Will China’s First Metaverse Hotel Change the Hospitality Industry?

Is opening a hotel in the Metaverse a hype or a gimmick?

On June 1, the concept of the first Metaverse Hotel in China was released, and the high-end hotel chain brand under Yuanzhou Tourism entered the Fractal Metaverse, which is invested by ADG and constructed by probe technology.

The travel industry has learned that Yuanzhou Tourism has acquired a large virtual building located on the water bank of the Fractal Metaverse core area “Fractal Island”. The whole building is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with unique shape, broad vision and beautiful scenery.

Will China's First Metaverse Hotel Change the Hospitality Industry?

The staff of Yuanzhou Tourism are introducing the Metaverse Hotel

According to data from a third-party trading platform, the previous listing price of the NFT (non-fungible currency) corresponding to the virtual building in the international market was $1 million.

Capital does not necessarily understand NFT, nor does it necessarily understand the Metaverse, but capital understands that the focus of young people’s interests must contain business opportunities and infinite possibilities.

Previously, Yuanzhou Group became famous in the domestic high-star hotel field for building the luxury landmark building in Shanghai, the Anandi Hotel. In the digital wave of “Metaverse + Industry”, Yuanzhou Group has become the “first crab eater”. China Wine and Tourism Group.

According to Xu Yin, Executive President of Yuanzhou Tourism, according to the “three-step” strategy, the first step is to complete the opening of the Metaverse virtual hotel to achieve a visual operation experience; Travel products, hotel services, etc., are mapped to the Metaverse virtual hotel through NFT and other technologies to realize the Web3.0 digital transformation of traditional wine and travel business; the third step will open up the two-way interaction between the real world and the virtual world, creating a symbiosis and diversity of virtual and real Experience a new era of wine travel.

Overseas, more and more hotel groups have begun to regard NFT as the next outlet, and international hotel giants have made their debut.

At the beginning of last month, the world’s first Metaverse hotel, M Social Decentraland, officially opened.

The “Metaverse Hotel” under the Millennium Hotel Group in Singapore only needs to register an account to stay in the hotel, party with friends at the bar or celebrate anniversaries.

At the end of last year, Marriott Bonvoy, a membership program under the Marriott Hotel Group, collaborated with three artists, TXREK, JVY, and Erick Nicolay to create three NFTs, making Marriott the first hotel to create its own NFT. one of the brands.

When the wind blows, more players enter the game, and the Metaverse Hotel has become a “casino” where players from all walks of life compete to bet.


Would opening a hotel in the Metaverse really help a hotel group living in reality?

Under the normalization of epidemic control, the current role of Metaverse Hotel is more reflected in the experience interaction of virtual reality.

A “Metaverse version” of the Madrid Marriott Hotel in Spain debuted at a spring forum in early May, with the hotel developing a virtual 3D replica that will appear in the Metaverse.

At the forum, attendees wore Oculus headsets as they “walked” through hotel rooms built in the Metaverse.

As a result, video conferencing software such as Zoom, which is often used during the epidemic, may be robbed of a part of the market after the rise of the Metaverse Hotel in the future.

“About 75% of our hotel’s business comes from hosting MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) events,” said David, director of marketing and sales at the Marriott Hotel in Madrid. “The Metaverse version of the hotel can help customers avoid flying.”

“Having a meeting in a conference room at the Metaverse Hotel, I can prepare everything as the client wishes – special themes, sets, colors, lighting. Of course that’s the first step, and if the client says it looks good, it can also come by plane Offline meetings.” David said, “In short, meetings in the Metaverse are super immersive, you can not only view the progress of the meeting in 3D, but also enter the room like a real person, which is different from watching on a screen. Same. “

Will China's First Metaverse Hotel Change the Hospitality Industry?

In addition to the Madrid Marriott Hotel, well-known five-star hotel brands such as JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, Atlantis The Palm Dubai, Four Seasons Resort Bali, and InterContinental Paris all plan to introduce a “Metaverse version” of twins.

“Whether it’s the conference industry or the lodging industry, a huge amount of hotel space is going to be fully digitized and offering virtual environments, and we’re at the beginning of building this mountain of virtual environments,” said David, who expects to have 1,000 hotels by the end of 2023 use this technique.

The already opened Metaverse Hotel M Social Decentraland also revealed that in the future, customers can rent or buy any space in the hotel, including the lobby, restaurant, etc., to celebrate anniversaries or hold product launches.

Will China's First Metaverse Hotel Change the Hospitality Industry?

The hotel people are frantically testing the edge of the Metaverse, which may have also given Yuanzhou Group some inspiration.

Xu Yin further gave an example, “For example, if a guest checks into a Yuanzhou Hotel in the real world, he can enter the Yuanzhou Metaverse Virtual Hotel through the VR device in the room, and he can walk to the second-floor terrace, and A virtual person here chats, drinks, and blows the sea breeze. You can also make an appointment to go to the nearby ‘Buzhou Mountain’ to play together, and you can go to sea on a luxury yacht… And the ‘real body’ of this virtual person is in the real world. Another Far Continent Hotel.”


The Metaverse will not replace actual travel.

We can clearly see that the pent-up demand rebounded in an instant, and people were eager to get back on the road. But if the Metaverse can help visitors simplify their itineraries, it could open up a world like no other.

For example, how far is your hotel from the meeting location? Try taking a short walk in the Metaverse or hail a taxi to help ease pre-trip anxiety.

Another example, where is the elevator in the lobby? What is the view from the hotel room window? Add some sightseeing spots or extend your leisure travel itinerary? Check out local tourist attractions and get a feel for the surroundings before tourists actually arrive at their destination, almost everything a tourist wants to know can be seen in the Metaverse.

A digitally connected world opens virtual doors to reality, where we can immerse ourselves in other mundane experiences without leaving our desks or armchairs.

In the future, the application of the Metaverse will also ensure that tourists on the journey will never miss important occasions. After arriving at the destination of the journey, immerse themselves in a family dinner at home, which can be easily achieved in the Metaverse.

“Do you think this is cool? After we deeply integrate with the Metaverse, there must be far more than that. Let’s wait and see!” Xu Yin said.

How to break through the bottleneck of product update and iteration is the direction that the hotel industry is keen to explore, and the arrival of the Metaverse has opened up new ideas for the hotel industry.

What do you think of the first Metaverse Hotel in China? Welcome to interact with the traveller in the message box below.

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