Will Banner be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

When PFP became popular, everyone used to trace the source to find the birthplace of social capital gameplay such as avatars, and QQ Show was the most frequently mentioned. It was found that from the QQ show, the second life on the virtual space had a sign.

Besides QQ show, QQ space is another virtual world that cannot be ignored.

In 2005, an inconspicuous “small nest” on the QQ panel of QQ space began its internal testing. At the very beginning, Qzone was positioned as a “platform for self-expression and interaction with others”, and later it became one of the earliest Internet spiritual homes in China at that time.

In May 2006, QQ space launched the “Yellow Diamond Noble” service, which is the second “diamond” system after the QQ show “Red Diamond”. Users only need to spend 10 yuan per month to enjoy many privileges. Including personalized space skins, photo stickers, personalized domain names, etc., its operation logic is exactly the same as “red diamond”. One of the most important privileges is that users can dress up the space according to their own needs. This transformation has enabled Qzone to attract large-scale users, further expanding the space for realizing value-added services on social networks.

Will Banner be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

Now it seems that the QQ space dress at that time was lackluster in terms of artistry, but through everyone’s free choice and design, it has indeed become a way for young millennials to pursue group identity while flaunting their individuality in that era. media, and effectively meet the social needs of users. At that time, people were new to the ever-changing Internet, and most users did not have the habit of spending on virtual items. For 10 yuan per month, they could become “nobles” to make themselves more unique. Dressing up adds a touch of “luxury” attributes to social interaction.

The data is more indicative of people’s admiration for this kind of social capital. Influenced by the “Yellow Diamond Nobles”, in fiscal 2007, Tencent’s Internet value-added business revenue increased by 37.7% year-on-year to 2.514 billion yuan. To this day, in the membership system of “Yellow Diamond Nobles”, space dress still occupies the main position. It can be seen that from “red diamonds” to “yellow diamonds”, Tencent has discovered the blue ocean of dressing up personal space. It is indeed a good business, and one trick makes a lot of money.

Similar to QQ space dressing, there is also a demand for personal space dressing on social media that matches the current NFT market. In addition to the avatar on the personal homepage, as the decoration with the largest share of space and exposure, Banner has given the NFT field more room for imagination. Will it be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

The Banner Story in the NFT Market

The banner’s screen is much larger than the avatar, which allows the creator to have more narrative space. Each banner is more like a scene telling a story. When you see a banner, you can interpret the mood through the banner’s style, and then understand what kind of person its holder is.

However, the large space does not mean that the frame should be filled. While depicting and carving details, the overall effect should also be taken into account. Sometimes the empty mood created by appropriate blank space is also a good choice. Therefore, the large space is more like a double-edged sword, which requires the author to have a stronger creative ability to paint the theme, content and story that he wants to express with a brush.

Will Banner be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

AZUKI’s avatar and Banner complement each other, creating a 1+1>2 effect

Based on the NFT market demand, Rhythm summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of Banner as follows:


  • It can be used as a supplementary decoration in addition to the avatar, making the personal homepage richer and more beautiful, with stronger social attributes
  • It can be used as a supplement to the wealth value of the avatar, and can stack more “social capital”
  • Compared with avatars, the space for creation is larger, the narrative is stronger, and it is more suitable for collections
  • In contrast to the original avatar with a single community consensus, avatar + Banner can integrate multiple community consensus
  • There is no leading project yet, and there will be no serious traffic siphon effect leading to “winner takes all”


  • The exposure is far less than the avatar, you need to enter the personal homepage to see it, the social attributes are weak, and it is not as intuitive as the avatar
  • Major social platforms have different requirements for the size of banners, and a single-sized banner cannot be adapted to all platforms
  • The avatar and the banner must be reasonably matched to be beautiful, and the unsuitable combination may not be good.
  • The size is large, the requirements for creators are higher, and the creation speed is relatively slow

Banner related items

According to the characteristics of different Banner projects, BlockBeats selects a representative project from the following four main categories to introduce.

1. Static Banner:  MidnightBreeze

MidnightBreeze is a work of vaporwave art. The author combines gas stations, neon lights, and wilderness. The gas station series implies that capitalism is destroying our environment. Capitalism proposes itself as the ultimate solution to all problems, but it turns out that it is not. Through this series of works, the author satirizes the phenomenon that “economic prosperity is higher than the well-being of the people”.

Will Banner be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

Total: 6969

Floor price: 0.36ETH

Dynamic Banner:  Meta Bucks

The banner designed by Meta Bucks is based on banknotes, and there are different characters on the printing of the banknotes. Its biggest feature is a dynamic Banner, which can be used on the personal homepage in Discord, but currently Twitter does not support dynamic Banner.

Will Banner be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

Total: 3333

Release Date: TBA

Release price: TBA

Enabling Banner:  Rug Radio

The Rug Radio project issued Token RUG, and at the same time opened the Learn to Earn radio project. Through regular Web3 courses in Twitter Space, NFT holders can earn Tokens by effectively asking/answering questions.

Will Banner be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

Total: 20000

Floor price: 0.42ETH

Update Token Price Banner: Blackmagic

This product of Blackmagic can customize the price curve of Token to be displayed in the banner position of Twitter, and can also customize the visual relationship with followers. It is currently a subscription system, with a personal version starting at $7.99/month

Will Banner be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

The current Banner project is still in a melee stage without a leader. Each project has different styles, and they are all rushing to create their own “Banner Utopia”. Blue chips such as BAYC, Doodles, AZUKI, etc. have not yet designed banners on a large scale. Whether the original blue-chip IPs can still sit on the top of the blue-chip banners is still unknown.

So, will Banner be the next blue ocean in the NFT market?

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