Li, a friend who had the same experience at school. It turns out that people around him have also suffered sexual harassment and are working on a VR project against sexual harassment. Chen Xiang immediately joined after hearing this. Human sorrows and joys are not interlinked, but humans have the ability to understand and respond to others, so that they can experience the same emotions and find the key to solving problems. With the development of information, there are still many unfair incidents and phenomena in the world, so VR software about anti-sexual harassment has finally appeared.

Without Metaverse VR is also the outlet

Chen Xiang and his team members are less than 24 years old on average. They hope to open up a new path in their own way and provide school students and members of the public with knowledge about preventing sexual harassment. Through virtual reality technology (VR), people can feel the experience of being harassed. Only one experience can arouse people’s empathy and use their own power to speak out for the disadvantaged groups in society.

According to relevant authoritative statistics, more than 80% of women have experienced sexual harassment, of which 77% have experienced verbal sexual harassment, and more than 50% of women have experienced contact sexual harassment. Behind these silences is the lack of a unified characterization of sexual harassment, and it is difficult to implement. Many relevant departments have not noticed the harm caused by sexual harassment and have expressed disregard for them.

For the above data, Chen Xiang felt heartache. Since the sexual harassment in public, it has been difficult for her to let go of this year. The greatest humiliation is not only limited to the attack of the perpetrator, but also the deep reflection of her own dignity and the entire society.

Chen Xiang and the police with the process of retrieval of surveillance of years, standing next to a similar age and his mother’s aunt, she knew the reason and obtain surveillance of Chen Xiang is sexual harassment, even showing a happy smile. When she described the words that Chen Xiang was touched by others when she was talking on the phone, she unexpectedly smiled. This smile greatly irritated Chen Xiang. At that time, Chen Xiang couldn’t help but said to her: “Auntie, if your daughter is sexually harassed, would you have this attitude?”

“I have been thinking all this time, why should I be ashamed as a victim? What am I afraid of? It was not until I talked about this with my friends that I knew that everyone around me had been sexually harassed. Some People are stroked by strangers in the elevator, and sometimes by the driver’s thigh in the taxi. These things should not be rotten in the stomach, they should be told.” Chen Xiang said.

Regarding the VR prevention of sexual harassment, Chen Xiang said that the operating mode of the APP is to set up different game levels and use collaborative methods to help participants feel the different social rights between people, and promote the sharing of sexual harassment parties and victims. And use this to learn some relevant legal knowledge, and to stimulate further discussions among social groups on the prevention of sexual harassment.

By playing games, participants can face a social topic in a relaxed way, and the perspective of the parties can make participants feel more empathetic and empathize. For the first offline experience, Chen Xiang didn’t have much confidence, until he found that someone was willing to experience the game, Chen Xiang was very happy. Although there were not many people, it was a booster.

Without Metaverse VR is also the outlet

“The significance of our development of this VR software is: let the victims of sexual harassment not be afraid and blame themselves, and can still live happily, because there are many people behind you who are silently supporting you.” Chen Xiang said.

Concluding remarks

my country’s AR/VR industry has developed rapidly since 2014. By 2018, the market size of China’s AR/VR industry has reached 23.375 billion yuan, of which the AR industry market size is about 625 million yuan, and the VR industry market size is about 22.75 billion yuan; it is expected to be 2019 The market scale of China’s AR/VR industry will reach 32.66 billion yuan by 2020, and it will reach 46 billion yuan by 2020.

“Yu Jian Column” believes that VR has always been regarded as a very entertaining technology with very narrow applications. But in fact, even if there is no epidemic, it is still the best practical tool for the content export industry. Now from the bottom of the chip, to the level of model building, rendering, and terminal hardware equipment production, it is no longer the same as a few years ago. Therefore, even if there is no meta-universe, it can fire again.

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