WISE New Economy Conference is about to be held, silicon-based intelligence will bring the meta-universe “hard core era”

Silicon-based intelligence will be supported by artificial intelligence technology to explore multiple applications of the “Metaverse”.

In 2021, with the listing of Roblox, the “Metaverse First Share”, the concept of “Metaverse” was suddenly pushed to the public:

Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook to “Meta”;

ByteDance acquired VR manufacturer “PICO”;

The three major operators jointly established the Metaverse Industry Association;

Internet companies from all over the world have laid out the meta-universal track one after another.

The term “Metaverse” has become a hot concept, and the door to the ecology of the Metaverse is slowly being opened…

The dawn of the Metaverse

But in fact, the concept of “Metaverse” originated from the novel “Avalanche” in 1992. It is not a new vocabulary. It is just that the movies and products of recent years have begun to frequently mention the Metaverse. The idealized goal of the factory capital game is still a tool that can really fly into the homes of ordinary people, and we need to observe more and explore possibilities.

At the moment when the concept of the Metaverse is becoming more and more popular, people are thinking about the good life in the Metaverse. Because the real world is unique, it can only be “what it is”, but the meaning only emerges in comparison, while the fictional world can “It is what it is not”, so as to unearth the many possibilities of existence, and find their own meaning in the extremely rich experience. Therefore, fiction has always been the underlying impulse of human civilization.

The sudden emergence of the epidemic can be seen as an accelerator of attention to the metaverse. The shift from offline to online life scenes has enabled more people to think and discuss about the metaverse. Silicon-based intelligence not only quickly perceives this. According to the current situation, mobile Internet applications are gradually becoming a bottleneck. Based on the data released by the three basic operators, the total number of fixed Internet broadband has been connected to 510 million households. The average monthly usage time is 160 hours. If you disperse these data to regions and individuals, you can find that it is difficult to make breakthroughs of magnitude in terms of the overall number of users and usage time. New breakthroughs are imperative. .

When everyone is discussing the Metaverse, where is the future of the Metaverse?

Pathfinder of the Metaverse

In order to realize more possibilities, there are countless technical problems that cannot be ignored. Metaverse integrates a variety of underlying technologies: artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, interaction, 5G, etc., all cutting-edge technologies are common Describing the picture of the Metaverse, the current development of the Metaverse is still in its infancy. In the future, all directions in the social field may be combined with the Metaverse, realizing the transition from human beings embracing the Internet to virtual embracing reality, and creating more Diversified economic models and lifestyles.

It seems that Metaverse has just emerged this year. In fact, silicon-based intelligence has already begun the layout of the Metaverse many years ago. The concept of “six major supporting technologies of the Metaverse” proposed in the “Metaverse Token” divides it into There are six categories of “artificial intelligence technology”, “blockchain technology”, “interactive technology”, “Internet of Things technology”, “network and computing technology”, and “electronic game technology”. The natural language understanding technology in artificial intelligence is a permeation One of the important ways of the boundary between man and machine.

As a pioneer of long-term deep cultivation of NLP (Natural Language Understanding), silicon-based intelligence promotes the development of the metaverse with advanced technology and unique insights. With artificial intelligence technology as the support, it explores more diversified applications and realizes human-centered and The interaction, enhance the boundaries of human abilities, create a new experience, let a group of people take the lead in touching the Metaverse.

Nowadays, the field of combination of Metaverse is more diversified, and the directions of game Metaverse, social Metaverse, asset Metaverse, etc. are all blooming new brilliance under the empowerment of technology. Silicon-based intelligence has become a pioneer in building a banking Metaverse and facilitating financial digital transformation, creating a mature and complete set of links.

WISE New Economy Conference is about to be held, silicon-based intelligence will bring the meta-universe "hard core era"

Silicon-based SmartSilicon-based Smart

Regarding the banking Metaverse, Siji puts forward its own three elements: corporate WeChat, video account and virtual account manager; and based on the foundation of financial digital transformation, Siji Intelligence proposes three directions of digitization: asset digitization, operation digitization, and labor digitization . Based on the simple cognition of digitization, Siji believes that under the premise of trading as the core goal, it is necessary to start with the digitization of behaviors in order to promote the informatization of data to affect the scale of information flow, so as to realize the monetization of flow.

In the future, silicon-based intelligence will focus on the banking industry’s “technology-led” vision and goal, combined with the development strategy of comprehensive development of digital transformation, and continue to expand data assets and intelligent application business innovation, so as to comprehensively promote the digital strategic transformation of the financial industry and build a digital bank New ecology.

In addition to building a bank Metaverse, silicon-based intelligent company’s product “Siyu Digital Human” has been put into use in many industries and has been widely praised. If it is used in the Metaverse environment, it can be used as a Metahuman. Character ID It is Metahuman’s first asset, so Metahuman is the guarantee for realizing the virtual identity and immersion of users in Metahuman. Compared with other technologies, it is closer to commercialization. At present, the profit model of high-simulation digital humans has already been operated and flowed through social accounts. Monetization and other methods have completed the initial commercial closed loop. In the later stage of the Metaverse deployment, the integration of Metahuman and AI technology will be more obvious, which will provide a more immersive virtual social identity and lay a solid foundation for the realization of the Metaverse.

WISE New Economy Conference is about to be held, silicon-based intelligence will bring the meta-universe "hard core era"

Silicon-based smart Metaverse

The society is constantly progressing and developing. Every time a technological change is ushered in, a group of forward-looking people will seize the opportunity, bend themselves into the game, and embrace the change, reflecting the “hard core responsibility”. In the next ten years, what kind of development path society will take, standing at the crossroads of the times, and how to achieve breakthroughs? Entrepreneurs often have more unique insights into the future development, and this is also true in the huge wave of the Metaverse.

“Hardcore Characters” Created “Hardcore Era”

Every year, 36 krypton invites leading Internet companies, leading companies in the new economy industry, and forward-looking companies following the trend to share their insights and experiences on development through dialogues such as keynote speeches, roundtable forums, and summit talks. Under the background of major changes in various industries in 2021, 36Kr will focus on “hard-core” entrepreneurs who use technology to guide breakthroughs. WISE2021 will be held from December 13th to 15th, 2021. WISE2021 New Economy King The summit presented a comprehensive presentation of industrial technological changes, continued to build innovation-driven hard-core competitiveness for various industries, and talked about challenges, opportunities, directions, and future prospects in the hard-core era.

WISE2021 King of New Economy Summit

Since its establishment, silicon-based intelligence has always been a “hardcore player” at the forefront of the field of artificial intelligence. Silicon-based intelligence has focused on the transformation and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, and is committed to providing customers with a nearly unlimited supply of silicon-based labor, which is the life of the future. The founder of the Institute, Max Tekmark, defined in Life3.0 that the last of the three stages of life development is “through silicon-based life driven by computing power, driven by quantum mechanics, and supported by blockchain.” Silicon-based intelligence has created it in the laboratory virtual digital person, and marketed it in finance, government affairs, education, healthcare, insurance and other industries. Everyone can have their own virtual digital person and take the lead in removing people from The liberation from repetitive labor coincides with the theme of the “Hardcore Era” of the WISE2021 King of New Economy Summit.

Sima Huapeng, the founder and CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence, will attend the 36Kr annual blockbuster IP-WISE2021 New Economy King Summit . Under the theme of “Hardcore Era”, the summit also invited famous economist Li Daokui , As well as hard-core giants from well-known companies such as Xiaomi, Feishu, Zhihu, Douyin, JD, China Telecom, Schneider Electric, Yuanqi Forest, Focus Media, SenseTime Technology, Hewlett-Packard, etc., focusing on macroeconomics, smart manufacturing, semiconductors, New energy and other nine hottest tracks have released two hard-core research reports on new economic unicorns and entrepreneur white papers to gain insights into the future.

Sima Huapeng, Founder and CEO of Silicon-based Intelligence

On December 13, Sima Huapeng will discuss with Gaohu Capital’s managing partner-Jin Ming, Quwan Group Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer-Zhuang Minghao, STEPVR President-Guo Cheng “When we talk about metaverse” What?” The topic was discussed , and hard-core celebrities from different industries exchanged views and collided on the same stage, and joined hands to shine the reality into the vast Metaverse.

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