With the launch of the main network just around the corner, will Arbitrum, which is happy to have Uniswap, change the L2 competitive landscape?

The number of projects interested in entering Arbitrum at the beginning of the network opening has reached more than 150.

With the launch of the main network just around the corner, will Arbitrum, which is happy to have Uniswap, change the L2 competitive landscape?

If all goes well, Arbitrum, the much-anticipated Ethernet Layer 2 scaling solution, will officially open its main network to developers today.

It’s worth noting that while the buzz in the community is “Arbitrum mainnet goes live,” as mentioned above, the initial Arbitrum mainnet will only be available to developers, not all users. In a previous preview of the main site, Arbitrum stated the reason for this arrangement: “We want to provide a complete and vibrant ecosystem from the first moment users enter ……, so we will open Arbitrum to developers first, so that All project parties will have time to build the infrastructure and test it. We will allow all projects that want to use Arbitrum to use the network and will open Arbitrum to all users soon after.”

Arbitrum, the Layer2 version of Chainlink?
Investors who don’t pay much attention to the Layer2 circuit may be a bit unfamiliar with the name Arbitrum, which is not surprising, as the previous Arbitrum had no mainnet, no ecology, no tokens (and still doesn’t, beware of scams), and consensus is naturally difficult to coalesce, but if you’re bullish on Ether and bullish on Layer2, then Arbitrum This project is not to be missed.

Arbitrum was born in Princeton University, a well-known academic institution, and its co-founder Ed Felten is a professor of computer science and public affairs at Princeton University and a former White House deputy chief technology officer. The core members of Offchain Labs, like Felten, have Princeton backgrounds. In terms of academic background, Arbitrum is not to be overly called “top tier”.

In April 2019, Offchain Labs closed a $3.7 million seed round led by Pantera with participation from Compound VC and others, and Coinbase Ventures and Blocknation also participated in the development team, according to the website.

In terms of current competition, Arbitrum and Optimism are considered to be the two most promising Optimistic Rollup scaling solutions. In February, V-God also said that Optimism and Arbitrum were expected to be the first rollup solutions to support EVM.

From a technical point of view, the main difference between Arbitrum and Optimism is the difference in the number of rounds of interaction when resolving assertion disputes, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, there is almost a general consensus in the community that Arbitrum has better EVM compatibility than Optimism.

In terms of team style, Odaily Daily Planet has interviewed DODO founder Radar Bear, who said that Optimism is quite aloof, while Arbitrum is much more enthusiastic and will help projects solve any problems during integration, which reminds him of Chainlink back in the day. The two teams are very similar in style. Yesterday, when reviewing Arbitrum, old man Suo also pointed out that many overseas Chainlink V’s are milking Arbitrum, one because the two projects do cooperate, and the other because the two projects’ logos are very similar, which has become a point of community meme.

Uniswap, Arbitrum Eco-Scale is now in its infancy
The competition of Layer2 is the competition of technology, but also the competition of ecology, about this, Polygon (MATIC) is the best example. With the support of Aave, Curve, Sushiswap, 1inch and other leading DeFi in the Ether ecosystem, Polygon has achieved a market capitalization of 10 billion USD with the “old wheels” of sidechain + Plasma.

As the first leader of Ethernet DeFi, whether Uniswap will choose a Layer2 other than Optimism has been a hot topic in the community. Until this week, Uniswap had remained “loyal” to Optimism, even though the latter had delayed its main online launch for several months, leading some community members to speculate whether the joint investor behind both parties was exerting pressure on it.

With the launch of the main network just around the corner, will Arbitrum, which is happy to have Uniswap, change the L2 competitive landscape?

On May 27, Compound founder Robert Leshner launched a poll titled “Should Uniswap V3 be deployed to Arbitrum? As of this writing, the poll has received overwhelming support. Nearly all of the messages in the community discussion thread on the topic were supportive, with the most liked message pointing out two major needs for deployment to Arbitrum.

No one knows who is more attractive, Optimism or Arbitrum, and if Uniswap decides to deploy only to Optimism and Arbitrum ends up being the most popular Rollup, it will be cheaper for the competition.

With Arbitrum about to go live on the mainnet and Optimism a long way off, deploying V3 to Arbitrum would solve Uniswap’s high gas costs in a short period of time, and the team would not need to change any contracts.

However, given Uniswap’s governance process (poll-emotion poll-governance vote), the current vote advantage in the polling stage does not strictly mean that Uniswap will eventually be deployed to Arbitrum, but it is a probable event anyway.

It’s also worth noting that community members who think further ahead have also raised another speculation as to whether Uniswap will restart liquidity mining for UNI tokens at Arbitrum.

Earlier today, Uniswap founder Hayden Adams mentioned at the Coindesk Consensus Conference that “Uniswap will be restarting universal liquidity mining soon,” a statement that some readers mistook to mean that Uniswap would be restarting liquidity mining for UNI tokens. Hayden Adams was referring to the upcoming release of Uniswap V3, a general-purpose liquidity mining smart contract that will support the creation of liquidity incentives in Uniswap by other projects, not the launch of liquidity mining for the UNI token itself.

However, given that Uniswap will face a new competitive environment at Layer 2, it is not impossible to launch a new UNI liquidity mine at Layer 2 in order to capture market share at that time.

With the launch of the main network just around the corner, will Arbitrum, which is happy to have Uniswap, change the L2 competitive landscape?

As dForce founder Mindao Yang said, a massive shift in incentives is coming, with some DeFi protocols spending all of their incentives on Layer1 only to realize that the real destination should be Layer2, and in this regard, Uniswap’s early shutdown of token incentives is quite smart.

In addition to Uniswap, there are actually a handful of projects interested in entering Arbitrum, and CoinDesk reports that the number of projects interested in entering the Arbitrum network at the beginning of its opening has reached over 150, including infrastructure such as Chainlink and Etherscan, as well as the aforementioned DODO and Bancor. Bancor and other well-known DeFi projects.

The new Layer 2 competition landscape?
There is no doubt that the launch of this heavyweight project, Arbitrum, will bring some changes to the competitive landscape of the Layer2 track.

If all goes well, as the first official Optimistic Rollup, Arbitrum will have some of the first-mover advantage that Polygon is currently experiencing, and the added support of Uniswap will hopefully bring a lot of liquidity to the network. developer open phase and open the main network to all users.

The launch of Arbitrum will definitely bring a sense of urgency to other projects, which will speed up their development and the pace of the Layer2 war.

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