With wine, meat, and tea, everything can be in the Metaverse?

As the “most beautiful boy” in recent times, the Metaverse’s reach is getting wider and wider. Games, videos, education, clothing and even winemaking… Many industries have followed up quickly, which is quite lively.


Is everything possible in the Metaverse?

All walks of life seem to have the metaverse.

Internet giants needless to say. Internet companies such as Facebook (now renamed “Meta”), Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, ByteDance, Tencent, Baidu, NetEase, etc. have all started to deploy the metaverse, involving games, social networking, virtual humans, XR equipment and other fields.

At the same time, companies from other industries are also rushing to enter the game, striving to tell “new stories” through the Metaverse.

For example, in November 2021, sports brand Nike announced a partnership with Roblox, a metaverse concept game platform, to launch a virtual world “Nikeland”; in addition, it acquired a virtual collectibles company RTFKT. Adidas is also actively exploring the Metaverse. Not only has its brand adidas Originals entered the Metaverse and issued POAP NFTs, but also recently reached cooperation with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and the Metaverse game platform The Sandbox to establish the Metaverse brand.

In early December 2021, Nai Xue’s tea, the “first share of new tea drinks”, announced its entry into the Metaverse and launched its own NFT digital collection in China.

With wine, meat, and tea, everything can be in the Metaverse?

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“The King of Shares” Maotai also caused heated discussions because of the Metaverse. On January 5, 2022, at the 2021 Maotai Series Liquor National Distributors Association, Li Jingren, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, General Manager of Moutai Group, and Acting General Manager of Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd., delivered a speech and said that efforts should be made to “the product of time precipitation”. The “miracle of brewing technology” is the ultimate, to build a drunken “Metaverse” belonging to the Maotai series of wines, to interpret “MT” with more excellent results, and to create a new future. In this regard, some articles interpreted it as “Moutai wants to enter the Metaverse”. However, the WeChat public account of “Moutai Time and Space” issued an article on January 7 saying that “Moutai wants to enter the Metaverse” is really a misinterpretation. “Metaverse” is only a conceptual reference in the speech. What Maotai wants to express is to continue to improve technological innovation services. Production and technical research capabilities provide technical support for the high-quality and stable production of Moutai and series of wines through technological enhancement.

It is worth mentioning that the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission recently issued an article stating that rationally looking at the new round of technological revolution brought about by the Metaverse and its impact on society should not underestimate the 5-10-year opportunity, nor overestimate the 1-2 evolution over the years. At present, some companies hype the concept of the metaverse and the real metaverse is quite different, and it is necessary to avoid the false and save the true and make careful judgments.

The number of Metaverse trademark applications in China reaches 12,000

Sino-Singapore Jingwei noticed that with the popularity of Metaverse, the trademark registration related to it is extremely hot.

According to the data of Tianyancha APP, as of December 30, 2021, there have been more than 12,000 trademark applications with “Metaverse” in the name in China, and more than 1,700 trademark applications with “Meta” and “METAVERSE” in the name respectively. pieces, more than 1000 pieces. In addition to Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, Baidu and other Internet giants, the relevant trademark applicants also include many companies in other industries.

Among them, in terms of car companies, SAIC Group has applied for hundreds of trademarks related to “Metaverse”, including “Che Metaverse”, “Che Metaverse Z-UNIVERSE” and “Roewe Metaverse”. Beijing Chehejia Information Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Ideal Auto, applied for the registration of trademarks such as “Ideal Metaverse”. In addition, Xiaopeng Motors, Weilai Motors, and FAW Group have all applied for registration of Metaverse-related trademark categories.

In terms of home appliance companies, Hisense Group Co., Ltd. applied for trademarks such as “Hisense Metaverse”, “Hisense Family Metaverse” and “Hisense Aijia Metaverse”. The international classification involves advertising sales, social services, and scientific instruments. Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of trademarks such as “Changhong Metaverse” and “Hong Metaverse”.

Shuanghui, famous for its meat processing, also followed suit. It is reported that Henan Shuanghui Investment and Development Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the “Original Universe” trademark, and the international classification involves fitness equipment and food.

With wine, meat, and tea, everything can be in the Metaverse?

Screenshot source: Tianyancha APP

Toothpaste companies also applied for admission. Previously, Chongqing Dengkang Oral Care Products Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of a number of trademarks of “Lengsuan Lingyuan Universe”, “Ling Universe” and “LESENING-METAVERSE”. The international classification involves daily chemical products, kitchen sanitary ware, etc.

In terms of alcohol, the data from the Tianyancha APP shows that there are more than 120 trademark applications related to “Metaverse” that are internationally classified as “wine”. Among them, the Maotai Yuanyu trademark has been squatted by many parties. Public information shows that the “Moutai Yuanyu” and “Kweichow Maotai Yuanyu” trademarks have been applied for registration by many companies in November and December 2021. It is reported that these companies have nothing to do with Maotai Group.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei found that although there are a large number of related trademarks applied by the above-mentioned enterprises, most of them are in the stage of “trademark application” or “waiting for substantive examination”.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei also noticed that many companies bluntly stated that applying for relevant trademarks is actually a protective registration.

Michelle Bingcheng said to the public that the Metaverse trademark is only a protective registration. In order to avoid possible counterfeiting in the future, there is no clear plan and action in the Metaverse field for the time being.

Yixian E-commerce, an affiliate of Perfect Diary, also said when applying for registration of Chinese and English trademarks such as “Perfect Diary Metaverse” and “Pico Xiong Metaverse”, the above actions are for the protection of trademarks, and the company has no Metaverse plan yet.

Su Xiaorui, a senior analyst at Analysys, told the media that the concept of the Metaverse is currently in the limelight. Although some companies have not officially launched Metaverse-related businesses, they can make arrangements for their trademarks in advance, which can give themselves a “reassuring pill”. It can also prevent brand disputes that may arise in the future.

Rational view of metaverse concept heating up

The Metaverse is like a basket, it seems that anything can be put in it. How should we view the metaverse?

Ma Tianyi, chief analyst of the Metaverse Industry of the Minsheng Research Institute, believes that the biggest problems in the Metaverse are public opinion bubbles and capital speculation. In his view, irrational public opinion bubbles will lead to irrational stock market shocks, and capital speculation will lead to market pursuits and lead to regulatory intervention.”There are still many uncertainties in the metaverse in its embryonic stage, and the industry and the market urgently need to return to rationality.”

Haitong International Research Report pointed out that the current development of the Metaverse is still in the initial embryonic stage, there is still a certain distance from the complete landing, and there is still a lot of room for development of various underlying technologies.

According to the analysis of the equity research department of Oriental Fund, the current technology (VR/AR, virtual human, blockchain, etc.) and infrastructure (5G, 6G, chips, etc.) are far from meeting the requirements, but with the development of hardware and technology, there will be The prototype of the Metaverse. The research department believes that the industry chain of the Metaverse is very long, and the VR/AR and games that have recently attracted attention from the market are only one of the key technologies or possible applications. The perfection of its ultimate form still requires long-term construction of many technical links. .

The “People’s Daily Commentary” WeChat public account has also previously published an article saying that everyone still needs to view the current metaverse craze rationally and be wary of any flickering in the name of technology and the future; whether it is a mirror image or a touchable future, capital hype or new On the track, whether it is old wine in a new bottle or a new technological breakthrough, you might as well “let the bullets fly for a while” before drawing conclusions.

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