With two rounds of financing in a row, how does Paidao Smart grab the Industrial Metaverse?

The new infrastructure is opening a new golden age for the implementation of the AI ​​industry.

The new infrastructure is opening a new golden age for the implementation of the AI ​​industry.

At present, AI technologies such as image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language translation have been widely deployed and widely used in mobile Internet, new industries and even many traditional industries. The accelerated maturity of the second artificial intelligence with machine learning and deep learning as the core has finally ushered in the highlight moment of AI technology.

The popularization speed of AI technology is indeed far faster than the industrial speed brought about by the previous new technology revolutions, but it brings infinite benefits to the national economy and people’s lives. Most of the controllers are foreign brands, with a low degree of localization and high potential risks. Industrial network security has gradually become the focus of major technology companies.

With two rounds of financing in a row, how does Paidao Smart grab the Industrial Metaverse?

Recently, the industrial safety AI solution provider “Paidao Intelligence” has successively completed tens of millions of dollars in Series A and A+ rounds of financing. The A round was jointly led by SAIF Asia and the Innovation Workshop, and the A+ round was additionally invested by the old shareholder Zhongxin Capital. .

The reason behind Paidao’s two consecutive rounds of financing may be the issue that various industries that are in the process of digital transformation and enjoying the dividends of a new wave of intelligent technology are paying attention to industrial AI security.

The “invisible” crisis in the era of intelligent manufacturing

China’s past industrial structure with industrial manufacturing as the core is changing, and it is no longer a “world factory”. The country has begun to take “smart manufacturing” as an inevitable direction for national industrial transformation and upgrading.

According to the “Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 White Paper” proposed by the National Development and Reform Commission, intelligent manufacturing is defined from the three dimensions of value chain, life cycle and system architecture. Among them, the system architecture industry chain includes equipment layer, control layer, management layer, enterprise layer and network layer.

The Internet of Things and robot-led intelligent manufacturing are changing the production methods of life, leading to the exposure of a large number of industrial control systems and equipment to the Internet, which has also become an important threat and weakness to industrial information security in various countries. According to the monitoring by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, there are more than 100,000 industrial control devices exposed to the Internet worldwide.

The Industrial Internet, as one of the important paths for traditional institutions and traditional industries to achieve transformation and upgrading through “Internet +”, especially needs to implant industrial control network security genes.

With two rounds of financing in a row, how does Paidao Smart grab the Industrial Metaverse?

The Industrial Internet lacks the ability to identify and limit malicious attacks hidden in transmitted information. According to the attack methods, the Industrial Internet faces the threat of eavesdropping, masquerading, integrity destruction, denial of service, unauthorized access to services, denial of use/provision, and resource consumption. Just wait.

When these are applied to some areas with extremely high safety requirements, such as industrial quality inspection, autonomous driving, financial risk control and medical diagnosis, once AI has a judgment deviation, it will bring direct economic and property losses, and even personal safety. Serious consequences such as health risks.

In this regard, lessons from abroad have been repeated: in March 2019, Norsk Hydro, a Norwegian aluminum company, was attacked by ransomware, causing the host to crash, forcing the closure of many factories and interrupting production operations; in August 2018, TSMC was operating Computers in the headquarters and Hsinchu campus were invaded by viruses, and all production lines were shut down. This incident directly affected 3% of its operating income in the third quarter…

The AI ​​technology that was originally intended to improve production efficiency and safety may turn into its own opposite.The new security situation will inevitably require a “new security concept” that keeps pace with the times, and it also provides a new opportunity for industrial security AI solution providers such as Paidao.

Multiple roles in security games

Founded in 2018, Paidao Intelligence is an AI company with image and video data analysis as its core.

The implementation of AI technology in industrial scenarios has become a trend in the development of the new industrial era, and it is also one of the few complex scenarios in the new infrastructure field. Realize the upgrade of the regulatory system and the ultimate closed loop.

my country’s petrochemical industry is huge and has good and stable development prospects. It has always occupied the top three national industrial output value. However, due to the cyclicality of the industry and the particularity of the process, the petrochemical industry is generally not easy to intersect with information processing technology. , the ability of enterprises to process, analyze, and quickly respond to on-site information still needs to be improved.

In addition, external security pressure is also a major reason why the petrochemical industry urgently needs the empowerment of artificial intelligence systems. Safety accidents in the petrochemical industry often cause major personal safety losses, property losses and ecological disasters. The confrontation between enterprise safety and accidents is almost a zero-sum game. Even if there are no casualties, the direct and indirect economic losses and market reputation it causes are still fatal to the enterprise.

With two rounds of financing in a row, how does Paidao Smart grab the Industrial Metaverse?

Therefore, at the beginning of its establishment, Paidao Intelligence aimed at the petrochemical industry with strong demand for production safety. Under such a market background, technologies such as real-time image processing, vision-based small sample analysis, AI and RPA have been developed.

The on-site monitoring platform Prime Eagle uses hardware + software to perceive and analyze human activities and specific behaviors in real time, realize real-time detection of security threats and issue warnings, which is equivalent to monitoring the anomalies of “human + equipment” and fundamentally prevent systematic errors in the industrial field.

The AI ​​system solution of Paidao Intelligent adopts the technology of small sample recognition and abnormal detection, and applies it to various classification recognition and continuous work analysis, which solves the problem of redundant normal data samples and lack of abnormal data samples in the petrochemical industry. Compared with traditional big data algorithms, the results are closer to the real situation.

In addition, Peidao Intelligence has also built a chemical safety map, which makes the system judgment more in line with the production process of the petrochemical industry, and can more fully and accurately meet the latest emergency safety supervision requirements.

If the industrial intelligence upgrade is regarded as a river poised to move forward, then AI enriches and expands the breadth of industrial intelligence scenarios. Its maturity and upgrading determine the depth of industrial intelligence, while the safety and reliability of AI determines the breadth of industrial intelligence scenarios. The length of industrial intelligence.

Paidao has knocked on the door of the market through technology, and continues to gain the trust of customers through reliable technology. In the field of industrial security, Paidao is opening up a larger market step by step.

Entering the industrial Metaverse, grabbing the beach and laying out the digital wave

In recent years, some large industries have begun to benefit from the application of AI, such as the automotive, steel, chemical and power industries.

However, in most industries, the lower the degree of standardization of production scenarios, the less obvious the scale effect. The reuse of AI in these scenarios is difficult, and both supply and demand sides have to pay a huge cost. In addition, the overall gross profit margin of the manufacturing industry is low, and the return on investment cycle is infinitely elongated, resulting in a low penetration rate of AI.

Then, with the increasing popularity of the concept of the Metaverse, Paidao Intelligence has also begun to deploy cutting-edge technologies related to the industrial Metaverse. Can this bring new problem-solving ideas to Paidao Intelligence?

Now the industry generally agrees that the Metaverse includes six underlying technologies: Internet of Things technology, blockchain technology, interactive technology, video game technology, artificial intelligence technology, network and computing technology. IT, OT, CT can only be regarded as a very small branch. The fusion of these technologies to the extreme will create a three-dimensional virtual world that is completely parallel to the real society.

In the industrial Metaverse, real-time collaboration between users and applications enables updates, iterations, and changes without preparatory data, streamlining workflows. The platform provides scalable, realistic real-time ray tracing and path tracing for beautiful, physically accurate and photorealistic visuals.

With two rounds of financing in a row, how does Paidao Smart grab the Industrial Metaverse?

This also means that industrial equipment has a more efficient and lower-cost solution to the security problem of being stuck in the industrial Internet. The related solutions and technologies formed by the Metaverse will bring substantial convenience in many aspects of industrial production. But is an “industrial Metaverse” really feasible?

In reality, AI security incidents are not uncommon, and the Metaverse will inevitably face these problems.

In the nascent virtual world of the “Metaverse”, there is no way to talk about constraints. Naturally, some people have evil thoughts, and common phenomena such as Internet telecommunication fraud, digital asset theft, identity forgery of others, and ransomware attacks may be transplanted.

The second is digital twin technology, which is especially important for the industrial Metaverse. Although digital twin modeling is not complicated in theory, it requires a lot of technical support and a lot of data in the modeling process.Taking Paidao Intelligence as an example, if you want to carry out construction in a chemical scene, you need to model the scene with high precision, which requires a lot of data collection, and it is not so easy to complete such a huge job.


For China, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is a historical issue that is always on the way. To seize the commanding heights in the new round of technological revolution, it must rely on more policy promotion and technical support, including AI.

Perhaps Paidao Intelligence can bring a faster and better development path to the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry by leveraging the Metaverse, but the concept itself is actually a centralized description and imagination of various application scenarios, not an independent technology. . If these imagined scenarios are to be implemented, the support of related technologies is inseparable.

From reality to virtual, it means that the safety concept in the industrial field will undergo a subversive change. Although there are not enough cases to prove it, this kind of change in direction is still worth looking forward to.

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