Why is Metaverse on fire this year

No one can say clearly when the Metaverse Era will really come, but this does not prevent a large number of chasers from coming in.

The term meta universe, from the 1992 novel called “Avalanche”, has gone through nearly 30 years, and finally became popular in 2021. Today, this concept is not only in the mouth Zuckerberg, Liu Cixin other celebrities, but also across sectors and areas, into the general public ‘s attention in.

As a product manager of a Chinese technology company, Liu Yue was exposed to this term earlier. He believed that “the future will be an era of meta-universe.” Just as Liu Yue imagined to his wife, “In the world of Metaverse in the future, everyone may have the attribute of digital currency”, as the founder and CEO of a learning technology company that provides SaaS services in the field of corporate training, Li Dongshuo has already begun planning the meta-universe project for the next five years. “Now we can turn a text + a photo into a video lesson with one click. In the future, we will turn the past videos and 2D images into a lifelike life in front of you with one click. 3D holographic image.” Li Dongshuo told the Economic Observer reporter on November 25.

Chen Youdong is also paying attention to the meta-universe recently. He does not deny that there is excessive hype about the meta-universe concept. However, he also said that in addition to consumer demand, all upstream parties have needs, such as robots, AI (artificial intelligence), and VR. /AR (virtual reality) startups, “They all need to be able to put them together and collaborate, then a basket.”

As an associate professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation at Beihang University, Chen Youdong believes that “a prototype should be available within two or three years, which can be used by others. This process will gradually enrich.”

Why is Metaverse on fire this year

Multiple meta-universes will exist in parallel

“That was a beautiful time when you could do anything in a room with four walls as a layman,” Liu Yue said, “such as going to the beach to have a hair dryer, dating with friends, meeting with colleagues, etc.”

Product manager Liu Yue has recently studied the concept of metaverse almost every day, although metaverse is still in the conceptual stage, which is currently the consensus of most people. But he believes that this will come sooner or later. “It’s just a matter of time, we may be able to catch up in our lifetime.” He said to his wife.

Liu Yue also told his wife that by then there will be a huge group of people who can live well without work. These people will sell their own brain experience, such as the true reaction of the brain to a food, in exchange for money and material…

“In the meta-universe, everyone becomes a source of data. Data is constantly generated to exchange virtualized lives. And the senses are more optimized than the real world. Many things can be done to break through physical boundaries. Most humans will live In the new world constructed by humans and machines through imagination.” Liu Yue said.

Liu Yue believes that the data produced by individuals will be constantly adjusted and optimized by intelligent changes. The world will form and change in a way that suits you more and more. Rather than in reality, human beings have to adapt to the world.

When Liu Yue described the various aspects of Yuan Universe, his wife looked at him like a monster, while Liu Yue looked back at his wife in disgust. In real life, more people are like Liu Yue’s wife. They go to work from 9 to 5, and live a plain life. It seems that the world will always maintain such order and life.

However, many people interviewed by reporters such as Liu Yue, Li Dongshuo, Chen Youdong, and Cui Lili all believed that although celebrities represented by Zuckerberg and Liu Cixin have been divided into two groups of views supporting and questioning, although there is currently suspicion of hype, it is not acceptable. denied yuan in the universe is able to look to get a potential direction and trends within range.

In the eyes of Cui Lili, executive director of the Electronic Commerce Institute of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the current concept of Metaverse is similar to that of humans using virtual reality technology to construct an ideal fictional scene that meets their expectations. “Of course, with the addition of virtual currency-based transactions, it may get closer and closer to the real world.”

“The game may be a breakthrough for Metaverse, because its user base is large enough, and the scene is very close to the metaverse mode,” Chen Youdong analyzed to reporters.

Li Dongshuo also saw that users have multiple different IDs in multiple games. In different games, the user’s strategy is also different. In some games, the user is a leader, and in other games, the user becomes an ordinary member of a team to attack the city. These possibilities may be mapped to the virtual world, that is, in the future, users will shuttle among multiple parallel meta-universes, of course, with different avatars. “In real life, this person may not dare to be a hero or a coward, but in the metaverse he can design or manage himself,” Li Dongshuo said.

There may still be a little distance from the arrival of the meta universe. Cui Lili believes that, for now, Metaverse should be mainly based on games, social interactions, transactions and other aspects supported by virtual reality technology, and at most it is a virtual parallel world in this regard . “I don’t think the meaning is too great.” Cui Lili said . Or, there may be potential business opportunities in virtual social networking and transactions, but in general, the popularity of more virtual life depends on the development of tactile IoT devices. develop. It may not mean much to a broad audience.

Cui Lili analyzed to reporters that the economic and social relations of the virtual world are only involved when the meta-universe has reached a certain level. But as long as someone builds this space, corresponding rules and order will be formed. “I personally believe that the state and government agencies should pay attention to the latest development of such emerging applications, follow up and research, so that they can intervene in management when needed.”

Why is Metaverse on fire this year

Why is it hot this year

The concept of meta universe originated in the first edition of the science fiction novel “Avalanche” in 1992. This is the mature representative work of American cyberpunk science fiction writer Neil Stephenson. After that, his creation entered the golden age. He might not have thought that after nearly 30 years, this concept has become popular all over the world, and it will even be called the first year of the meta universe in 2021. “Avalanche” describes the meta-universe like this: “Wearing headphones and eyepieces, and finding the connection terminal, you can enter the virtual space simulated by the computer and parallel to the real world in the form of a virtual clone.”

No one can say clearly when the Metaverse Era will really come, but this does not prevent a large number of chasers from coming in.

Especially after Roblox went public in March this year as the first stock to detonate the concept of Meta-Universe, at the end of October, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was renamed Meta-verse, and added fire to it. , And the total market value of Robles recently has reached 44.3 billion US dollars.

Large domestic manufacturers have also deployed Meta Universe one after another. Baidu announced that it will hold a Cre-ateAI developer conference in Meta Universe at the end of the year, and has applied for a trademark for the term “Yuan app” in advance. At the same time, we started to develop a social app “Greek soil” by creating a virtual identity, partners with customers in a virtual world, VR scenarios including education, marketing VR, VR cloud exhibition will, VR training, VR industrial park.

ByteDance invested in Meta Universe Concept Company “Code Qiankun” in April and June 2021, and bought VR startup Pico and AR optical chip company Guangzhou Semiconductor.

Tencent participated in Roblox’s US$150 million Series G financing as early as the beginning of 2020, and is the sole agent of Roblox’s product offerings in China. As of 2021, Tencent has deployed a large number of platform companies through investment and other means. Hardware, such as VR/AR technology and platforms (Epic’s Unreal Engine, Snap), and software have registered the QQ Yuan universe trademark, covering people playing games, Various needs such as shopping, learning and socializing. NetEase has developed sandbox games and invested in 3D virtual social platform IMVU.

In Ali cloud on the habitat of the General Assembly 2021, Bodhidharma hospital announced the erection of two laboratories: Laboratory and XR operating system laboratory. The two laboratories will study the operating system and the new generation of mobile computing platforms under the next-generation cloud-network-end convergence architecture.

In addition to major factories, some support organizations have also sprung up. China Mobile through the letter of the Council yuan universe Industry Committee is also November 11 formally established. South Korea’s Seoul recently stated that it will establish its own meta-universe platform among local governments across the country to provide new-concept public services. This metaverse government platform is called “MetaverseSeoul” (MetaverseSeoul).

Cui Lili sees that a series of technologies such as VR have been tepid in the past few years. After the epidemic, with the emergence of “non-contact” demand, more and more applications have appeared in the industry. There are not many new concepts in the new generation of digital technology represented by 5G. Pan-virtual reality technology and blockchain-based virtual currency have found a combination in the metaverse.

Liu Yue turned out to be a member of his wife. He even believed that digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum were frauds, and based on this, he started his own research. After researching and studying, his concept has taken a 180 -degree turn. Although there are frauds inside, he believes that this thing is the future trend. And the Ether he bought for a few thousand yuan four years ago has now doubled dozens of times. Now he is also buying other digital currencies.

“Previously, virtual currency and virtual art products have obtained very high premiums in the capital market,” Cui Lili told reporters. Therefore, this may become a proof of the value of the meta universe concept and therefore attract the lack of a new generation of technology. Conceptual companies have joined the ranks one after another.

“There are about ten approximate numbers in the Internet industry. As long as each approximate number changes a little, a large number of emerging technology companies will emerge, and a large number of technology companies will die. For example, in the era of 2G and 3G, Douyin will not appear. For products, Douyin appears naturally in the 4G era. This is a typical change brought about by network speeds. The interaction method, equipment, speed, etc. here are approximate numbers, and when one or more of them changes, they will cross and burst out. Great opportunity for innovation,” Li Dongshuo said when sharing within the company. Li Dongshuo is the founder of UMU, an enterprise interactive learning platform. This company has been developing for more than 6 years, with corporate customers in more than 200 countries around the world, with more than 70 million users, providing SaaS services in the field of corporate training, and currently more than 60% of its revenue comes from overseas. Six rounds of financing have been completed in the past year or so.

Li Dongshuo believes that this time the meta universe is on fire this year, and a big historical background is the further improvement of computing power. He saw that the ARM chip architecture has calculated faster and has lower power consumption. There is a great opportunity along the road of ARM, not to mention quantum computing.

Li Dongshuo saw that the second variable is the continuous change of hardware devices such as AR/VR. This change will bring about changes in interaction. “In the past, interaction was a mouse and a keyboard. After that, the interaction was the look of the eyes, the body, and the completeness of the action. Capture, even to the brain-computer interface of consciousness. When one variable changes, it may not affect the industry. When two or three variables are changed, its degree of subversion is exponential.”

Why is Metaverse on fire this year

Bubbles and the future

Li Dongshuo set up a five-year meta-universe plan for the company. The first step is the zeroth step, which is to do some algorithmic preparations in the next three years. “Because we want to create a new form of virtual VR for knowledge users in the meta-universe era, and then they will participate in it. This requires a platform tool and operating system, and it needs to wait for the VR equipment to mature. Before it can be applied.”

“It all shows that VR glasses is an explosive period in the year, but in fact, people tried it 5 or even 10 years ago, but a lot of them died if they tried too early.” Li Dongshuo told reporters.

According to the data, there are currently nearly 1,000 VR/AR related companies nationwide. Among them, Guangdong Province ranks first with 266 related companies, and Beijing and Shanghai rank second and third respectively. In terms of registration volume, there will be 29 new registrations in 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 37%. In the first eight months of 2021, a total of 34 related companies were added, a year-on-year increase of 209%. In terms of registered capital, the registered capital of VR/AR-related companies in my country is mainly concentrated within 10 million, accounting for 57% of the country’s total.

Lagou Recruitment told reporters that the meta-universe fever is currently in the conceptual stage and may be reflected in virtual games and VR in terms of recruitment, but it has not seen any significant growth so far.

But it is completely different from the hot situation of the capital market. Among the top ten stocks in terms of gains this month, the meta universe concept stocks accounted for two seats. On November 24, the Meta Universe Index hit a record high. In contrast, intensive supervision also comes with it. There are 8 regulatory decisions, announcements or work letters, and as many as 14 letters of concern, which were issued by the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange to Sheyuan Universe Concept Company as of this month on November 25. The inquiry refers to the relationship between the main business of the listed company and Metaverse, and requires clarification on whether a stable business model can be formed, whether there is a “hot spot” behavior, etc.

Regarding Zuckerberg’s and Liu Cixin’s completely different views, Chen Youdong believes that everything has its pros and cons, both good and bad, and Meta Universe is no exception. “The future will be a situation led by major manufacturers such as Metaverse, Microsoft , Tencent, Baidu, etc. After all, they have the capital, resources, and strength. They will do the system, which is equivalent to the platform, and then someone will provide a variety of equipment. This is similar to the ecological layout of Apple and its supply chain.”

Baidu Vice President Ma Jie believes that “there are too many rubbing cars and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.” For Metaverse to become a reality, there are three major technical difficulties that need to be broken through, including computing power, algorithms, and the high cost of VR content production. At present, the meta universe is in a period of excessive expectations, and the tide will recede in the second half of next year or the next year. “I agree with Ma Jie’s judgment, especially regarding technical judgments.” Cui Lili told reporters that if Metaverse wants to expand its scope to people’s daily life, it needs huge computing power, fast network communication and some lightweight models. The popularity of mobile devices. Judging from the current accumulation of technology, in a short period of time, it is relatively difficult to reach the level of popularizing meta-universe applications on a large scale.

Li Dongshuo judged that in the future, computing power will be a top priority of the meta universe. And the computing power will be hierarchical. Metaverse is essentially a process of hierarchical sales of computing power. “For example, when I make hardware, I sell the most basic computing power; I make programs, similar to Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud. This is the next level in selling computing power; and above, you will see these cloud computing companies. Self-built data center, after that, it will be electricity, such as getting involved in battery production, and then energy storage.”

(At the request of the interviewee, Liu Yue is a pseudonym)

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