Will the community-driven OpenPunks become the next turning point in the NFT avatar track?


From October 11th to October 20th, a community-driven collection of Punks avatars-OpenPunks’ first limited sale, immediately detonated community enthusiasm. According to official sources, the first phase of OpenPunks will be on sale for 10 days. A total of 1,500 limited blind boxes will be unlocked. A single blind box is priced at 100 USDT, which are all sold out within 2 minutes and sold out within 16 seconds at the fastest.

OpenPunks is a community-driven collection of Punks avatars. Each OpenPunks is randomly generated and consists of different basic elements. Different classification attributes have a specific degree of rarity, and a very small number of element features have more rare value attributes. As the most valuable collection of NFT avatars after CryptoPunks and Loot, OpenPunks suddenly emerged in the golden autumn and October, winning applause from the market. What is the value behind it?

Self value: community-driven Punks avatar collection, innovation inspires user enthusiasm

Since the floor price of CryptoPunks exceeded 100 ETH and the transaction price of BAYC reached US$24.39 million, the NFT avatar has completely changed from a niche market in the crypto market to a gold track that cannot be ignored. The emergence of Loot opened the door to people’s ideas. The huge transaction price of CrytoPunks allowed people to see the value of Punks NFT avatars. Combining the two may seem simple, but it must be recognized by the market and let users Paying the bill is never easy, and OpenPunks did it.

OpenPunks not only combined “Open” + “Punks” ingeniously to create a community-driven Punks avatar collection, but also showed sincerity in product innovation and sales rules. Each OpenPunks combination is unique, with a total of 10,000 issued, and will never be issued, ensuring the rarity of the product, and creators can make creative iterations at any time based on the text on OpenPunks, which maximizes the creative potential and enthusiasm of users . At the same time, in order to help creators realize the value of works, OpenPunks will be repurchased at the initial transaction price one year after OpenPunks is released. At that time, if the value of the work is higher than the initial transaction price, the owner of the work may choose not to participate in the repurchase plan.

Future value: community gene + social attribute link meta universe identity authentication

In addition to the innovative value of OpenPunks itself, its future value cannot be underestimated.

For the blockchain industry, all new things mean that the future may usher in a value explosion. The value of NFT avatars continues to rise, which proves its unlimited potential. As one of the hottest concepts at the moment, Metaverse has triggered diverse discussions across industries, fields, and disciplines. In the future, the first step to enter the meta-universe supported by encryption technology will require identification, so as to correspond the identities of the virtual world and the real world. In the new business value, community influence is particularly important. The NFT avatar has become a natural link to the identity authentication of the meta universe, which not only highlights a status symbol, but also represents its strength and influence in the community and the industry.

At present, the NFT avatar has become a favorite of enthusiasts such as head leaders, celebrities, celebrities, and big Vs in the encryption field. With the sale of 10,000 OpenPunks, it is not difficult to imagine what value potential will burst out in the future as OpenPunks, which inherit the genes of the community and bring their own social attributes.

Grand Opening: The second phase of OpenPunks is on sale globally

With the perfect ending of the first phase of OpenPunks, the second phase of global sales will soon begin. According to official news, OpenPunks will start the second phase of global sale from October 22 to October 31. 1500 unique OpenPunks will be unlocked again, and they will be officially sold globally in the form of bidding + blind box. Auctions are held at 9 am every day, and blind boxes are sold at 14 pm. The unified selling price of blind boxes is 100USDT (a handling fee of 1%).

OpenPunks officially stated that OpenPunks focuses on Punks NFT avatars, focuses on communities, and focuses on creative enthusiasm. It is committed to creating an open and community-driven gathering place for Punks creators, and at the same time exploring more possibilities of Punks NFT avatars, so that everyone can have Punks NFT avatars. Interested creators can participate in creation without any worries, and enjoy the fun of NFT creation and the results of NFT exploration. OpenPunks looks forward to working with more community creators to climb the new apex of Punks NFT avatar creation.

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