Wikipedia editors vote against classifying NFTs as works of art

In 2022, NFTs have become household names, and these so-called “digital collectibles” have experienced a rapid uptick in 2021.

In conclusion, NFTs have taken their place in the world. With NFTs, digital artists get the recognition they deserve. However, people seem to be divided when it comes to seeing it as an “art”. Wikipedia seems to classify NFTs as “non-art”. And this may be a tragedy for the current booming NFT in the art field . However, this is something that has been happening on social media platforms recently.


According to the debate on Wikipedia, there seems to be a growing trend towards officially classifying NFTs as “non-art.” User-generated Wikipedia is currently voting against classifying NFTs as an art form, with much of the discussion on whether NFTs can represent art. Some communities believe that NFTs are just a token separate from the underlying art, and some believe that there is a lack of reliable information to define NFTs as art .

Among the community members who participated in this debate, six editors opposed the inclusion of NFTs in the scope of art, while none were in favor of the sale of NFTs as art. Needless to say, given the global reach of Wikipedia, this can cause some confusion.

And it all starts at the end of December 2021. In fact, there have been some NFT sales exceeding $90 million, and despite this, there seems to be a consensus within the NFT community to remove famous works from the list of top art sales. For example, Pak’s $91 million series of NFTs and Beeple’s $69 million NFTs were both removed, and heated discussions followed.

Gemmi’s Guan Peisheng “Duncan Cock Foster” tweeted, ” As Wikipedia, which is globally recognized as the truth, breaks the precedent, if some NFTs are classified as ‘non-art’ , the rest of the NFTs can easily be used as well. Identifying as ‘non-art’ is too costly for people around the world .”

NFT proponent Griffin Cock Foster, one of the co-founders of Nifty Gateway, reiterated the same sentiment, asserting, “It’s a mess, Wikipedia editors think NFTs are not art. Not all NFTs are art, NFTs are a flexible medium, but a lot of it is 100% art.”

According to Duncan Cock Foster, an NFT collector, the NFT community needs to band together to show its enormous potential.


According to Duncan Cock Foster, ” The best way to define this is to educate experienced Wikipedia editors . You can edit pages, but Wikipedia’s reputation shouldn’t be affected, we need to have Experienced editors join.”

In addition to this, the decentralized Web3.0 encyclopedia Everipedia helps improve the situation, and he believes the platform should compare NFTs to art.

Everipedia says, “The Everipedia Editor is an encyclopedia that supports Web 3.0 of art and innovation .”

Still, this isn’t the first Wikipedia discussion of the Crypto space, in which anti-Crypto space activist and Wikipedia senior editor David Gerard has taken a very prominent place, who has deleted a discussion about Australian blockchain software firm Power Ledger related articles.

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