Will the Metaverse become the new normal for entertainment consumption?

Metaverse, a concept brewed in a large number of sci-fi literary and artistic works, has flourished when the global new crown epidemic has not been completely eliminated, and has attracted a lot of hot money with a cross-time and space super-immersive social function that is highly suitable for current real needs. Topics such as “Metaverse Real Estate”, “Metaverse Community”, and “Metaverse Regulations” have also become global hotspots, which seems to mean that the public generally has expectations for the Metaverse, and is convinced that it is bound to turn science fiction into reality, and even has become the near future.

The actual concept of the Metaverse, which does not yet have a full-fledged entity, is rather vague, but that is why it seems to be open to all ideals. “Total freedom”, “absolute equality”, “spiritual immortality”…and so on. Some people are addicted to linking the Metaverse with all the good desires, hoping that by entering the Metaverse, they can abandon all the current difficult problems of civilization and enter a utopia. At this time, it is necessary to sort out the operation mechanism of the Metaverse and simulate the state of people in the Metaverse, so as to judge whether various ideas about the Metaverse are possible.

The most basic question among them is: Will the Metaverse become the new normal of entertainment consumption?

freedom and materialization

Many people believe that since virtual reality and the fifth-generation mobile communication technology and other related technologies have been applied, through technology integration, people will be able to obtain perceptions that are no different from reality in the Metaverse in the future; since everything in the Metaverse is Digital code, then the needs that can be expressed can be directly converted into computer language and realized in the virtual world. Some people even deduce from this that since the rules in the Metaverse are all design codes and ultimately depend on human imagination, then freedom and equality, the common ideals of mankind throughout the ages, will surely be implemented in the Metaverse.

Will the Metaverse become the new normal for entertainment consumption?

In fact, most of the public’s understanding of the Metaverse bears traces of films such as “The Matrix”, “Ready Player One”, and “Out of Control Player”. The immersive experience of sexual equipment, in which the super realism even makes it difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the world. However, the extent to which such a Metaverse experience can be realized still requires data demonstration. The Bremermann limit shows the limited computing speed, and the Bekenstein limit deduces that the amount of information in a limited space is limited in the field of thermodynamics. The computing power, energy, and space required by all human beings to have silicon-based avatars in the virtual world are based on the current human beings. Is the resource occupancy and deployment capacity affordable? If so, is this investment worth it?These fundamental questions have not yet received general attention, but should be the logical starting point for the realization of the Metaverse. Who will build the Metaverse, what technology will be used to realize the Metaverse… The answer to the question of direct reality may subvert various interpretations of the Metaverse.

In reality, giants that focus on the incubation of the Metaverse project often adopt two strategies to avoid computing power overload: control the scale and reduce the accuracy. The former tries its best to satisfy the sense of individual experience, but only a very small number of people can get admission tickets to such a Metaverse; the latter accepts the widest range of users as much as possible, but may not guarantee the user’s immersion – “Moore Manor” Existing games with certain comprehensive social abilities, such as “Animal Crossing”, are designated as the Metaverse in this sense.However, both strategies seem to be at odds with some Metaverse consensus: if only a small number of people can enter the high-experience Metaverse, then the Metaverse itself is hierarchical, or even a cyber luxury; If perception cannot be completely simulated, the Metaverse is almost a game mode that has been generally realized. The virtual life game “Second Life” was opened to the public as early as 2003, and there is nothing new.

If the Metaverse is only understood as a virtual game of augmented reality, can it still achieve the freedom and equality that the public expects? This answer may still need to be considered. In the game logic dominated by business, the virtual image is the concretization of people’s consumption behavior in reality. Whether or not krypton gold often affects the game process, the drop rate set by the card draw game is often pointed out as unreasonable… Commercial game coding that is not open source is difficult to ensure fairness, but often materializes all experiences, which will then be perceived in the game. Characterization of the game, removing its subjectivity and degrading it as a profitable unit, in which gamers float up and down, often subject to money, and feel the difference from time to time.

Freedom in the Metaverse is almost a pseudo-proposition under the current model. As depicted in “Ready Player One”, the supplier of the Metaverse is very likely to limit the user’s in-depth experience, raise the threshold of use, and reject technology inclusiveness; it is more likely to humanize and sell products in the name of “freedom”, trying to Block users as consumers in cyberspace. The so-called “Metaverse freedom” is bound to be extremely limited, and in the final analysis, it is controlled by the builder, which is essentially materialization and confinement.

Overload and Desensitization

By stripping away the demonstrable idealizations that endow the Metaverse, and confronting the inevitable tendencies of the Metaverse, it may be possible to get closer to the Metaverse itself. The Metaverse relying on augmented reality technology will more or less enhance the user’s perception in it, which is attractive to a considerable number of people, but it is also worth being vigilant.

Will the Metaverse become the new normal for entertainment consumption?

A large number of film and television works try to simulate the Metaverse in the works, and try to hypothesize the impact that a virtual game space with a high sense of experience may have on people in reality. In “The Undead of Baker Street”, Conan and a large number of partners are invited to enter the VR game “Cocoon”, a super immersive experience of a heterogeneous world. Teenagers are in it, facing murder suspects, holding guns, and even if they have full perception, they are still in the game. Shoot without hesitation – that has to be vigilant. It is not to criticize the game and make it a platform for moral preaching, but any product that is open to all human beings should have its most basic social responsibility after all. If at this stage, the game is still a low-experience-density virtual space that is completely different from the real world, then, when the Metaverse comes, will there be such a clear distinction between them? At that time, would people be confused? If confused, what will be the result?

In this regard, some film and television dramas have tried to respond. In “The Matrix”, the Illuminati constantly asks the protagonist questions, and the deep immersion of the integrated senses makes the boundary between the real and the illusory infinitely blurred. Those who leave the Metaverse and enter the real world first feel confusion, and don’t know what “self” is. It is very clear; in “Psycho-Measurer”, each Metaverse resident has his own character setting, and some of these residents have attracted a large number of fans in social interactions. This is of course an extremely rare case, but what is even more thought-provoking is that since the real frenzy is also spreading in the cyberspace, whether the indifference to violence in cyberspace will Contagion in the real world? If we have the same understanding and feeling with the real world, will the ecstasy in the Metaverse be indulged for entertainment to be transmitted to reality?

Perhaps, the more core question is, do people need a Metaverse that can fully immerse all senses? In fact, in today’s game industry, on the one hand, it explores in immersive experience, and on the other hand, it expands its dimensions in lightweight games: deep participation is not the only dimension, and convenient and quick separation is also the same for a considerable number of game players. important. The never-ending full experience is very likely to bring desensitization and fatigue, and the excess of concrete information may also deprive people of their imagination in the face of blankness.

Not all game lovers will be close to the Metaverse, and not all Metaverse supporters will never tire of it. It’s fascinating to be fully committed to another life, but there are always those moments when we want to observe more than to participate; we want to witness more than to participate; we want to listen to a story with less commitment than to experience. Stories; we need some white space to let our imagination run wild, rather than an overload of information.

blend in and escape

Today, people’s exploration of the Metaverse has already happened, and it can’t be stopped . The public also has to admit the enormous energy that comes out when it covers many cultural industries. The Metaverse Art Exhibition and the Metaverse Education Project have shown considerable prospects in the gradual implementation. Even the Metaverse has attracted many official voices. In 2021, South Korea promulgated the “Metaverse Seoul Five-Year Plan”, focusing on building the Metaverse administrative service ecology… Many attempts in the public domain indicate that in the future, the Metaverse may not only It is a leisure and entertainment facility, and will become a new generation of public infrastructure; it is not just a small independent space that is typed by games, but may become a comprehensive overall universe.

The Metaverse at that time may have become a sign of the development stage of productive forces, and it will even transform the public’s life style. The more public it is, the more responsible it is, and the free run will be closed by the relevant consensus. Or perhaps, the Metaverse will become a social platform in the new era, just like today’s WeChat, with the enhancement of sociality, the part of entertainment has been reduced, and the new normal of entertainment consumption will also become the new normal of life and production. At that time, the Metaverse was bound to undergo another rebirth, retaining the functions of cultural recreation and public entertainment, and became more and more standardized.

When the Metaverse is normalized, whether or not to enter the Metaverse will be gesture. There will always be people who are enthusiastically engaged and enjoy the fruits of the technological leap; there will also be participants who escape, savoring the freedom of being disconnected from social networks and embracing the real world. But it is more likely that most of us, like uninstalling and re-installing, installing and re-uninstalling some apps today, go back and forth between integration and escape.

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