Why Metaverse has become one of Facebook’s top priorities

On October 18th, Facebook announced on Monday that it plans to recruit 10,000 employees in Europe in the next five years to build a meta-universe. In fact, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has always been the main voice of this concept. Previously, Facebook also launched a new fund to spend 50 million US dollars to help realize the meta universe. It can be said that Facebook has made the construction of a meta-universe one of its top tasks.

Recruiting 10,000 people to boost Meta Universe

Facebook said in a blog post that the new jobs created in the next five years will include “highly specialized engineers,” and Metaverse has the potential to help unlock new creative, social and economic opportunities. Europeans will shape it from the beginning.

Regarding the 10,000-person recruitment plan, Facebook said: This investment is a vote of confidence in the strength of the European technology industry and the potential of technology talents. Europe is very important to Facebook. Investing in Europe offers many advantages, including a huge consumer market, first-class universities and high-quality talent.

In fact, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has been advancing the meta-universe project. Earlier, Zuckerberg pointed out that Facebook will work hard to build a collection of maximized, interconnected experiences in science fiction-a world called the Metaverse. In addition, he also said in his remote speech to employees that Facebook’s departments that focus on communities, creators, commerce, and virtual reality products will increasingly strive to realize this vision. I think the most interesting thing is how these themes will be combined into a larger idea, Zuckerberg said. Our primary goal in all these initiatives is to help bring the meta-universe to life. In addition, Facebook has been active in the field of Metaverse recently. At the end of September, it announced that it would invest US$50 million in Metaverse partners within two years. In early October, it announced the launch of a US$10 million creator fund for its VR platform Horizon Worlds.

Why is the meta universe important?

Meta universe refers to a virtual world that is parallel to the real world supported by AR, VR and other technologies. To put it simply, the meta universe is to project all people and things in the real world to the cloud world through digital means. In this brand new world, you can do anything you can do in the real world, or you can do things that you can’t do in the real world.

With the closing price of Roblox , the first stock of Meta Universe , which rose by 54.4% on the first day of listing, its valuation increased from US$4 billion a year ago to US$45 billion. The meta universe has attracted Zuckerberg and other bigwigs vying for the first layout.

Why is Metaverse received so much favor? In terms of external factors, the outstanding performance of Roblox, the first stock of Metaverse, prompted the giants to understand and lay out this track. In March of this year, Roblox went public with a market value of close to 30 billion U.S. dollars, directly leveraging the capital market and stimulating the influx of major capital, manufacturers and entrepreneurial teams. In terms of internal factors, from the PC Internet to the mobile Internet, the giants have basically captured the industry dividends. Under the original business form, it is difficult to find new breakthroughs. In this context, the meta universe has become one of the important tracks for their exploration.

On the whole, Metaverse is regarded as a new form of the next generation Internet, a concrete manifestation of the digital future, and a subversive innovation. The giants are the first to lay out this track, which means that they will have more voice in the future and become a connection. An important entrance to the real world and the virtual world.

Meta universe has a long way to go

Although Facebook has made the construction of the meta-universe one of its top tasks, it still believes that the real meta-universe idea will take another 10 to 15 years.

It’s worth mentioning that some critics said that when Facebook announced the meta-universe recruitment plan, it was dealing with the consequences of a destructive scandal and was facing increasing regulatory calls. This latest announcement aims to rebuild the company’s reputation and Divert attention. The current meta-universe craze is mainly the result of capital boost, and the follow-up development has a long way to go, and whether Facebook can succeed remains to be seen.

The market also generally believes that at least two conditions are required for the meta-universe explosion. One is the maturity of related technologies to truly realize the seamless integration and organic connection between the online and offline, real world and the simulated world in the future. In our daily life, the second is the improvement of relevant laws and regulations to regulate the rights and obligations of different participants in the meta universe, so as to avoid additional market risks.

Regarding the current focus of construction, Nicola Menndelsoh, vice president of global business at Facebook, said at the IAB UK Digital Upfronts conference that creators, e-commerce, and Metaverse as the next-generation computing platform will be the core of the company’s future vision. She said that since the birth of modern computing technology in the 1950s, a new computing platform will appear about every 15 years or so. The last time the iPhone was released was in 2007, so a new large-scale computing platform is likely to appear in the next few years. This is inevitable. Facebook clearly sees Metaverse as a strong competitor for this platform. Creators and e-commerce will become an important part of Meta Universe. She also urges brand owners to join in as soon as possible and explore related opportunities. She believes that brands will play an important role in it. The best way to join Meta Universe is to try and experiment. technology.

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