“WithMe”, I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

Some interesting Metaverse attempts in domestic and overseas markets

In the past six months, with the continued exploration of entrepreneurs, the author has recently discovered some interesting Metaverse attempts in the domestic and overseas markets. Although most of them are still in a relatively early stage or even semi-finished products, they have indeed contributed to the further development of the Metaverse. his own strength.

This issue of Metaverse’s new product collection has screened 6 Metaverse concept social apps that will be launched after 2020 , 3 of which are mainly for domestic users and the rest for overseas users. These apps have made certain upgrades or innovations based on the existing models, hoping to bring some help for everyone to explore forward.

In the last issue, we dismantled in detail three domestic Metaverse concept products such as FateU , Party Island, and Star Shell shake. This week we will continue to bring Spatial, Hyper, WithMe and other three products mainly for overseas users. dismantling.

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

WithMe: Making Escape Games in the Metaverse a Reality

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

Background introduction

WithMe is a virtual social app launched in December 2021. Officially, users can watch videos, escape rooms together, and play games together in WithMe. According to Data.ai data, WithMe’s current main battlefields are in North American countries such as the United States and Canada.

Avatars and Social Interaction

Unlike other products that require users to create Avatars from 0-1, WithMe requires users to choose an image that is relatively suitable for their preferences among the 24 Avatars preset by the system, and then carry out DIY transformation on this basis.

WithMe offers a wealth of options for Avatar retrofits. During Avatar’s transformation, users can freely choose Avatar’s hair, facial features, head shape, underwear, tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes. Taking hairstyles as an example, WithMe categorizes and lists more than 70 hairstyles in short, medium, long and buns, and each hairstyle provides 45 hair color options, providing enough for the user Avatar’s personalization. space.

If WithMe’s Avatar is considered to be fine, then WithMe’s social and entertainment can even be called amazing compared to similar competing products in the market.

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

At present, all the scenes in the WithMe product are from the official, but this does not affect the user’s social experience at all.

In the author’s experience, the WithMe platform has a total of 11 official preset scenes, and users can click to join to enter the scene. However, unlike other Metaverse concept apps that use the joystick to control the direction, WithMe chooses to use the ancient method of automatically finding the way by clicking on the destination . Users can hang out or sit in places they are interested in. Watching YouTube videos is also a WithMe scene. basic operations below.

The interesting thing about WithMe is that it can realize multiple interactions in one scene. Take the “Welcome Party” scene as an example, users can realize dance floor dancing, wall painting, Super Trivia, 123 wooden man, escape room, etc. without leaving the scene. an interactive activity.

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

Taking Super Trivia as an example , users need to sit in a designated position to participate in the game. A single game can accommodate up to 4 users. The contestants need to answer the questions raised by the system within the specified time. Scores for correct answers, no deduction for wrong answers, and speed of answering The faster the score, the higher the score. After 5 questions, the one with the highest score wins. After the answer is completed, the display screen will display the scores and rankings of different users. In addition, the Super Trivia screen will permanently display the game’s highest score in history until the record is refreshed, which is a very formal Trivia game.

The escape room is more elaborate. Users stand on the “Teleport Stone” at the door to escape the room and wait for 30 seconds to be teleported to the room. This scene can accommodate 0-4 users at a time. The story background of the secret room that the author entered is that the professor’s experiment failed and the entire laboratory was in danger. The player needed to find and turn off the power before the reactant reached 500 degrees to save the world.

Although the clues are relatively obvious, the whole process is very playable. Players need to collect 6 map fragments to open the combination lock to obtain the key to open the meter box. After opening the meter box, they need to find the correct password. Turn off the power to escape and save the world.

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

It took the author 3 times to successfully clear the customs. Although it has something to do with the author’s lack of talent, what’s more important is that WithMe has really designed it with heart.

In addition to games and watching movies, users can also interact with other users they meet in the scene, including but not limited to chatting, emoticons, Say Hi, hugs, and boxing.Alternatively, users can choose to follow users they are interested in, and two users who follow each other automatically become friends. Unfortunately, WithMe has not designed more for social interaction after leaving the scene, and can no longer chat or interact with others.

In any case, WithMe’s multi-scene social interaction in the same field opens up new horizons for the Metaverse to explore forward.

Hyper: Capturing Offensive Avatar Live with Delicate Motion

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

Background introduction

Hyper is a virtual live broadcast application launched by Hyper Online in November 2021. Up to now, it has been on the top 100 download list of the App Store social category in 100 countries and regions. It is still in the stage of rapid growth in mature markets such as Europe and North America.

Strictly speaking, Hyper cannot be called a Metaverse social product. According to the Metaverse concept proposed by Roblox, Hyper only focuses on the two dimensions of identity and UGC.

But Hyper is trying to open the door to the Metaverse world with Avatar builds, motion capture, and virtual live streaming.

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

Avatars and Social Interaction

Hyper encourages users to create their own Avatar image by choosing skin color, face shape, hairstyle, pupil, eyebrow shape, top, bottom, shoes, accessories, expressions, actions and backgrounds in the app. On the whole, Hyper also continues the cute and cute comic style. The images I have pinched out a few times are very cute, but in fact, Hyper does not provide users with many options, let alone UGC. The scene selection is also slightly rough, with occasional users dancing on the table or stepping directly on the bed with shoes on. From the above point of view, Hyper seems to be not only not good, but also a bit of a hindrance to the army of Metaverse concepts.

But in fact Hyper is secretly accumulating power on motion capture.

At present, Avatar can basically synchronize user expressions and actions in real time, and the accuracy of expression restoration has reached more than 90%. In addition to capturing regular expressions such as nodding, raising eyebrows, blinking, opening mouth, pouting, sticking out tongue, and showing only part of the teeth Even subtle expressions will not be spared.

In addition, Hyper is also trying motion capture , but compared to mature facial capture, motion capture is still in the experimental period, and the accuracy of motion recognition is not very high, and it can only recognize some large-scale movements, and sometimes there are movements. distorted situation. But anyway, the fact that Avatar’s motion synchronization can be achieved without holding any equipment is very progressive. The face and motion capture experience is as follows:

experience video

At present, Hyper provides Avatar “short video and live broadcast” two interactive modes.

short video. Users can record a short video of 15 seconds to 180 seconds for their Avatar through Hyper . During the video recording, in addition to real-time motion capture, users can also choose different poses, stickers, text and painting DIY.

After the recording is over, users can choose to name the video and send it to the Hyper content pool, which will be visible to users on all platforms after it is published, and other users can like, comment, share and download the video. Due to the accumulation of user UGC content, Hyper has now accumulated a certain number of Avatar short videos. Users can swipe up and down on the homepage to watch the short video content. The usage method is no different from TikTok.

live streaming. Users can watch a variety of Avatar live broadcasts in the Hyper. The author experienced that some people sang, some people chatted, and some people even had astrology, but the number of people in each room was not very large. Like other live broadcast apps, users can interact in the live broadcast comment area, and can also send gifts to their favorite anchors, but Hyper currently does not set special names for gifts of different prices, let alone gift special effects, only gifts* 1. Gift*5, Gift*100 instead. To be honest, with such a simple approach, it is difficult for people to have the desire to give gifts.

In addition to self-broadcasting on the Hyper platform, users can also push Avatar live broadcasts to three major social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch, which also makes Hyper’s audience not only ordinary users interested in Avatar, but also professional streamers. .

Neither trying to build scenes nor providing rich Avatar options, Hyper’s Avatar and UGC focus on interaction, which also provides us with new ideas for Metaverse attempts.

Spatial: Moving NFTs from boring exchanges to online pavilions

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

Background introduction

Spatial is a Metaverse cultural venue officially launched in December 2020. Art scenes such as galleries, exhibitions, and art events are trying to “make a home” on Spatial. 

At present, Spatial has been on the top 100 download list of the App Store business category in 45 countries and regions. 

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

Unlike most Metaverse Apps, which focus on Avatar construction, scene construction, or entertainment and social interaction, Spatial chooses to cut in from a relatively niche and accented art track. It is worth noting that although the base of target users is limited to a certain extent, art is close to NFT, which also means closer to commercial prospects. 

Avatars and Social Interaction

The construction of Spatial’s Avatar is not the focus. In addition, it is repeatedly stuck when the Avatar is rebuilt. Therefore, we will not analyze it in the article, and interested friends can experience it by themselves. In the user comment area of ​​the app store, many users said that “after a long wait and try, they still can’t change their Avatar image”, which may be related to Spatial’s focus on scene architecture and exhibition, but despite this, users are in After several unsuccessful attempts to change Avatar, there is a good chance that Spatial will be abandoned… 

Unlike Avatar, Spatial’s scene aesthetics are very moving. Since the scene itself serves the artwork, the scene architecture has a strong sense of design. The overall style tends to be realistic, with relatively high ceilings, making good use of landscapes, trees and flowers, and a sense of space to increase the artistic atmosphere, while artworks or NFTs will be hung in the most conspicuous positions in the exhibition hall. 

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

Judging from the author’s few exhibition viewing experience, these artists have completely moved the offline art exhibition to the Spatial space without any discount. Even because there is no need to be limited by the venue and materials, the art exhibition in Spatial is better than real life. It’s even more beautiful. 

The author has entered more than 10 scenes in the exploration, and basically each scene can be done step by step, step by step, step by step. Huge paintings or NFTs are hung in multiple scenes, and users can enjoy them from different angles by moving their positions. In addition, there are artist personal homepages around some works, and users can even jump to Opensea to make purchases directly. 

"WithMe", I would like to call it the current Metaverse social ceiling

In addition to “watching the exhibition alone”, users can also interact with other users who are online at the same time in the same scene, but the frequency of everyone’s interaction does not seem to be very high. I don’t know if it is because of the author’s domestic coordinates, the whole process of using Spatial is very stuck, and I was forced to flash back or restart the application several times. In addition, there are often situations where you can’t get out of the corner and have to be forced to restart… 

In a word, the art exhibition that Spatial tried is a good opportunity for artists, curators and the development of NFT. It is also a smart idea to choose to use virtual space to magnify the beauty of works as much as possible. The non-“boring” trading platform also allows users to immersely appreciate the scene. For all NFT owners, it is a better presentation, and there may be the possibility of increasing the transaction rate.

This is the end of this bi-weekly update of the new Metaverse. I hope to bring you some help in understanding Metaverse social, Web3, and NFT, and also hope to bring you a little inspiration for your forward exploration. I also look forward to you and We share interesting new Metaverses that you have discovered.

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